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  • 1.a. Manner of artistic execution or performance in relation to formal or practical details (as distinct from general effect, expression, sentiment, etc.); the mechanical or formal part of an art, esp. of any of the fine arts; the manner of execution or performance in any discipline, profession, or sport; also, skill or ability in this department of one's art; mechanical skill in artistic or technical work (freq. used without article or qualifying word). loosely, a skilful or efficient means of achieving a purpose; a characteristic way of proceeding; a knack, a trick.

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(At first used most commonly in reference to painting or musical performance.)

b. spec. Manner of performance or skill in sexual relations.
  • 2.a. [mass noun] skill or ability in a particular field: he has excellent technique | [in sing.] an established athlete with a very good technique.
b. a skilful or efficient way of doing or achieving something: tape recording is a good technique for evaluating our own communications.
c. ORIGIN early 19th cent.: from French, from Latin technicus