1994-10-13-Will You Go Forth & Proclaim The Word

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Topic: Will You Go Forth & Proclaim the Word?

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Michael

TR: Unknown



Hello friends, I would speak with you.


It is important for all to know that the gospel of the teaching mission is founded upon the life teachings of your savior Jesus Christ, that it is his mandate that brings us forward in vast numbers to correct the world of his nativity so that he can once again walk this earth as he did 2,000 years ago. The preparation for this process must be made by mortal hands and mortal will. You must choose to make your will a sanctuary that is worthy of a Creator Son.

Your older brother, father, has promised to return and we, the celestials, have no doubt that this will occur. The only question that we have is when and we tell you that we see our mission at this point to be one of preparation for Michael's return, and to do so, he must have established in the hearts and minds of his children a thorough understanding of his gospel of fatherly love and brotherly fellowship. This must be the prominent attitude displayed on this world.

This is what we are seeking. This is why we have come. This is why we have enlisted your support. This is what you work for. This is what you are striving for.....the gospel of Christ Michael to be known and understood in the hearts and minds of all fellow mortals.

We know that you all, likewise, have volunteered to be of service for this grand mission and as you ponder your new directions day by day, we ask you to keep forefront in your strategies the teachings of your Father Jesus, for these are the teachings that the world is aching for. This is the truth that the world has been waiting for. This is the love that your fellows have been praying for. We tell you that it is here now for all those who will accept. The love of your divine parents has never been withheld. Your capacity to experience this love has grown and waned and grown again and we tell you now that this world is entering a new age where we forsee only growth in the appreciation and understanding of Christ Michael's gospel. We are very pleased to make this announcement.

We encourage you to continue on with your good news. Lift the hearts of your fellows. Let them experience the love that you have. In this way the gospel will spread. You can rest assured that you are supported and assisted and loved. Carry on my fellows.

(Long Pause)

  • There is a powerfully calming presence in this room tonight. (pause)

Christ Michael: Can you understand the true capability, desire, and intention I possess to embrace you completely with the power, the healing power of love, that transforming energy which can take you from your fear and your doubts, your uncertainties and your failures, and lift you up on high to recognize your true potential and destinies in the kingdom of heaven? I love you.

How is it in your experience that you can go forth and proclaim the word and make it known?

By being that word.....Not by speaking...or telling another, but by seeing your sister and your brother in the complete accentuation of your attitude and personality, to take them up and embrace them with all that you are in such a manner that does not prescribe uncertainty, but which makes them secure in the knowledge that they are welcome with you, that they are loved by you, that you are a spokesman for the great I AM and his son. I am he.

I im-passionately come to you this evening to gather your strength, to acknowledge your loving efforts toward bringing the will of my Father more pronounced to the world at large.

Before you can teach the kingdom, you must believe in the absolute unity of the kingdom, and then they will see it. Before you can teach love, you must believe in the complete and satisfying reality of that very energy, and then they will see it.

Believe in yourself, each of you, that you are wanted and desired. Believe that that you have the capacity to accept the living gospel and please, believe beyond your tendency for formalization that you can represent and be that gospel by all that you do.


I embrace each of you and I embrace you all. Really, the only true command ever was to love one another and even so, do it as I love you.

Believe that I am with you, for I am there. Believe that you can be with me, for you are.