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Topic: Forgiveness

Group: At Large


Teacher: Tomas

TR: Tiahuan



This is Tomas. I am here today to give you this lesson on forgiveness.


As you know there are many who have been a cause of injury to you and others in this world. They have been perhaps mortal and divine, planetary trustees, and system sovereigns. Your mortal parents were confused by these divine parents, and so you see it is easier to forgive the mortal parent knowing their confusion was created in large part by the default of these Sons trusted on high with their respective charges of duty.

These will be forgiven and have been forgiven, but they would not, many of them, accept this forgiveness, but held fast not to that which is divine, that light in which they were created, rather they held fast to that darkness which they nurtured and were adamant in standing fast in this place of isolation. But still, it is important to see even though they are gone, we discern the repercussions of their posture, from their position in the universe for their administration of trust. It is important to forgive them, to extend our forgiveness to that repercussion of theirs still vibrating in part. By this forgiveness we join with Michael who would never cease to forgive, whose mercy is perfect as is his love, but would recognize their determined choice of isolation and separation and yield to justice, but justice is a correction in recognition of error, and in the case of these rebels, embraced whole hearted intention. But justice cannot heal what forgiveness must yield. It is this quality of healing that is the fulfillment of justice, and it is incumbent upon each and all of us to extend this mercy to these who have caused greatest pain knowing that justice has acknowledged their finality of choice. But within each heart affected by this willful refusal of love, there dwells the injury that can only be healed in forgiveness, and yes, you will witness in your fellows as in yourself the reverberations of this misfortune. You must seize the opportunity to heal; recognize the source of this injury, and forgive; forgive and forget this, putting it behind you as you proceed more deeply in Michael’s purpose to manifest his love, to represent his person. Is this clear?

There is much hurt within you and others which needs your mercy; knowing its force should and will relieve you of the burden of guilt that weighs upon your soul. It is necessary to let this go. Cut this unnecessary appendage, this attachment which you carry, cut it loose with forgiveness and enter the light of the love that is yours, your gift from Michael and from our Father, that shall help. We who are here to assist you are in awe of your suffering, in awe of your courage whereby you proceed in this journey. Some of us have been likewise afflicted overcoming this burden by forgiveness. Others having never seen this kind of injury learn along with you the value of forgiveness.

See the little ones of this world; turn, embrace our Father through forgiveness. It is the spectacle of this beauty that draws many here to assist, but we cannot do this work for you. It is you who hold the keys to the future of this world, and the door through which you must walk is opened with forgiveness.

Where there is injury there is opportunity to display the courage of the children of God manifesting his mercy in forgiveness. Receive one another home again in this fellowship of love.

That is my lesson for today.


I wrap my arms around you as you quiver releasing the pain. I forgive you, I love you. Go and do likewise.