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The morontia senses are seventy, and the higher spiritual orders of reaction response vary in different types of beings from seventy to two hundred and ten. (14:2.3)

It is difficult to describe the morontia senses, for they are numerous. It is better to use the five you are familiar with to draw comparison, but I caution that the further away from the physical one goes, the less accurately these bodily senses you have will describe the morontia counterparts.

You are correct in observing the sensibilities of the mind such as insight and intuition which do take in data for processing just as your eyes and ears do. The internal environment of the personality is a realm of its own and does have the ability to touch and to hear. Of course I must also get in another plug for stillness, for this is the means whereby you may sharpen these senses. Obviously, to use the physical forms, there is touching and the sense of feeling, of seeing and the sense of looking, of hearing and listening. One is physical; the other is the meaningful side on the level of mind. As you have asked, are there spirit senses? that is the value level. So you have been encouraged by our lessons to sharpen the meaningful and the valuable, that when you are clamoring about in the world, your grosser -- in the sense of coarser -- senses of your body will also be working in concert with the refined senses of mind and those deeper senses of spirit. The morontia senses do function in this pattern.

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You are aware of the confusion that can follow extremely intense and multitudinous sensory input. It can be disorienting. When the mind is uncentered, rather than being the director and compiler of the input, it feels tossed about by the incoming stream of information and recoils. Imagine seventy morontia senses all bombarding the personality at once. This is not entirely the case, though I must speak to you who are currently more familiar with the physical framework of sensory input. The morontia realm draws from the physical, but it also draws from the higher spiritual realms in its pattern of manifestation. Some of these senses are superimpositions, higher levels, octaves, if you will. They are reflective upward and downward. They are detail contributors to one event. I can coordinate all seventy at one time, for they are compounding. The appearance of one enfolds into another . .. combined, compounded, give result. Just as in your geometry two angles compound into a resulting angle, this happens with all seventy. Elyon

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