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Topic: Seraphic Disclosure Series 1

Group: ABC Summaries


Teacher: Manotia, Monjoronson, Merlon

TR: Ron Besser



These Summaries (and the FLURRY) keep evolving and have frequent surprises to me as I work to put them together and get them ready for distribution. You may find this particular Summary fascinating from the standpoint of human evolution, for our focus in Document -K- is on man and how he is changing to form a new species and how that species will become the dominant creature on Urantia in another 500 years, long before the Magisterial Son is finished with his mission on Urantia.

I also call your attention to the evidence in the document that Monjoronson is very close at hand and that his arrival is likely to catch many by surprise. During the preparation of Document -K- he was always ready to answer questions or help me overcome puzzlement over transcribed material provided by the angel Manotia for the subjects covered here.

It just is a little nerve wracking when the transmissions swerve into sensitive subjects like sexuality and the power of the American government. Since people hold such diverse views on both subjects, and because I prefer to keep in the background on subjects like these for the obvious reason I do not want my views mixed up with the celestial views, I worry myself good and proper over reaction. I assure you my dear readers I had not suggestions for them as their words spilled out on my word processor, and that I hope what has been said is fuel for intelligent discussion and not taken as a chance to angrily disagree with what they had me put down on paper.

It is also of interest to me since I did not ask them for it, that they provided a brief review of on the specific effects of some earth changes on familiar land masses to you and I.

In all I expect that this document will land in some hot water in places and in others, pass by almost unnoticed-- a typical reaction by a large group of people when presented with new material, and there is lots of new material in this one.

Thank you all for your patience as these documents are gathered together and placed in your reading care. I am told that beginning with Document-K-, a transcription of what is mailed to all of you, will also be mailed to the powers-to-be for a resolution of what is to be done with all of the publications gone out so far from the BCC list. I have no real concept of what that review may be about, but we shall have to see what they suggest in the future months of 2012 while Monjoronson contemplates what to wear on his first day in the flesh on Urantia! One can not miss a good photo op and must be sure one is dressed for the occasion.

Thank you Ron Besser



The following Paper devolves around the seraphic disclosures to be added to the revelations already received on Urantia. This information is also considered important as news as just how the Magisterial Mission is moving to become a factual presence on the surface of Urantia. Combining these reasons then, this Paper (Document -K-) illustrates the work done by the various seraphic individuals working on Urantia and their intention to provide the population on Urantia sufficient information by which they may act during time of the tribulations coming to this planet.

Our first order of business is to provide on the following page a list of the Chief Melchizedek Administrators by their District Number determined by the Melchizedeks when ordering the amount of work to be done on Urantia. These Melchizedek administrative areas defined on the next page become the Magisterial Son’s headquarters by rotation for the next 500 years of Urantia time. Rotating among the District capitals allows training of staff and other personnel to become familiar with the Magisterial Son’s techniques of administrative jurisprudence.


Melchizedek Administrators

  • Melchizedek Administrators by District Number & Locations As of July 20, 2012

The reader should note that the following District enumerations are as they are planned at this writing. There is some probability of shifting a few of the Districts into other areas in order to become efficient in the ministry of the Melchizedek Order for the human populations located within them.

  • Region 01 - Mantutia Melchizedek - Eastern Canada and the United States west of the Mississippi & chief of the 24 incarnated Sons.
  • Region 03 - Monsonloran Melchizedek - Western United States to about the center of Nebraska and eastern Texas
  • Region 05 - Mansonet Melchizedek - United Arab Emirates and eastern Turkey to the Baltic and west to the central Asian steps of Azerbaijan and then east to the Steps of Russian roughly along the eastern side of Lake Baikal.
  • Region 07 - Mannet Melchizedek - Eastern Russia or as now called the eastern most part of the Russian Federation, and then westward to the Baltic Sea, mostly in the area of Moscow and the area known as Lake Baikal.
  • Region 09 - Mansansaret Melchizedek - This area is known to us as the empty lands of SE Asia because it will be devastated by the earth changes taking place shortly. The area includes Vietnam, an area known to us as Vietnam south, and Vietnam north and the eastern China peninsula of Choismerta. These names are not entirely keeping with your designations for reasons of State.
  • Region 11 - Momerabika Melchizedek - The area of the United States to be known as the Harvard School of Thinking and Doing somewhere on the east coast when reestablished after the disasters of tsunami along the eastern seaboard of the United States. Inland from the current cost line designation will be found all of the regional schools and places of worship for the first twenty years of the Monjoronson Magisterial Mission.
  • Region 13 - Mebacdori Melchizedek - The last district in the United States to have a Melchizedek commander is the one known as Pennsylvania, Maryland, the District of Columbia, and the eastern shore of Virginia. All else will be plunged briefly into chaos and can not be guaranteed to be found in any present designation so far given.

You will note that the regions are given in a list of odd-numbered districts. That is because the even numbered districts come at intervals that are easily ascertained when the odd-numbered districts are activated due to their close proximity. We also must advise that not every district has been settled by area and that there are other considerations other than service efficiencies that determine district borders.

These districts constitute a Melchizedek order place of business for each land and sea area within the district boundary. They are not meant to be governmental or administrative centers unless and until Monjoronson announces through the Urantia World News Headquarters (UWNHQ) they are to be used for other purposes. The UWNHQ is the proper agency designation to identify release of future reports to the Urantia population as to what changes are going to be put into effect by the Magisterial Son, and even what may be rescinded as policy by the Magisterial Mission.

Districts 12 and 13 are among the most stable of the 15 total Districts to be identified at this time. Other districts, especially those certain others which contain areas of future development for the Magisterial Son to begin replenishing the vital resources within them, must remain entirely anonymous because of the expected devastation therein.

Seraphic Worlds


To understand the angels in Nebadon who serve the Urantia community you have to understand something of the world training all angels of this Order go through. To establish which worlds do what, and how long an angel must train to become efficient players on Urantia, the following diagram is provided to Felix Caro, our human channel on the northwest coast of the United States.

These worlds are named according to the tradition that the Creative Spirit designated each planet with a name when she christened the first group of angles to begin the educational process in the local universe of Nebadon, that local universe to which your planet, Urantia, belongs and is administered by the Melchizedeks at this time.

Each planetary name is provided through the channel on the northwest coast of the United States because of the need to train individuals to be able to receive great detail for future reporting of disease and disaster in areas to be affected by continental fracturing of the land masses all around Urantia.

See the following page for the Seraphic Educational Spheres diagram with details as to names and orbits around the major sphere.

Seraphic spheres.jpg

The names of the equal-in-size minor spheres orbiting Seraphernion are the following:

  • Sphere 1: "VALMER" - Average time of study of the seraphim on this sphere is 100 years (Urantia time). Rotates

clockwise on its axis with a period of some 46 hours (Urantia time).

  • Sphere 2: "EREMER" - Average time of study of the seraphim on this sphere is 100 years (Urantia time). Rotates

clockwise on its axis with a period of some 46 hours (Urantia time).

  • Sphere 3: "VEREMER" - Average time of study of the seraphim on this sphere is 100 years (Urantia time). Rotates

clockwise on its axis with a period of some 46 hours (Urantia time).

  • Sphere 4: "ELANDER" - Average time of study of the seraphim on this sphere is 100 years (Urantia time). Rotates

clockwise on its axis with a period of some 46 hours (Urantia time).

  • Sphere 5: "SORIAN" - Average time of study of the seraphim on this sphere is 100 years (Urantia time). Rotates

clockwise on its axis with a period of some 46 hours (Urantia time).

  • Sphere 6: "SARANDER" - Average time of study of the seraphim on this sphere is 100 years (Urantia time). Rotates

clockwise on its axis with a period of some 46 hours (Urantia time).

  • SERAPHERNION - Average time of study of the seraphim on this sphere is 400 years (Urantia time). Rotates

clockwise on its axis with a period of some 127 hours (Urantia time).

The radius of the minor spheres correspond to 1/16 of the radius of SERAPHERNION.

Seraphic Training

It is thought best to include today the educational spheres not mentioned in the Urantia text beginning in Paper 38; however, there is basic information in the Urantia Book that should be made part of these disclosures in keeping some continuity between what has been give and what is included in these Summaries today. Review:

4. THE SERAPHIC WORLDS 38:4.1 The ninth group of seven primary spheres in the Salvington circuit are the worlds of the seraphim. Each of these worlds has six tributary satellites, whereon are the special schools devoted to all phases of seraphic training. While the seraphim have access to all forty-nine worlds comprising this group of Salvington spheres, they exclusively occupy only the first cluster of seven. The remaining six clusters are occupied by the six orders of angelic associates unrevealed on Urantia; each such group maintains headquarters on one of these six primary worlds and carries on specialized activities on the six tributary satellites. Each angelic order has free access to all the worlds of these seven diverse groups.

38:4.2 These headquarters worlds are among the magnificent realms of Nebadon; the seraphic estates are characterized by both beauty and vastness. Here each seraphim has a real home, and "home" means the domicile of two seraphim; they live in pairs.

38:4.3 Though not male and female as are the Material Sons and the mortal races, seraphim are negative and positive. In the majority of assignments it requires two angels to accomplish the task. When they are not encircuited, they can work alone; neither do they require complements of being when stationary. Ordinarily they retain their original complements of being, but not necessarily. Such associations are primarily necessitated by function; they are not characterized by sex emotion, though they are exceedingly personal and truly affectionate.

38:4.4 Besides designated homes, seraphim also have group, company, battalion, and unit headquarters. They forgather for reunions every millennium and are all present in accordance with the time of their creation. If a seraphim bears responsibilities which forbid absence from duty, she alternates attendance with her complement, being relieved by a seraphim of another birth date. Each seraphic partner is thereby present at least every other reunion.


38:5.1 Seraphim spend their first millennium as noncommissioned observers on Salvington and its associated world schools. The second millennium is spent on the seraphic worlds of the Salvington circuit. Their central training school is now presided over by the first one hundred thousand Nebadon seraphim, and at their head is the original or first-born angel of this local universe. The first created group of Nebadon seraphim were trained by a corps of one thousand seraphim from Avalon; subsequently our angels have been taught by their own seniors. The Melchizedeks also have a large part in the education and training of all local universe angels—seraphim, cherubim, and sanobim.

38:5.2 At the termination of this period of training on the seraphic worlds of Salvington, seraphim are mobilized in the conventional groups and units of the angelic organization and are assigned to some one of the constellations. They are not yet commissioned as ministering spirits, although they have well entered upon the precommissioned phases of angelic training.

38:5.3 Seraphim are initiated as ministering spirits by serving as observers on the lowest of the evolutionary worlds. After this experience they return to the associate worlds of the headquarters of the assigned constellation to begin their advanced studies and more definitely to prepare for service in some particular local system. Following this general education they are advanced to the service of some one of the local systems. On the architectural worlds associated with the capital of some Nebadon system our seraphim complete their training and are commissioned as ministering spirits of time.

38:5.4 When once seraphim are commissioned, they may range all Nebadon, even Orvonton, on assignment. Their work in the universe is without bounds and limitations; they are closely associated with the material creatures of the worlds and are ever in the service of the lower orders of spiritual personalities, making contact between these beings of the spirit world and the mortals of the material realms.


38:6.1 After the second millennium of sojourn at seraphic headquarters the seraphim are organized under chiefs into groups of twelve (12 pairs, 24 seraphim), and twelve such groups constitute a company (144 pairs, 288 seraphim), which is commanded by a leader. Twelve companies under a commander constitute a battalion (1,728 pairs or 3,456 seraphim), and twelve battalions under a director equal a seraphic unit (20,736 pairs or 41,472 individuals), while twelve units, subject to the command of a supervisor, constitute a legion numbering 248,832 pairs or 497,664 individuals. Jesus alluded to such a group of angels that night in the garden of Gethsemane when he said: "I can even now ask my Father, and he will presently give me more than twelve legions of angels."[1]

38:6.2 Twelve legions of angels comprise a host numbering 2,985,984 pairs or 5,971,968 individuals, and twelve such hosts (35,831,808 pairs or 71,663,616 individuals) make up the largest operating organization of seraphim, an angelic army. A seraphic host is commanded by an archangel or by some other personality of co-ordinate status, while the angelic armies are directed by the Brilliant Evening Stars or by other immediate lieutenants of Gabriel. And Gabriel is the "supreme commander of the armies of heaven,"[2] the chief executive of the Sovereign of Nebadon, "the Lord God of hosts."[3]

38:6.3 Though serving under the direct supervision of the Infinite Spirit as personalized on Salvington, since the bestowal of Michael on Urantia, seraphim and all other local universe orders have become subject to the sovereignty of the Master Son. Even when Michael was born of the flesh on Urantia, there issued the superuniverse broadcast to all Nebadon which proclaimed, "And let all the angels worship him."[4] All ranks of angels are subject to his sovereignty; they are a part of that group which has been denominated "his mighty angels."[5]

Discussion of These Spheres

  • Additional Discussion About These Spheres

In this group of spheres lies about thirty thousand different orders of being not involved in human ascension, and therefore are not mentioned in these narratives.

Therefore, we will first narrate the length of time it takes each Seraphim to complete her studies after being born on one of the transition worlds of Salvington called Erekos. Erekos is in an unnamed element of a cluster of worlds used for the personification of spirit-born entities like the Seraphim. We do not take origin on Seraphernion.

Erekos is a personalization world because it represents all of the numbers of Orders revealed to you about the Salvington complex of the Seraphic Order as well as of others not named. One of these Orders to be mentioned are the Seraphim, and the Sanobim, the Cherubim, and many others not revealed to you today. Once personalized on Erekos, a Seraphim becomes innumerated on Seraphernion. Among these Orders on Seraphernion come a few who are not naturally localized in Salvington’s other transition worlds. These are the Orders of Seraphim who visit Salvington on other duties including death duties where the human who died was of the Order of the Midsoniters.

Midsoniters belong to the human group of being, but they are not available to you before they are morontialized on Erekos. Erekos is found in the sixth group of planets around a larger sphere, Terekos.

We wish to report that the writer of these narratives, Manotia, a Completion Seraphim of the Supreme Order of angelic helpers, belongs to the transition team for all humans (all deaths) who leave Urantia before the Magisterial Son arrives. Once Monjoronson arrives in the flesh, the Completion Seraphim will become part of the staff of Monjoronson, and he will take all who have been trained by Manotia into his confidence when he is ready to declare the dispensation.

Manotia, Chief of Staff

  • Manotia, Chair of Committee And Chief of The Magisterial Mission Human Staff

Our work as Transition Ministers is not the same as the Transition Ministers of the 6th group of Seraphim, as they work on Urantia. The Chief of the Human Staff of the Magisterial Mission is Manotia, of fame in the Urantia Book for having resisted the advances of Lucifer against her admonition against what he tried to do to Urantia. Manotia and her associates of hundreds work as the Magisterial Mission’s coordinators and directors of the human staff from an unrevealed planet around Salvington. Under her care are the ones who shall become the staff members for Monjoronson of the human order. For these humans, each one will receive a signet ring which shows that each has obtained the work of the realm to be assigned as it becomes necessary.

Signet Ring

This signet ring contains a ruby of the finest quality to be found on Urantia, and it will become virtually priceless due to its rarity, there being only 144 of them made, one for each of the human staff. The human staff will become involved with the seraphim in order to prepare for the tribulations that will befall upon Urantia any day now. Their work is to prepare for the assimilation of all those who can hear God in their minds through the auditory process known as transmitter/receivers, and who will become the announcers of dispensational doctrine when it becomes available to the masses.


Each member of the 144 human staff are agondonters. They are the last of their kind remaining on Urantia and are of a group on Urantia which totals about 3 million..

When the Magisterial Mission becomes available to Urantia, these 144 human staff members will become homo-spiritus through the technique described in the DNA disclosures of the discussion list most readers of this document know about. That dissertation is excellent and should be standard reading for all who are curious about how the technique is arranged through each human who shall be converted to homo-spiritus as the dispensation is declared.


[Editor’s note: The title of the section shown here comes from a discussion list post where the question was asked, “How does DNA change and how does it affect the humans who experience DNA changes?” The Inner Voice, the indwelling Thought Adjuster guided the responses as given here. The answer is edited for this discussion.]

It is the homo sapiens who ran afoul of becoming the future dominant species of Urantia through confused spiritual responses to challenges to them. This was a result of a culture that sees the efficacy of spirit led lives as negative and worth little to pursue. Present culture is a reflection of homo sapiens who built it and who desire impossible to maintain without spirit. There becomes, then, a self-fulfilling prophecy man built into his institutions which are built without the ideals of spirit sustainability..

Underneath all of this over burden of effects is the root cause of the dismissal of homo sapiens from future developments on Urantia. That root cause is the mind change Lucifer and Caligastia propagated into the system of thought. Some emphasis has to be placed on this statement by the reader if he is ever to understand why homo sapiens have lost the race to the future. The rule about DNA reads like this: CHANGED MIND MEANINGS CHANGE DNA MOLECULES!

DNA is a malleable carbon footprint of life. It reacts to what it is fed and transmits what it is told to do.

When the body is subjected to meals of little nutrition, the body fails. When the mind is fed the junk of fear, the mind reverts to primitive conditioning of the body. The body now reacts to primitive fear by loading it up with saturated fats and bicarbonates as a useless mechanism to foster comfort in the midst of misery.

Mind in the situation described above says to its DNA molecules, “we have to change our mode of fearless decisions for survival or face the possibility of annihilation.” The molecules get changed and the mind now reacts to DNA by refusing to digest materials that allows it to react without fear of spirit. It becomes a classic picture of a dog chasing its tail to catch essentially nothing but a circular exhaustion.

Homo Sapiens have circular exhaustion all over now. They are infected by their own DNA programmed to fear spiritual mass extinction, because the species is not programmed to adopt the benefits in the evolution of spiritual progression!

But wait! Nature has a surprise no one knew it had!

DNA, when supported by spiritual progressives like Christ Michael, Mother Spirit, Monjoronson, Eve, Adam, actually have the power to release the creative ability of DNA to change even while some of us are standing around waiting for extinction– at least we thought we had no other thing to do but wait it out.

All of the staff for the Magisterial Son will be of the order of homo spiritus. How did that happen when he, Monjoronson, started with candidates that were all homo sapiens?

During the last few years, the spiritual progressives have been adding life giving that were energies into the spiritual circuitry we all use to build the stronger spiritual bones of resistance to the sophistries of Lucifer. While Monjoronson was recruiting from the ranks of homo sapiens, those open to receipt of the additional spiritual circuitry went through and have, therefore, undergone radical recombination of their DNA and RNA. Allowing spirit to fuel their systems with thought that has radically rearranged the molecular construction of their DNA and RNA.

As a practical matter, we have learned from the evidence that It takes of from 12 to 30 months to make the basic DNA/RNA changes first. Part of that evidence is that those with revised RNA are transformed into a developmental gestalt that opens the door to attunement faster and allows one to hear the Adjuster before attainment of the first circle.

Self-revelation is common to homo spiritus on a daily basis; whereas, homo sapiens is almost deaf to the inner guidance. Many, many of you on this list are in process to being changed to homo spiritus, which , after all, is not a change of FEATURES, but a change of MATTER in the BRAIN which in turn changes the molecular construction of the Ribonucleic acid and the Deoxyribonucleic acid.

This change would take from 12 to 30 years if it could be ordered on a normal procurement from the universe and if the order were approved by Michael to allow it. Now, instead the change over takes 12 to 30 months, once initiated, to assimilate the molecular changes required to be essentially a homo spiritus.

Of interest to testers is that when the new DNA has established itself within us, we now carry a 24th chromosomal addition unlike the existing 23 found in homo sapiens today. This is essentially the test that will tell science we have a new species of man on Urantia.

Let me review how the process works once more because it is so important to really understand what is happening!

In the beginning, spirit gives mind the choice to live on or die. Mind accepts life when fear is not present that it can and should live on beyond the confines of the body. Mind puts into place energy received through the ductless glands and translates that into the chemical response that forms the 24th chromosome and with the last chromosome in place, DNA wraps around it and inhibits its further development by placing it at the end of the chain.

The additional chromosome some of us are gaining is capable of adhering to other DNA structures not part of the system of glandular control of mind and body coordination– these free floating strands within the cell structures are not incorporated or used by other cell bodies. DNA/RNA are acids which refer to each other in our systems by asking through chemical coding what to add to get the desired results of body and mind coordination. When the answer is “you will find the material to incorporate into your elemental matrix in the DNA strand in cell structures, then the changing DNA assimilates the new strands and fixes itself with a revised genome that improves nature and the man. This additional DNA maturation of obtaining the additional free strands DNA into the body converts the old homo sapiens to homo spiritus in an additional year or two beyond 12 to 30 months allowed for absorption of the acid into the body eclectic.

Let me review the timing again for all of this to take place once started.:

Old DNA to new DNA, once authorized by spirit on Urantia, takes 12 to 30 months to replicate completely as new DNA with the extra chromosome.

To obtain the status of homo-spiritus, it takes an additional 12 to 24 months to complete full assimilation of the DNA strand into the body mechanisms such as the circulatory system and the brain stem in particular.

From the time of reconstruction in our bodies of our old DNA, to the time we hear God speak through the mind as the Adjuster, is 24 months to 54 months providing age and practice of spiritual assumption of duties is present. (End Excerpt)

There remains on Urantia, in addition to the 144 Agondonters on staff, about 3 million other humans who are also considered Agondonters. When all of them transition to the mansion worlds, Urantia will lose its status as a world where agondonters continue to be produced in sufficient numbers to provide for the various schools of thinking and doing on Mansonia worlds 3 through 7.

Thereafter, there will be sufficient placement of spiritual administrators available to obtain obedience to the Father’s will on Urantia, and thereby all who examine the modern status of Urantia shall come to the conclusion that all is well on Urantia.

Major and Minor Dispensations

  • The Coming Fifth Epochal Dispensation And One Other Minor Dispensation Nearly Simultaneously with the Fifth

This world-wide dispensation is the Fifth Epochal World-Wide Dispensation of the Urantia Series. Each world-wide dispensation is declared only once every three millennium because that is the average time an Epochal Dispensation takes to complete its work. In this case, Urantia is being furnished an additional dispensation upon Monjoronson’s arrival on Urantia in order to remove the stain of rebellion for the last 250,00 years of its existence. This additional dispensation is final and no one escapes the work of the special Sentinels sent from Divinington. These Sentinels are of an unrevealed Order of Thought Adjuster never revealed to the worlds of time with this one exception, and even then, no more will be said to Urantians.

This additional dispensation is known as the Lucifer Rebellion Final Adjudication of that event, and is superseded by the Ancients of Days desire to cleanse Urantia of all stubborn resistance in angels, cherubim, sanobim, some Material Sons and Daughters caught up in the final days of Lucifer’s dislocation from Urantia to the prison world of Sebaykome, the last Salvington group of planets known as the 9th circuit of planets consisting of 45 individual spheres. This 45 number is 1 more than usual in the circuitry around Salvington which usually consists of 7 spheres surrounded by 6 tributary spheres which, in turn, surround the group headquarters sphere.

The Father uses the additional planet in the 9th circuit for his housekeeping and useful detentions of those who were part of the Lucifer rebellion. It is on this planet Sebaykome which has held Lucifer for the past 185,000 years of detention before he was transported by the Assigned Sentinels to Uversa for trial.

Mobilization of Future Agondonters

  • The Last of the Mobilization of Future Agondonters Has Been Completed

No more shall Urantia become a sphere for Agondonter training. The last time a sphere was removed from these mobilizations, was the last time Michael left Urantia in the year 2012, a scant four months ago from the date of this narrative (July 19, 2012). At this time, Michael declared Urantia bankrupt of its spiritual heritage, and left it to Monjoronson to declare a state of emergency. Michael, when he was here on Urantia in April, 2012, he left instructions to obtain all agondonter messages of faith and transcribe them into a book or archive for future references by persons who either take origin on Urantia or have friends who left Urantia before the adjudication of the Lucifer rebellion on March 16, 1985.

In that message to the administrators of that archive, he asked that each person be identified by name and number, and to press each name into the hall of fame for the Urantia historic display on mansion world three. There the names will remain for a millennium of system time and then they will be displayed on Urantia itself as a notice to all who come to the planet that there were beings on Urantia who withstood the test of rebellion and could be accounted among the great ones of old. Their time on Urantia will be completed when the last of the agondonters leave Urantia as Monjoronson transmits the last message of his administration of his personal farewell from the planet on the steps of Urantia’s Morontia Temple. From within the Temple their arises a great light and Monjoronson is transported within the bosom of the Father for his final review of the mission.

Urantia Defaults

  • Urantia Defaults Once Again

This emergency to be declared by Monjoronson upon arrival on Urantia will constitute the fifth of its kind on Urantia concerning the Constellation Fathers and the epochal work of the Finaliters stationed on Urantia. Urantia has been declared in violation of all universe rules concerning the ascension scheme, and all individuals who transition from it who would normally go to the mansion worlds, will now be examined first on Uversa.

Uversa has been designated the spiritual ascension regime for Urantia until there is a satisfactory explanation for the work done by others in the spiritual realm which took Urantia from a recovering sphere from the Lucifer Rebellion, to a derelict which has no redeeming value to the Father. Look at the affair of the Lucifer rebellion as an act of sabotage which nearly succeeded. The damage is sufficient to call in for major repairs and the act to do the work of repair has been given to the Father to correct through is own measures.

While this is harsh to hear, the individuals reading this will learn to be hopeful by the fact that all members of the Magisterial Son’s staff of the human order, will have the signet rings available to wear the moment he steps on the soil of Urantia. In those rings there is embedded a home remedy for energy depletion and oxidation of the mitochondria in the bone marrow of the skeleton of humans. Upon wearing the ring for but a few moments of Urantia time, the circuitry within them is activated by body heat and the entire universe process is allowed to begin supplying the wearer of the ring to be rejuvenated and ready to prepare for whatever duties he or she may be assigned under the tutelage of Manotia or other administrator.

Care of the Most Highs

  • Urantia Is under the over Care of the Most Highs Today.

Their work is to prepare Urantia for default. One more time, Urantia will be declared in default of their ability to spiritualize the human population taking origin on it. The Most Highs are becoming familiar with all 144 human staff members. In the work of the Most Highs this time on Urantia, they will use their input to provide spiritual counsel and spiritual mercy to those in need through the human staff members of the Magisterial Mission. It is the internet which shall be the prime carrier of this ministry while in-person ministry is available to all 144 human staff members by Monjoronson himself.

The Most Highs have on Urantia three Vorondadek Sons who have previously served as the Most Highs on Edentia. Their work is to prepare the staff of 144 individuals to lead those who need help in all areas of life. The assigned Most Highs will take leave of Urantia when their work is finished in coaching and aiding the 144 staff members to become proficient at ministry. Human staff will, with the help of the Most Highs, observe their fellow human beings for traits that may lead to the development of becoming transmitter/receivers. The addition of more T/R’s is critical to the carrying out of the duties of the 144 human staff members, and everyone of them is capable of clear channel transmissions which they will learn to advise and pass to others these talents of communication.


  • Setting the Record Straight Concerning Certain Designations to Describe T/R Usage

Human transmitters who are on, or are associates of staff on Monjoronson’s administration, all will be transitioned, in time, onto the reflectivity circuitry provided by Manotia. Hereafter, the reflectivity placement on Urantia will not longer be directly accessed by human transmitters, but will operate through some spiritual agency or individual who shall connect personnel to it through their own services from the morontia worlds which are the controlling spheres in the use of reflectivity on Urantia.

Much discovery has been made as to what the reflectivity circuitry on Urantia is all about. We wish to set the record straight if we are able to access those who have confused the issue far beyond its importance.

Reflectivity is unusual in that it can be made to be harmless to all who use it. It is of a very high frequency if used directly from Seconaphim. If Seconaphim are not being used, but a circuit that is next to it which supports reflectivity usage is brought to bear on human transmission abilities, then it can be made to work like reflectivity itself.

Recently there have been reports that reflectivity users of which there are but a few at this time, have been calling themselves“Reflectivators.” The designation is technically incorrect. The term “Reflectivator” refers to those who originate it and not use it such as the Seconaphim. Those humans who are placed on its circuitry may be called Reflection Aides, but since that is close to describing the high beings on Uversa called Reflective Aids, we would prefer that to designate those who use this reflective derivative, as Clear Channels if they are connected to the circuitry through their Thought Adjusters. If the connection is made only through the mansion world technical staff, then they should continue to be called Transmitter/Receivers.

Later, another designation will be used to describe the new abilities of Homo Spiritus to be able to both send and receives pictures and sounds as well as words, but this circuit is not available until some time into the Magisterial Mission, perhaps at the time Christ Michael arrives and who may participate in the enhanced circuit with the 144 human staff members.

Heartless Actions

  • Heartless Actions Not To Be Taken By Monjoronson

Much will be said about how the Magisterial Mission will treat the homeless, the disadvantaged, the lost, and the broken-in-spirit, but nothing will compare to the umbrage suffered by many who will see the Magisterial Mission become disadvantaged in whole communities because they believe it is evil or corrupt. This attitude must never take hold of the human staff members who will work religiously to maintain order and help those who can not truly help themselves.

The day is coming, and shortly, that the world will compare its travails to the end of the world. It is not the end of the world!!

It is the beginning of the world as it should be!! Nothing matters so much as being able to define those who carry the last vestige of the Father’s will in their hearts for all humanity, and these staff members are renown for being able to pick up the pieces of their own lives and to settle down again without being bitter toward Father or any other spiritual being. They accept life on the terms it is given. However, it is also important to recognize that many who are not available to the Magisterial Mission today also have these traits and that they too will someday be able to hold a staff position with Monjoronson.

These up-and-coming and future staff members are still in their infancy, but they will be practically available and willing to take on their duties when Monjoronson is ready to declare Urantia received on high as a settled sphere no longer in spiritual default. New staff members will be recruited by the 144 original staff members already designated to serve Monjoronson.

The last time there was an adjudication of Urantia, the day of Pentecost, where there was a worldwide sweep of sleeping survivors; the entire earth shook from earthquakes from stem to stern. This is because Urantia is a “fault-ridden” planet; i.e., it contains so many faults underneath its continents that every time spirit makes a foray into the realm of physical manifestation, earthquakes go off all around the ring of fire (the Pacific coastal regions), and that will take place once again. This can not be stopped or can it be played out in a slower means to prevent great loss of life.

Loss of Life

  • Loss of Life on Urantia As The Fifth Epochal Dispensation Declared

Monjoronson: (July 20, 2012) : Not much more can be said regarding the estimates we have made concerning this period of life on Urantia. Suffice to say that it contains about 1/3 of the present population in numbers, and up to 2/3rd Urantia population when it is finished in about 3 to 5 years.

Construction of fault bearing rock will diminish as the planet ages for the next millennial shot toward Light and Life. This will greatly reduce the horrors of sudden fault slippage and will bring stability back to most regions of the planet, and repopulation can begin.

Let it be known that Urantia will not again suffer a population decimation or will it suffer further erosion of its food stocks due to over population again. Population will be held to under five billion, and preferably to under 3 billion. That number is depending on just what the population decides to do with its inheritance of the homo-spiritus developments and just how the population will react to slowing down its progress toward scientific development in order to portray the love of the Father without excessive use of material goods.

For the rest of the millennium I will pursue the great world of spirit through my staff an through my individual efforts to become solidly identified with Michael of Nebadon when he arrive in thirty years or so. That is our estimate as to how long it will take Michael to be recognized for his work as the Creator Son of Nebadon and as the bestowal Son of Urantia as Jesus. Our next concern it to provide all staff members to become available quickly once I arrive sometime in the near-term future.

My work will continue for at least thirty years of concern of those who work as staff because they can not be depended on to live out their entire existence on Urantia at my behest. At some point in the next 50 to 100 years, decisions will be made about how to transition life members of my staff to other members of my staff and release those who have serve at least one hundred years to finish their wok on Mansonia Seven.

Last Time as Agondonter

  • Living Life on Urantia for the Last Time as an Agondonter

Monjoronson: The 3 million or so agondonters on Urantia at this writing have a life of turmoil to consider theirs to overcome with some help from those who are on staff and from those who transmit to be of aide to Monjoronson and his staff of 100 celestial incarnated personalities. Total staff requirements for a Magisterial Mission exceed 500 personalities. To date (as of these disclosures), I have nearly 10,000 on staff. The large numbers is due to the fact that we must adjudicate the earth. We have to add a thousand more just for that. We added 3,000 more to adjudicate the Lucifer rebellion (again!), and another 500 just to provide for our services around the globe because of its disenfranchised populations in remote areas. Another 5,000 have been added to staff for the fact that Michael will returning my Mission and all that entails.

Procreation, Sexuality

  • Procreation & Agondonters & Their Special Oversight Division on Urantia

Manotia: We now wish to describe to you the power of the agondonter work on Urantia:

Agondonters are useful in all sorts of ways including reproduction of children. It is their sworn duty to provide Urantia the best children genetics can provide, and it is in the agondonter that this potential of siring excellent progeny that is so good for Urantia and the universe it belongs to. Forthwith, the spiritual powers have consumed enough information concerning every one of the agondonters on Urantia to place them in a special division for procreation.

This division is administered under the auspices of the Reserve Corps of Destiny. Through the tutelage of many seraphim connected with the work of procreation on Urantia, the best couples are being fostered to produce large families as is possible under the circumstances on Urantia. It is in these large families that a few will be splintered off for special attention as they may be gay or they may be insufficiently grounded in spirit to understand that the designation gay is actually a description of Father-held beings for his exclusive ministry. This has never been disclosed before because of the nearly incomplete information surrounding the topic of sexuality for both homosexuality and heterosexuality.

Now, it is a subject which is greeted with much derision among the different camps of sexed beings because no one can not understand the preferences of the other. This must end.

Homosexuality is preferred in some societies in the universe, and therefore, procreation is available through the sperm banks located throughout the realm of the evolutionary planets with these large populations. Spiritualists have long debated the use of sex to procreate useless beings as has occurred on Urantia. Sexual reproduction is available on all evolutionary planets, but the technique used by the staff of 100 of the first Planetary Prince, was through the liaison of Mother Spirit who entombed the sperm in her spiritual energy within the female and produced progeny through spiritual assimilation of the sperm-egg matrix. This “spiritual holding or entombment” always produces unusually gifted children of long life and is a technique preferred among those who have access to the spiritual gifts of the Creative Spirit of Nebadon whether they be homosexual or heterosexual.

This revelation of the spiritual aspects of sexual reproduction is essentially a Seraphic duty when called upon to foster those human pairs who can produce children of the variety and greatness. Homosexuality is but a passing dream of liberty granted by the Spirit in order to ensure that the Father may remain active without the problems associated with child-rearing, especially when a planet like Urantia fosters the poorest results of reproduction found in the universe.

It may be stated that homosexuality constitutes about 20 percent of the population on Urantia if one considers the cross-fertilization of this sexual practice by some males and females to engage in heterosexual practices from time to time. Same-sex unions are rarely consanguineous; that is, they rarely reach the level of heart and soul development as between opposite-sex pairs, but they can be as good, if not better than heterosexual pairs if they develop loyalty to each other and betray no trust.

Finally, homosexuality is not to be taken as a final gesture of terrestrial existence by those who have taken on the system of life it represents. Monjoronson will instill in those who have no reason to doubt him that the life of those who have lived in same-sex liaisons or marriages, that no supernatural being will ever engage them pro or con against the practice. To be fair, both practices are condoned throughout the universe even among the highest spheres of Light and Life, and the practical way to nurse the home instinct in otherwise free-agent males who can not find the energy to reproduce children by using the sperm banks to raise children of their own.


  • Life Among The Reprobates and Sundry Other Topics for Release Today

We define a reprobate as one who can not hear or act without causing injury to others. All else is a species of danger that is acceptable to the universe so long as misanthropic acts stop a rebellion or end the carnage of war among humans on Urantia.

Today, certain governments are run by reprobates. They have their last fling in a few short months, and then they too will be gone from the seats of power.

The government readers may be familiar with is their own American administration run by your current (July, 2012) President, Barrack Obama. He is of the finest stock America can benefit from while running an impossibly large government executive center.

The problem with the American government is not so much that it carries treasonable individuals who can not agree with each other even when the place is falling down around their ears, but that they have no reason to compromise when the President of the United States leaves no option but to obstruct his wishes. He has become an example of a political minority in the country who does not wish to compromise all that he proposes to do. In this he will fail to move the majority of American voters who have determined that he must leave or change his policies to instruct the Congress that he no longer can depend on their work to help the American people learn humility before God.

In this regard, the Obama administration has led far too many into the abyss of social revolution instead of social evolution that is too soon and too late for it to become comfortable or effective. Notwithstanding the fact that he is an amazing human being who has learned all he needs to in order to lead the American people to find trust again in government, he still is unable to convince the majority of voters that he has their interest at heart.

Monjoronson makes no issues concerning world politics, or specifically American Presidential elections, but he does have advice for both parties if they are ever to come out of the morass of public debt engendered by failed policies for the last thirty years of war and overspending on domestic issues that have nothing to do with good government. This narrative is not to take sides, but show how spirit assesses the world they must remedy and change if there is to be a saner use of resources and governmental wisdom in seeing to it that the citizenry are kept from starving or from destroying careers in the internecine battles of political philosophies.

American Power

  • The Probable Fate of American Power

The Most Highs reign in the geo-political world of nation states and populations which adhere to the rule of law. American power has never usurped these prerogatives of justice until the Vietnam War when it had to overcome the last vestige of imperialism as it was practiced in the 19th century. In the 20th century, America held power through its proxy states in order to command resources to defeat the Communist bloc, and were largely successful. However, until the beginning of the 21st century, America held no real interest in the 4th estate of journalism. Today, it commands huge resources to outwit those who investigate the government's dislike of American territoriality and this in turn has led to the disenfranchisement of millions in small countries that dot the globe on the perimeter of the mighty military of the Americans.

Therefore we would offer this to the readers of this document:

American power is to be dismissed in the near future. That is because there is no evidence that America knows better than the rest of the world about how to settle disagreements that reach the level of regional wars. Henceforth, the Most Highs will curtail American power in order to obtain the consensus from other general national assemblies quite capable of figuring out what they must do to protect their citizenry and their interests, so long as there is general agreement among blocs of nations to wean themselves off American prestige, power, and money.

The American military is so huge and so powerful nothing can stop it unless there is a trial by all other nations to limit power by pressuring the United States to take leadership in forming amalgamations of other people and defense establishments to enforce world stability. Notice we did not say world peace. There are regions of the world where there is nothing sacred or even salvageable because certain world regions are dominated by reprobates which cause failures of nation states to continue real existence as even a regional power.

Until there is a change in the American administration, and the return of sanity to the classes of people who drive the American power machine for the better, no one is going to see American power expand or be brought to bear on those areas of the world which now come under the protection of Michael himself. Until then we must admit that there is little we [the Most Highs] can do to help the American people understand that they have allowed a minority of political extremists to dominate the Congress and that the republic is no longer able to function as a government should.

World government and the ideals of a unified sphere to bring peace to all regions of Urantia is yet a pipe dream. Unless and until America, its allies, and even its foes, learn to cooperate to perform the necessary police actions, the world will continue to be dominated by notional military goals and those resources they commander from the unprotected sanctuaries of resources up for grabs by the strongest. Some gesture by the United States to reduce the military pressure on other national capitals is required, and the easiest for America to obtain approval for these gestures is to begin withdrawing the stationing of its troops from foreign soil.

Bringing Home Troops

  • Bringing Home the Troops

It is incumbent upon the Obama administration, while it yet has time. To begin the dismantling of American troops stationed all over the world. They are no longer necessary to halt expansions of other political national powers into regions that they dominate.

Korea will fail shortly. China is the last of the oligarchies Urantia will ever see. American power is at an end to stop expansions of states that need the land once their shores are inundated by either water or people in the coming travails. In this China shall be harmed egregiously. Southeast Asia may no longer be a viable places for habitation. The Russian Federation is doomed to political break up due to its huge expansion of centralized power that will ultimately destroy the good will of those states who have joined Russia for self-protection and self-interest. Japan is lost as a land mass. The west coast of the United States will become a series of habitable islands and remain under the jurisdiction of the American government. Hawaii will become a wasteland, not because of volcanic activity, but because it will be inundated by the rise of ocean levels. Antarctica shall survive and remain an ice-covered refuge of the last remnants of the penguin animal kingdom for they are a short-lived species that can no longer cope with the lack of fisheries in that part of the world. The British Isles will recover gradually from the lack of salt water surrounding its shores as the Arctic pours huge amounts of freshwater down the English Channel. The European continent will become a desert where it abuts the north Atlantic, but will become verdant and fertile toward the areas now dominated by Mediterranean climate.

The difficulty of producing records of transcriptions of these narratives has been settled by providing Uversa a copy of the final product of the ABC SUMMARIES and The FLURRY. This Paper constitutes Document -K- of the ABC Series which are used to update the Magisterial Mission decisions regarding what shall be known to the people on Urantia when all have access to them.


This concludes Document -K- of The ABC Summaries, an outlet of the Monjoronson ministry to earth inhabitants.


  • July 21, 2012
  • Transmission Assistant - Felix Caro

Merlon, Archangel Stationed on Salvington, Message through the Archangel Circuit operating from Urantia.


Subject: Clarification about Transmitters Usage of Reflectivity to That Section Reported in Document -K- Dated July 20, 2012, Page 13 “Setting the Record Straight Concerning Certain Designations to Describe T/R Usage”

[Note From Merlon he added on July 22, 2012 - The following information is meant to clarify some ambiguous statements found in the ABC Summary Paper known as -K-. Our clarification is meant to address what was not clear from the beginning to any transmitter on Urantia. Transmitter/Receivers are universally known as Transmitter Assistants and/or Transmission Technicians. We prefer to use the term Transmitter Assistants since there is a composite technology on the mansion worlds which parallels what is given on Urantia to make transmissions possible. Thank you. Merlon]

Here then are my remarks to clarify what we mean:

MERLON: “Greetings once more! Let’s clarify the “Transmission Assistants” concept for the benefit of those interested in it. For said assistant to exist, the following has to happen:

1) They must be talented T/R’s, with the capacity to receive sounds and even messages, and with special attention to details.

2) Per force, they will have to be part of Monjoronson’s staff, as they will be prepared in special ways to assume extraordinary support duties to the Magisterial Mission. The especially prepared would have undergone the required DNA changes that will have been brought into existence adding the 24th chromosome, which will provide them special spiritual capabilities, especially in the transmission and reception area. The brain would also have received important changes to make the special spiritual abilities possible.

3) Also, in preparation to the arrival of Monjoronson to Urantia, the mortals that are to assist him on the mission would have undergone the pre-fusion process with their Thought Adjusters in order to be able to acquire the important spiritual connections and knowledge necessary to be efficient in their execution of any tasks to be assigned to them.

4) During the great changes on Urantia, the “talented” T/R’s will be assuming fundamental transmission and reception duties in order to consolidate the establishment of Monjoronson’s staff, as well as to help facilitate the orderly resettlement of the population away from the areas being affected. These T/R’s will also be on the lookout of potential new T/R’s in order to assist in providing the fundamental transmission and reception duties already being performed by members of the mortal staff.

5) Once Urantia has achieved stability in terms of the changes that just took effect, and as soon as some stability after resettlement has been achieved by the population, Michael will return to Urantia. At this point, the establishment of Manotia’s reflectivity circuit will be completed on time for it’s inauguration by our Sovereign.

6) With Manotia’s reflectivity circuit complete and inaugurated, the talented T/Rs, to be known as “Transmission Assistants” will be transitioning to Mansonia in order to assume said assistance duties while helping operate said circuit for the benefit of the T/R’s that remain on Urantia that will be making use of it. The “Transmission Assistants” will be working with seraphs specialized in communication duties and the operation of said reflectivity circuit. Whether the transition to Mansonia takes place after the natural death of the talented T/Rs or after complete fusion with his/her TA will depend on the spiritual achievements of said mortal or on motion of the Father’s will at the time.

7) Whether the “Transmission Assistants” will continue to assume said duties in Mansonia until the culmination of the Magisterial Mission, or even after it, will depend on Father’s plans for the said talented former mortals.