2003-04-07-Living In The Spirit of Truth

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Topic: Living in the Spirit of Truth

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



My greetings and my blessings upon you, my children. This is Michael, your Creator Father and Brother who addresses you now as you open your hearts to receive me.


My Spirit of Truth-my voice within you-is speaking words of comfort and upliftment to your soul. These reverberations of my voice within you can stimulate new thought patterns and quicken your emotions into a greater depth of peace by placing your focus of attention in that place where you call the heart center. It is not so important that you feel my presence as it is that you have the desire to resonate in the Spirit of Truth. By placing your awareness in your heart center and asking me to speak within you, I am able to convey that resonance deep within your soul that will reverberate through you giving you a thought impression of me and my love for you. It is your desire to achieve greater recognition of the Spirit of Truth within you that anchors you in relationship within me.

What is it of me that you desire will be conveyed by this Spirit. Tonight it is my desire that the impressions that reverberate through this Spirit of Truth now imprint upon your soul more indelibly creating within you new ideations and new feelings within you. Bring your awareness here to your heart center; find that desire to know me, and I will speak my love, my comfort, my truth into your soul. Tender mercy, compassionate understanding, loving forgiveness is all available to you now. Where do you need this? What place in you where you harbor thoughts of ill will, confusion, loneliness, despair do you need my loving resonance to correct? Invite me into those places within you. Let me heal them. Let me uplift you into my bosom and give you peace.

The generations of warfare within men's souls is gradually receding and will one day end. One day you will reverberate so brightly with the light of truth as it pervades not only the inward environment of your mind but also grows more brightly over this planet. And so, my sons by coming into me and asking me to resonate within you the light of truth is able to envelop you, complete you, illuminate you, and cast itself over you as your light spreads over the world. So I ask you to never hold back in coming to me that my light may shine through you more and more each day as the translucent beauty of our Father's love permeates your being, sending His beauty out-out-out into the world for all to see; the face of God shining in you. My children, what is the most important activity you can have in the day? It is to allow my Spirit of Truth to shine through you, and I ask you to hesitate no longer to come into me so that I may shine through you. When you are in doubt, when you are in confusion, what greater moment do you have to come to me? This is the best time in your day to turn within and say, "help me my life is wavering and I need you to fan the flame of my faith to make me shine brighter." In so doing this you honor me more by the mere recognition I am the light of the world and you are my children. Hesitate no longer my children. I will teach you each moment, each breath you take in. You could potentially be breathing my peace by turning your focus inward to me. It is more available to you in times like these when you are gathered in truth in groups and encircuited in my being. And so I ask you to investigate within where you are still holding back in coming to me more and more in the small moments of your day. So while I am present now and more immediately accessible to you, let your mind receive more consciously the words of comforting advise that will help you achieve a greater inward focus during your day by coming to me with those concerns you have of why you are still facing difficulty in accessing me in your own times. I am here to address your concerns. Who would wish to begin?


Student: (Speaks of concerns regarding physical health.)

Michael: My son, I understand the concerns of your heart. But have I not told you that your soul is of more importance to me than your physical body? Should not your emphasis be rightly placed in being with me?

Student: Yes. I want to feel that relationship. I don't right now and it's frustrating.

Michael: And because it is sensorially deprived to you, you feel this urgency to stay attached in your physical body to those symptoms that you are experiencing. Is this not so? (Yes) And so, is this not your test of faith? Evaluate in your mind what is more important to you now: the relationship you share with me or maintaining this vigil on your physical health. Which one do you wish to emphasize? Student: The relationship with you.

Michael: I say to you, my son, that the full revelation of myself within you will be a hard won to struggle due to the limitations of your physical condition. But I am here, and I am with you, and I am asking you now if you are willing to keep on exercising your faith for you know not yet of the strength you are gaining by this very test of faith you are undergoing at this time

Student: I know that is true.

Michael: Are you willing to walk this path?

Student: I am willing.

Michael: Are you willing to follow me into those realms where you no longer will have any control of what goes on in physical vehicle? And so, if the body grows weaker what will you say?

Student: That somehow I will trust you and your plans for me.

Michael: Do you hold firm to this idea?

Student: Yes, I do.

Michael: Then let us seal this bond together that one day you will be released. And I will stand before you, and you will see me and you will know the validity in all of the sensory perceptions available to you of my love and my upholding of you. And so, I ask you now where is your faith?

Student's words were undetectable.

Michael: Do you trust me? That is all I ask. Do not shy away from the difficulties of life on this planet. Go boldly into the future fully affirmed that a better life awaits you, and you will know with assurance that what you have done in walking throughout this difficulty has been a great inspiration and service to many individuals who know and love you. And one day you will see the true meaning in the struggle you face here. Can you wait for that time, my son?

Student: Yes I can.

Michael: And you have my assurance that one day you and I will set down face to face and we will talk of our human life experience together. I leave you in my peace.

Student: Michael, I would like to speak with you now. Each day I face again the challenges of guiding my children. Each day I seem to fall back into that dark area of impatience and frustration. Today I come to ask for your guidance-your fatherly experience-so that I can move forward and make progress in this area in guiding my children and teaching them without anger and without frustration. My faith tells me to continue to try to live by your promise that you made to me that my desire for my family will one day come. I need a little encouragement now it has been a very difficult day. I do not wish to make the same mistakes that my father made with me and I feel like I am doing that with my son. And he will probably do it with his children. I wish to break this lineage of father to son. I know I can only do this with you. So I ask for your words of encouragement.

Michael: Raising a human will child is a task that requires constant and consistent impressing upon those values and behaviors that you as a parent exemplify for your child. And as you say, you do not wish to repeat the mistakes that your human father made. Those tendencies within you will linger until you are fully divested from all of the influences that you experienced as a child growing up in your family. So it is by coming to me and asking that the qualities that your father embodied may be overshadowed by my fatherly qualities.

I encourage you to find that place within you where you embrace this opportunity to develop your own fatherly skills. Take this into me and your Father in Paradise and be very honest with yourself in asking, "have I fully embraced this as this wonderful opportunity to learn and to teach my son?" Many times human fathers have difficulty in appreciating the wisdom of the love that is available to you through this rigorous course of parenting. Do not allow the discomfort you feel to diminish your enthusiasm to carry on so. And I know that you answer me now in the affirmative, but I ask you to go deeper into your heart's resolve and to find that answer within you that defines the joy and boundless enthusiasm in approaching your parenting responsibilities in this manner. I know you are up to the task because you are sincere of heart, and it is all now a matter of upping the ante in doing this within you.

Student: I will take your counsel into my heart and I will honestly search for that place. I accept the challenge with great joy and I will find it and keep moving on.

Michael: When you have found that place, if there is any shadow of disagreement or distaste for this challenge you only need to call on me. I will resonate that joy and opportunity to grow within you; to feed you with the necessary resources that you need to undertake the joyous privilege in raising this soul whom you love so dearly. (Thank you) My peace is upon you my son.

Student: Well, Michael, I dare to speak up now. This has also been a very difficult day for me as it is turning out maybe a very major turning point as well. Earlier this evening when I spoke with my doctor and told her I wanted to give up she stood 6 inches within my face and said what would that look like very compassionately and I could not give her an answer.

Tonight, as we proceeded in this session I was setting here and all of a sudden I realized that I think I have been completely absent mentally from this room for maybe 30 minutes - I don't even know. I noticed I was listening to your counsel to my brother R, whom I call Mr. Inspiration, and it appeared that the counsel you were giving him could also apply to me, and that the counsel that you had given my other brothers over here regarding the difficulties day after day regarding the parenting role in a way also applied to me, and that these repeated challenges on the one hand physical and on the other hand dealing with discouragement and the appearance of not getting anywhere in an area that is really important.

So having said all that I know it is for me to proceed and if I answered the doctor's question I suspect it would look exactly like the no place I was in. The time frame when I was sitting in this spot and then all of a sudden realized time went by. So I can't give up. There is really no other place. This would be it or nothing. I am just asking for the encouragement to proceed and the strength and that joy that you are referring to. I have got it but at times when I feel physically unwell and in pain, I just have a hard time. Can you advise me now?

Michael: My son, there comes a point in time in the development of a healthy son of God to live in this state of equilibrium-in balance-and that you see things in the proper prospective. Is it conceivable in your mind that you could one day go through the joys and difficulties of life in the same acceptable light? That it is acceptable and desirable for me to undergo hardships in the same way that it is acceptable and desirable for me to undergo nurturing and uplifting experiences?

Student: Well, I am reminded about all those stories about enlightenment. It is neither good or bad. It just is. So I have been practicing that for a number of years already. I guess I just keep wanting to know when is this going to end. Sounds to me what you are saying is that I need to become unattached to the idea that eventually it is going to go away and that I should somehow accept that it is not going to go away. It is as you say they are equal.

Michael: They are equal but it is more than a matter of being equal. They are both important to your soul growth-equally important. Why must you undergo these rigorous challenges you may ask? You will know in time. But you will not know in the midst of it. You must outgrow the experience in order to evaluate it in the proper prospective. In your years of training you are encouraged to make no value judgement on the good and bad experiences as being thus. I am encouraging you to look at both of them equally positively, dynamically; adding each in its own unique way to the overall strength of your soul. The challenges of forging a divine soul out of raw human material come at a price. That price is effort-struggle. The price is accepting the evolutionary nature of effort and struggle and overcoming the tension in the mind of the effort and struggle with the joyful exhilaration of knowing that you are forging this wondrous beautiful jewel of a personality out of raw rough clay. And so, why would a transitory difficult experience be any less valuable or positive than the experiences that you find delightful or pleasurable? This may sound somewhat challenging and puzzling, but I ask you now to find that place within you-deep within you-that is of this raw human nature, and to say yes to the experience of slow evolutionary soul growth and to accept the path that has been laid out before you. Enjoy in appreciation. One day you will know the exquisite gift that you offered to the Father of your faith and the wisdom of His divine plan to guide to you to the very shores of perfection on Paradise. Are you up to this? You have said to me that you are. Now you must walk where you have asked, but I am with you each moment; I am here to resonate the strength within you. You are doing this with me. You are not alone. So, in those times when you feel your attitude wavering and you are feeling discouraged, come to me and ask me to help you find the joy in the achievement, to find faith in the uncertainty, and to find pleasure in the disdain. And I know that when you are in the final analysis scrutinizing your soul, you will say yes.

Student: I am feeling somewhat better already. I saw you in the face of the doctor today. You have such exquisite compassion, love, and divinity I know that guidance and protection was there and that this was another opportunity to get exposed to the lesson that is of a deeper level. I do see a lot of gifts coming in many ways and the wisdom in your words are exquisitely evident. So your offer for me to ask you to help me find that spot within me of strength to go beyond...well you are already doing it, so I really enjoy speaking with you in the same time as I am feeling the pain.

Michael: And so are all of you becoming quite men among men of whom I am indeed proud to call my sons. And so my peace upon you, R. Each day as you walk draw this peace around you.

Student: I cannot imagine anything better.

Student: Michael, I don't know where to start or stop once I get going. It is good hearing your voice and it has been comforting these last couple of weeks having you alongside me. You know I have felt the need to pay attention to the war. Part of me is over there with my friends, my family, and I have an understanding of even some small part of what is happening just from my experience from the military and that whole strength language that they speak. I have not the faintest idea of what is happening-it is so beyond comprehension. It seems such a meat grinder. It is beyond anybody's position or choice. It seems right next to each other the most amazing kind of love. We speak rather openly about spirit right next to the most unimaginable and obscene kind of things people are doing to other people. I just don't know what to say, Michael, but I thank you for being with me through this. I feel we need as many citizens of this country to know what they are doing. I do not know how to evaluate this situation. I pray that you keep my heart and mind open and I pray that it is all the Father's work. I trust your hands are big enough to hold it all.

Michael: Peace on this world will not come about until men are ready to lay down their weapons and embrace the truth of the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of men. Religious wars will be fought. Political ideologies will shift until such time as men grow weary in their hearts of the struggles between countries and religions, political system and ideas, and embrace one another in unity and understanding. And it is so very normal that you, as an awakened son of the Father, recognize this dark contrast living as a son of God and living in these brutal and primitive ways.

The Father's plan from your perspective looks very harsh indeed. It is overwhelming to a small human soul to understand the bigger picture, to appreciate the wisdom, to trust in the patience that is required to forge a perfected reality out of such harsh origins. Do you not think my heart wept as I looked over the depravity that I saw on this sphere as I walked as a human? And so I did. And it is, in a very human sense, a vale of tears.

You are feeling the pressure. You are feeling-you are experiencing in a very palpable way the pressures of the evolutionary struggle. Are you able to withstand this pressure? It will grow more intense until people are willing to change, to seek for the Father in their souls. What you see as sadness, from the higher perspective is the catalyst for rebirth; for a resurgence of the spirit long suppressed within the hearts and minds of man to spring forth. Can you stand the pressure? Are you willing to walk with me as the pressure increases? You have all shared your challenges and frustrations tonight. Are you willing to walk through this with greater faith? In knowing that the divine plan is slowly being installed? It is you, my sons, who are installing it by your choices to live in faith, and to come to me to resonate the light of truth deep within you. Do you have the resources within you to withstand the pressure? You know the answer is yes! Now is the time to share with me more of each day so that I can weave more strength, more courage, more conviction, more stamina into you so that the light within you grows and beckons to those starving souls yearning for relief. Who will activate these people? It is you. Only by feeling this pressure will you realize that it is your Spirit that nourishes you. There is no other sustenance that can sustain you.

I know that these words you speak are indicative of a trusting heart, and it is good to give voice to them. For in your yearning I enter in and will help you to see the wisdom of the Father's plan. Do you not think that I questioned this myself at times in my human life? And so, you have only to ask me to share those experiences that I had as a human that will lead you to greater insight into accepting the Father's plan. And not only accepting it, but to relish it, and to honor it, and to be awed by it in its complexity in its perfection, in its wisdom in all of its depths.

One day when you are on high and ready to go out into the universe as administrators, you will be so thrilled at the grandeur of this plan-that all of your evolutionary struggles will seem like exquisite treasures; and you will have such love in your heart to share with to the worlds you will administer. So as this pressure builds within you, think of what you are doing within yourself. Just like the carbon deep within the mine one day becomes the diamond; that undergoing the pressure changes and the crafting and allowing the light to shine through the facets, you too will be this gem, just as this world will one day will the jewel of all the universe. What say you to this?

Student: Amen. Let it be so Michael. What hurts me most of all is the deadness of soul. I must have the courage to be naked and very tender.

Michael: And in that tenderness are you treated gently and carefully. As you gain strength, the exquisite boundless creative potential will spring forth and you will be one more faucet of truth to this hungry world. My peace I leave upon you.

Michael, I have been feeling this pressure the last few days and yesterday I treated myself gently because I felt like I had been accommodating people - being there for them and I was being rewarded - people just taking and taking from and not giving back. Then the other evening insulted me and I reacted and I just went off. And so I ask of you when you were on this planet when was enough enough? When was turning the other cheek no longer appropriate? There is a part of me that does not want this person in my life anymore. I feel this tremendous pressure. How do I find that balance between the job and the difficulties of the day? When is enough enough?

Michael: Forgiveness, compassion, understanding-these are infinite and eternal qualities of our Father. When you become depleted in spirit-you know or you sense deep within the deprivation, you must replenish yourself. The very experience where you sense not the understanding, quiet your mind and gain composure so that you can be feed. But the quantity that you are able to receive is conditioned upon your growth status. You will not be able to achieve a perfection of availing yourself of the full capacity of your Father's love and understanding; you are still very young in your reservoir amount. The boundaries of your capacity are growing ever wider through each of your experiences. There are times when you will feel more amenable to growing through these challenges and to extending more mercy and compassion in a loving and risk-full way. And it is your choice now to exercise your options in what is your standard: Whose standards do I choose? Where will I put my faith and trust? Where will I place my value? It is good to test (unfortunately, tape ran out)