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OF. legacie a legateship (see 1b), = Sp. legacía, ad. med.L. lgtia the district of a legate, f. lgtus .


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  • 1. The function or office of a delegate or deputy. (Cf. EMBASSY 1.) Obs.
b. spec. The function or office of a papal legate; a legateship. to send in legacy: to send as legate. legacy of the cross: see Legate n.1 1.
  • 2. The message or business committed to a delegate or deputy. Obs.
  • 3. A body of persons sent on a mission, or as a deputation, to a sovereign, etc.; also, the act of sending such a body. (Cf. EMBASSY 3.) Obs.


  • 4. The action or an act of bequeathing 1. Also legacy parole, nuncupative bequest. Obs.
  • 5. A sum of money, or a specified article, given to another by will; 2. Formerly also in generalized sense, what one bequeaths.
b. transf. and fig.; esp. = anything handed down by an ancestor or predecessor