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Conflict Notification

Readers should be apprised of conflicting assessments of the ABC Summaries, occurring specifically in the documents Conversations with Monjoronson numbers 65, 66, and 67.--rdavis 19:32, 14 January 2013 (UTC)

Given there exists no venue for discussion of these ABC Summaries outside of that controlled by the author, I have invited comments from members of the Editorial Advisory Group to make their thoughts known.--rdavis 18:44, 22 July 2012 (UTC)


Marty wrote: July 22, 2012 7:44:08 PM CDT

Dear Rob,

I am grateful to hear from you regarding this Doc. K from Ron Besser. It is well posted on the Nordan Symposia where one can examine the topics individually.

Questions came up for me such as:

The revelation that Lucifer was imprisoned on Father's world for 185,000 years. That does not seem to be right since I thought that the defeat of the rebels happened in Jesus' mortal life, some 2,025 years ago (or so) which, if true, Lucifer was an acting rebel for 247,075 years and imprisoned for 2,025 years.

The planetary decimation numbers are confusing. Will we lose 1/3 of our population or 2/3?

The mortal staff will have 30 years of work to do or will they be at it for 100 or 500 years?

These are a few of the questions that came up for me but I noticed that there are many typos and spelling errors. This made me think that the questions that I had were due to inaccurate reception of this message by Ron.

The political section seems for me, very hard to accept as an accurate revelation of future events...but one never knows. The banking and international corporate owners are about to be busted for criminality, charged, arrested and jailed. Plus the monetary systems seem to be ready to break down and it seems to me that Obama will be needed to lead the world through this huge political and economic crisis.

Generally speaking, I was very glad to get this transmission from Manotia and Monjoronson which also included the report of the activities of the unrevealed sentinels from Paradise and the thorough training and assignment of the sanobim and angels who are here to help us.

By and large, I do not find Ron's transcripts to sound like they have a divine source since they speak in such demeaning human terms such as the reference to procreation of "useless" beings. I have not been able to regard any living creature, or even non-living things as "useless", let alone a mortal, even a defective mortal, being an experiential planetary animal (at least).

This is a very important document, if it is truly transmitted from our heavenly sources and I regard Ron Besser as an important messenger of the Correcting time.

Of course, it is also possible that This is transmitted by a rebel, attempting to spread fear among us. Much of that is also going on at this time.

Such is the life of Agondonters on Urantia.

Let us thank our Father for His love and sustenance, for life here where we can make a difference, and for His constant care and guidance.

Love, Marty--rdavis 23:13, 22 July 2012 (UTC)

Rob wrote:July 22, 2012 6:18:46 PM CDT

Dear Marty,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Your questions reflect my own. As you know, the human condition presents a mixed bag and communications from celestial beings by way of human beings is no exception. However, I find that when we are sensitive to truth, we find it everywhere to some extent.

I have enclosed our corrrespondence in the discussion page while I await hearing from others. I do think it is important to be able to discuss these documents without concern for any inferences drawn from such discussions, and I don't think tml is the place for such.


Rob--rdavis 23:19, 22 July 2012 (UTC)

Ron wrote: At 04:39 PM 7/22/2012

I read with interest what you post Marty. Let me answer as best I can to your questions.

Marty: . . . . The revelation that Lucifer was imprisoned on Father's world for 185,000 years. That does not seem to be right since I thought that the defeat of the rebels happened in Jesus' mortal life, some 2,025 years ago (or so) which, if true, Lucifer was an acting rebel for 247,075 years and imprisoned for 2,025 years.

Answer: Caligastia was deposed as Planetary Price when Michael arrived 2,000 years ago. He was not imprisoned but restricted to Urantia. Lucifer was imprisoned the year Michael made his speech on Salvington deploring the rebellion, dated from this year, that would have been a little less than 250,000 years ago. Lucifer was deposed by Lanaforge 249,990 years ago, and Lucifer remained free to go about corrupting the 37 apostate worlds. He was imprisoned shortly before Michael's bestowal ended on Urantia.

53:7.12 It was over two years of system time from the beginning of the “war in heaven” until the installation of Lucifer’s successor. But at last the new Sovereign came, landing on the sea of glass with his staff. I was among the reserves mobilized on Edentia by Gabriel, and I well remember the first message of Lanaforge to the Constellation Father of Norlatiadek. It read: “Not a single Jerusem citizen was lost. Every ascendant mortal survived the fiery trial and emerged from the crucial test triumphant and altogether victorious.”

System time is about 3 days of our time to one day of Satania System time. ( a trifle less).; Two years System time is about 5 plus years of Urantia time.

33:6.9 The day in Satania, as reckoned on Jerusem, is a little less (1 hour, 4 minutes, 15 seconds) than three days of Urantia time. These times are generally known as Salvington or universe time, and Satania or system time. Standard time is universe time.

That number published in -K- is a typographical blunder not edited out before it was sent out.

Marty: The planetary decimation numbers are confusing. Will we lose 1/3 of our population or 2/3?

Answer: It is a range of decimation numbers Monjoronson gives for population reduction. He says they expect a decimation of from 1/3 to 2/3 of today's population on Urantia. Actual decimation is dependent on the scope of location of actual changes. He has not changed these numbers since he first stated them in 2004.

Marty: The mortal staff will have 30 years of work to do or will they be at it for 100 or 500 years?

Answer: I am not sure what you may be looking at that this kind of confusion has resulted. The answer is that the staff of 144, the permanent human staff of the Magisterial Mission will have their work to do with Monjoronson for the duration of the mission. The exceptions to this are if one of the staff members is called home (the mansion worlds) before he finishes his assignment on staff, then a replacement will be found for him from the Reserve Corp of Destiny. There will be associates assigned to each of the 144 human staff members to carry out various assignments, and while they are not considered to be on the human staff of the mission, they serve with completed terms of their Adjuster's determination to stay, extend, remove, or otherwise leave Urantia when they transition to the mansion worlds. It is virtually impossible to tell anyone how long an associated may serve since that depends on the exclusive domain of the Father's will for that individual. With regard to the original 144 human staff members, their Adjusters have concurred in the planned time it will take Monjoronson to finish his mission whether that is 1,000 or 2,000 years. I might add that the normal dispensation time (an average) is 3,000 years of planetary time, but Monjoronson feels he can accomplish all of the work in a minimum of 1,500 years and with luck, 1,000 years Urantia time. It is the achievement of the completion of the fifth epochal dispensation that determines how long each of the 144 will be.

I can not tell you how demanding it is to receive a double edge sword these Summaries can be. Their work is compressed into several hours of unbroken typing and then revisions from the various agencies while it is being typed. There is the problem that the sections are not in order quite often, and that the wording is either misplaced or wrong in another place, and all of it is to be completed in 24 hours for the first draft. It takes another 12 to 24 hours to prepare the text by weeding out replaced parts with new parts or sections, adding in major changes where they belong, and then submitting the draft document to the Father for approval to release. I am not so sure any one of you has undergone this kind of preparation of your transmissions, but because these documents have potentially an historical context, they are rigorously pursued to the end within a very compressed time to work on them. I do regret the typos and even the misfiring of text that should have been weeded out that sometimes does not get that treatment. Numbers, spellings of places never heard of before, and the temptation to let facts go unchecked because it is well past midnight have to be resisted. The ABC Summaries remind of the days of the railroad when a special train is to go through on the line, and all regular traffic has to be side tracked to let the express go through.

There are approximately 130 staff that work with me on preparing the ABC Summaries. I am directly aware of three. This is up from about 50 celestial staff only from the end of last year when the Summaries were taken a little less seriously. Now, the Magisterial Mission is looking to have them prepared as a material record of the events and the release of information made during the run up of the appearance of Monjoronson. The Summaries (and The FLURRY) are being translated for the morontia and spiritual archives of Urantia and Nebadon starting with Document -K- as part of the history of the planet.

I should not be doing the editing of the documents for release, but there is little choice when the draft is finished and the decision has to be made how to handle distribution and style. I have chosen the PDF format only because it is fast and it lacks the ability to have formatting problems once set in concrete. Unfortunately, the decision to make edits and use particular formats is pressed together and I almost never have the time to hand text editing over to a third party and reluctantly go through and make word changes and spelling errors go away with 2 passes or more to do that. But things get missed and blunders go out anyhow for which I apologize to the present and future readers who must wonder what I was using to edit these things for release.

I am told that the present situation on Urantia is dire enough to preclude making the ABC Summaries a thing of the past. According to Michael, I have about four more at least to prepare, and I prepare each as though they can only go our perfect. But that goes by the board too often but right now that is not easy to help from happening sometimes. Future FLURRY publications will be frequently done the same way and only because they are much shorter do I have the extra time to clear out the mistakes.

It is my intention to provide a page on Tmarchives for the archiving of this work. But until the building of that site ceases, that will not happen immediately.

All in all, the end of a Flurry publication is not foreseen, nor is the end of the Summaries expected any time soon. That is because the world will vary in its intense desire to be hearing what is happening and to read the latest release of information as it is so much the human psychology to wish to be in the know.

Thanks to all for your interest and support of these efforts to keep us in the know.

Ron Besser

Absence of Discussion

Two other parties whose comments were sought preferred to remain "off record". I will indicate merely that:

  • 1: The first referred to overt military language.
  • 2: The second thought the "signet rings" were indicative of the author's fantasy.

The apparent absence of discussion outside the author's own venue suggests an incredulity accommodated by silence.