2002-08-25-Michael's B-Day

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Topic: Michael's B-Day

Group: Post Falls TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Michael

TR: Jonathan, Mark Rogers



Elyon (Jonathan TR): This is Elyon, most happy to be here in attendance to fellowship. It is my highest priority to engage with my fellows, to share, to acknowledge our Creator, to experience and express love. Today I want to speak a bit about standards.



It is worthwhile for every aspiring soul to project ideals and to translate these afar off ideals into goals. A goal has the effect of drawing an ideal closer to oneself, to personalize it, to release it from a vague, all encompassing worthwhile to a possess-able, attainable state of being.

You know, as you are very much engaged in the framework of space and the chamber of time, that measuring is often a required action for you to accomplish your daily tasks. This does apply to growth in the spiritual realm. So you create standards, standards to attain, standards below which you will not let yourself settle. Within this margin is where you function. Your goal always exists above your highest standards. As you fully transform your personality, the lower standards rise, but they are no longer crossable. It is not that you will not let yourself go below, but rather you have become incapable of stooping. It has become a void, no longer relevant. But there is a potential hazard to standards, for it is tempting for the mind to continually judge your worthwhile qualities and your more embarrassing behaviors. So, though you will over time use standards as mile markers to attain your goals and personalize your ideals, I encourage you to work more with gauges.

A gauge reads from its minimum to its maximum. The accuracy of the gauge is where it indicates at any point in its spectrum. As you read your gauge and discern you are at midpoint, you have your reality check. It does not tempt you to evaluate if you have fallen short of your standard, that you have sunk below your bottom line. It merely gives you your feedback. Just as when you drive your speedometer gives to you verification of your true speed. All these elements contribute to your growth. Yet it is beneficial to maintain an orientation, to be inspired by your ideals, challenged by your goals, held to your standards. and to monitor your gauge; for the gauge is the indicator of your present progress. You may experience frustration if you spend too much time worrying about your standards, judging how close you are to your goal. Today, this moment, your gauge gives you your current position, your current velocity. This is the data from which you will benefit.

I am finished.


Michael (Mark): I return to your midst. I surround you with my presence; I hold you in my bosom. I support you with my love. I promise to be with you throughout our journey together. I yearn for your companionship.

I offer my appreciation at your demonstration this weekend of your affection for me and my mission which is the mission of our Father. I beckon you to join me arm in arm as we demonstrate to the world the characteristics of our Father. We are to become these traits, so we are visible to those in your realm. It was a great joy to witness the lightheartedness of your gathering this weekend; the joy with which you come together is touching to all of creation. Take this joy and mix it with the love you feel in my presence and spread this out to all you contact. This is our privilege. This is our mission. And all is going according to plan. What a great and glorious plan it is, my friends, my coworkers. You are coming to taste the sweetness that is a result of your labor. You may grow to yearn for this sweetness, to hunger for it in your everyday life. It is the force to pull you forward, to draw you toward our Father, and I am there with you. I desire you to be with me. What the two of us shall desire shall be. It is only time and your experience to bridge the gap. Even this is a joy and a privilege.


Feel my presence in your lives, each and every one. As you leave this place take that with you. Recall it during your days, during your weeks. Allow this presence to be your new reality, a gift and also a direct result of your efforts to earn it. My peace I always leave with you. My presence I desire to be with you more and more. I look forward to this as our new reality. I leave my love with you