2003-12-22-Build Up Your Faith and Trust in Me


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Topic: Build Up Your Faith and Trust in Me

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Unknown



Dear one, do regularly practice your faith and trust in Me. Whenever something or someone crosses your path, and provokes fear in you, say immediately: “I fear no evil. I know that all is well.”

Say always in your heart: “All is well.” For truly there is nothing to fear, but fear itself. You give fear power, and you attract the very thing that you fear or fret about, with the result that an indefinable ‘something’ collapses in you and your faith in Me diminishes. Besides fear is a spirit poison.

Fear is the biggest fraud that mankind needs to overcome. It is an unreasoned animal fear, which is a legacy from throughout evolution, fear of being hunted, fear of bad weather, fear of the scorching sun, fear of dread and fear of a terrible unknown.

Dear one, the solution is so simple. Just come to Me in the Stillness and let Me steady your nerves and calm your heart.

Your Master Michael Son, Jesus, has overcome all evil, literally and figuratively. He stood without fear before His accusers, because He knew they could only harm His physical body, never his undying Spirit.

Follow His example and live fearlessly, and when fear strikes your heart, say, “All is well,” and tune into the Silence where I am waiting. Feel safe within the citadel of your soul.

Mortal life is but a fleeting moment in eternity. See to it that you use your allotted time well, and continue to master the unbridled emotions of the mind, especially ungrounded fears.

Unthinking and unfeeling humans can never destroy your soul, but can damage your spirit if you allow them to.

Therefore, strengthen the bond with your eternal Fragment of God, and build up your faith and trust in Me, your eternal Companion.