2002-10-22-Self Creation Through Co-Creation

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Teaching buddha small.jpg


Topic: Self Creation Through Co-Creation

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Michael

TR: Sandy Montee



Michael: "Yes my daughter, this is Michael. I am very pleased with the work that you do, and with the very many tasks your staunch comrades have undertaken as they allow themselves to be led by Father to fulfill His dearest wishes.

"I say that, and with absolute confidence in my case, that even I need to always still trust that I am doing my Father's bidding in all I carry out. The Father can only speak through us all -- His beloved creatures -- and we will ever let His voice be heard within our being for us to dutifully respond to His prompting, and to His desires.


"We, here, within the varied time frames of the Personalities that are so greatly dedicated - and here I speak of our dear Brother, Machiventa, and his many legions in the most grateful of terms - are viewing remarkable progress, so much to our delight, yet perhaps still unseen by you all, my mortal children.

"Your Planetary Prince has a indescribably difficult task at hand, and under his guidance, planning, leadership and control, a 'spiritual revolution' is here beginning to take shape and it does do so in small leaps and measured bounds.

"We must trust in our Father, to through us all bring this planet to Light and Life, as we on our side continue to improve and multiply the reconnections that beam down the loving light, and even so, while there are still only limited numbers of you that are receptive to this light, a great awakening is starting to occur.

"There are many, many (Celestial) Teachers waiting for their call-up to be of service, and a more pressing awareness is now being 'ignited' within the minds of millions of mortals who have the ability to sense their being contacted, and are only held back by not trusting the prompts they are getting, the 'intuitions' they are feeling, and the messages that are being beamed by Myself and all the other Celestials who are wanting to be about their well-earned and duly-awarded task of their choice on Urantia.

"These greatly experienced Teachers of myriad backgrounds are with you now, and they have all the needed answers at hand to bring about the seeming miracles that are waiting to happen on your world to individuals and to groups, and as is so commonplace in all the universes.

"As the increased volume of loving energy is beamed down on you, and to an ever-enhanced degree, great unheard-of healings, and messages of hope, of encouragement, and excellent advice will be of commonplace occurrences also. This energy is there for you to utilize.

"Your redirected, positive healing energy can encircle the earth within a few seconds and just because you are perhaps far away from where it is most needed, your prayers for healing can heal around the globe, indeed to places all over the universes.

"The Father is delighted with mortals who can grasp this concept of Self-Creation through Co-Creation, for it is in Him that you live and labor and progress. Hold onto your trust in the Father and take this prayerful action for the betterment of your brothers and sisters, all. Through you, let the Father achieve, as you achieve, and so that you become more, as you give more.


"I am with you, always. I am Michael."


The energy in the room was awesome. It felt like everyone in heaven must have come to visit my house on this day. The rapid eye movement just wouldn't stop."

For those who are very new to the 11:11 lists, Michael means "Jesus". Jesus was the human incarnation of Christ Michael. Some call Him Archangel Michael, and He doesn't mind at all what we call Him, as long as we take the time to call on Him.

Blessings, all. Sandy.