1999-01-17-Scribbles from Lytske

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Topic: Scribbles from Lytske

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Lytske



Sit in Silence. Sit in Silence before the Great God, and listen. Listen with your heart, soul and mind. Listen to the words that may come, and as they come, write them down. In time these words may help others. Review them from time to time, to find the nuggets contained therein as a way to help others.

It is a wondrous happening as the great God; the Infinite Source of everything wishes to commune with his children of the far-flung universes. He delights in the receptivity of his children, in whatever shape or form, when they begin to wake up and in greater consciousness become aware of their true calling and stature in the universe. They truly become eternal by their personal choices and decisions.

It is wondrous how the journey unfolds once they begin to listen to the Voice of eternity within them. Do not judge anyone by their appearances. The listening occurs in the deep recesses of the mind. It is up to each individual to so connect. There is never any coercion. There is always free will.

The eternal One; the Mystery of the soul, is ever waiting for the connection to happen. He allows the human child its own time in this one mortal life. However, much of this simplicity has been overlaid by man-made religions and dogmas.

The pure and simple deed of connecting with the God within is just that, pure and simple.

Trust that this is so. Trust and have faith. The indescribable feeling of Love and nurture are to be experienced in the heart, soul and mind of the human, and they are truly the growing spurts of the developing soul. Do sit in the Silence, and allow it to happen with innocence and trust.

In doing so, the human gives some of his or her time back to the Creator of all, and he or she will then truly experience the awesome-ness of God’s love, and the infinite patience with the struggling soul to become free from materialism and commercialism.

The true meaning of life can become apparent and clear to those who daily give some time to the Creator of All.