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The Garden Project

"We've got to get ourselves back to the garden". Crosby, Stills and Nash sang that refrain in the '60's', but the words have never been truer than they are today. In the midst of turmoil and a disintegrating planetary situation, it is vital that we re-establish divine patterns for living lost in the fall of the original Garden of Eden. We must create a new Garden which will be an environmentally sustainable model for spiritual community, a superb cultural center, and a blueprint for divine patterns of living. It will create a physical prototype for global spiritual community where those who seek to do the Divine Will can live together in harmonious ways; a place which unites believers of diverse faiths rather than divides them, and where all members of the community worship together to honor the One Source and Center. The new Garden will uplift the feminine and re-establish a model of true gender equity and balanced partnership between males and females.

For lessons on the topic of The Garden Project, follow this link.

The Garden will be a center of art that fosters creative expression. It's agricultural and botanical gardens will produce healthy, organic foods and inspiring natural beauty. A facility to train young spiritual leaders will be central to the community so that these new spirit-led ambassadors can help foster a spiritual renaissance on the planet. In re-creating the Garden of Eden, in seeking to re-implement divine patterns that were lost, we open the door for the spirit realm to actively co-create with us a new and better way of living and a new age on earth.

Call (603) 835-6927 for details.

The Garden Project is affiliated with the Ambassador Program under the umbrella of InnerLife International Inc. a 501(c)3

About Us

The Garden Project will evolve from the hearts and minds of many people committed to working in partnership with Spirit. A team of Garden Commissioners will be elected in the spring of '09 to act as an interim administrative body for the project, and will provide a fair, representative administration which is not dependent on any one individual or leader to function. The Garden Commissioners and a site selection committee will work together to select a beautiful site in a salubrious climate with substantial acreage, sufficient water and arable land. The location should provide a means for the community to generate it's own energy from water, solar, or wind. The property should be somewhat isolated to promote a sense of spiritual community separate from how secular life is lived on the planet.

A planning conference for the Garden Project is scheduled at Valle Crucis Conference Center in Valle Crucis, N.C. March 13th-16th, 2009. Click here to learn more. Interested individuals of any faith tradition are invited to the conference, to subscribe to a quarterly Garden Project update, or to contribute services and personal expertise. Pledge your service and offer expertise here. Those wishing to make a tax deductible financial contribution may pledge here. We are accepting pledges at this time which will be called in when sufficient funds are pledged to purchase property and break ground on the project. Each contributor is awarded a credit equal to the amount pledged to be applied towards the purchase of a small building site within the Garden should they wish to reside there.

News and Updates

The Garden Project was launched in July at IC'08 in UCLA. Almost $20,000. was raised in pledges at the initial meeting, and many have volunteered to share areas of expertise. Individuals have offered the following skills and services:

  • gardening skills
  • physical labor
  • vision planning/organizing skills
  • teaching experience
  • communications experience
  • agriculture,horticulture and botany skills
  • plant pharmacology
  • experience with irrigation systems
  • interfaith and ministerial skills
  • experience with sustainable energy generation
  • copy-writing, copy-editing and computer skills
  • administrative skills
  • real estate development experience
  • intentional community building experience
  • program development skills
  • experience with creative exhibits and immersive educational environments
  • business skills
  • publishing experience
  • spiritual counseling
  • massage therapy/healing skills
  • artistic skills
  • building/construction experience
  • stress management/wellness promotion
  • generational healing
  • expertise in health, family planning, population issues

A Garden Project Conference is planned for March 13th-16th, 2009 to do strategic planning for the project. Click here to learn more.

Call (603) 835-6927


Garden Project Conference Valle Crucis Conference Center Valle Crucis, N.C. March 13th-16th, 2009

Theme: planning for the re-establishment of a Garden of Eden on earth.


$60. per person per night including lodging, 3 meals and linen. Registration cost of $25. per person. Space is limited. Registration fee deposits of $25. are due by December 1st. Make checks payable to InnerlIfe International Inc. and mail with room requests, your email address and contact information to The Garden Project, PO Box 7, Acworth, NH 03601


Rides will be carefully coordinated as it is almost 2 hours to Valle Crucis Conference Center from Charlotte Airport. Car rental is the cheapest means of transport, and if split with 2-3 others will run about $30. per person roundtrip. It will be important for those who wish to ride-share to arrive at the airport within a certain timeframe so that we may hook them up with other conference attendees arriving at the same time.

Map & Directions [1]

Projected Numbers

25-45 attendees. The Farm House and Mission House at the conference center have been reserved and offer a maximum sleeping capacity of 45.



Conference attendees will sign up to participate in 1 of 7 strategic planning groups. Each group will explore existing data, discern divine patterns and draft strategic plans. Groups will be encouraged to use a variety of different methods of discerning divine guidance, and individuals may elect to seek answers using any method they prefer. Although members of a group may separate as they seek divine guidance in different ways, they will come together again to exchange inspirations, suggestions, and divine patterns discerned, and then report to the larger group.

Conference Planners and Program Directors

Steve Shinall, Cristina Seaborn and Meredith Tenney will serve as conference coordinators

Strategic Planning Groups

Environmental Sustainability

This group will explore energy generation, recycling issues, sustainable housing, agriculture and botanicals in the Garden

Culture and the Arts

This group will propose ways to create a center of art and culture in the Garden

Fund Raising & Financial Sustainability

This group will brainstorm fundraising for the Garden Project and explore means of creating long term financial sustainability and a just, sustainable economy in the Garden.

Spiritual Life

This group will explore guidelines for worship and communion within the community. It will include a study of ways to create an inclusive environment that is tolerant of different faiths and approaches to Deity, as well as propose plans for the training of spiritual leaders.

Garden Commission & Governance

This group will draft plans for the nomination and election of a Garden Commission which will act as an interim administrative body for the project. It will also propose guidelines for community governance within the Garden, and develop plans for dispute resolution.

Site Selection Guidelines for Garden

This group will develop a set of guidelines for the selection of a site for the Garden. They will be offered the opportunity to visit a potential site for the Garden located about an hour away.

Garden Interface & Collaboration

This group will explore ways that the Garden can network with other spiritual communities around the world. What is the role of the Garden in interfacing with these communities? How can an international collaboration be developed?



Interested in contributing service or personal expertise to the Garden Project? Please follow this link to indicate the service you would like to offer in the comment section of the form. All contributors will automatically receive project updates via email unless they indicate otherwise.


Interested in contributing funds for the The Garden Project? All contributions are tax deductible through InnerLife International, Inc. a 501(c)3. We accept pledges rather than cash donations which will be called in when sufficient funds are raised to purchase land. Donors will receive a credit in the amount of their pledge towards the purchase price of a lot in the Garden. This is a pledge of honor; please participate in good faith. After indicating the amount you would like to pledge, click the submit button. All contributors will automatically receive email updates on the progress of the project unless the indicate otherwise.

Contact Us

Please complete the fields in this link to contact us with questions, comments and suggestions.