1999-03-31-Scribbles from Lytske

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Topic: Scribbles from Lytske

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Lytske



Let us continue our discourse of yesterday, of truly only a moment ago. We spoke about the Love of God, flowing through you, which blesses and multiplies. Feel and experience this Love of God, this Power of God, this Energy of God, which flows on forever, unconditionally.

Use it for your soul to grow with, so it can fulfill its divine purpose to let it flow out unconditionally, impartially, non-judgmentally.

Usually, humans place conditions upon anything they give to others, or they have hidden agendas connected to their gifts. Wake up to the realization that with everything you give away unconditionally, your soul grows. You diminish your soul by even talking about it. The Creator is always the unseen Witness, who knows all, sees all, and more importantly, sees the purity and intent of the heart.

You are all as babes starting out, and so you stumble and fall as any baby does in learning to walk. You see, child, how precious you are, how dear you are when you earnestly attempt to try and ‘do a good job.’ You are now beginning to see, that your being-ness is more important than your doing-ness, as the attitude of the heart plays the greater and more important role.

It is a steady progress with trial and error, as ‘things’ need to be unlearned, like old core beliefs. It is a letting go, before new learning can take place. Allow matters to unfold in faith and trust.

A long time ago you said, ‘It is my will that Your Will be done.’ However, present-centered awareness, intent and focus are also necessary components, together with an unconditional attitude in all matters.

An opening, a wider opening, is always happening with greater understanding and insight. Allow yourself to flow in the dance of life in harmony and balance. Love and be joyful.