2017-10-12-All Versions of the Truth

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Topic: All Versions of the Truth

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Secondary Midwayer Beatrice (ABC-3)

TR: George Barnard



Beatrice: “I wish to speak with you today about Truth, a commodity whose realness depends on who you are, where you are and when you are. Truth is available to you, however, and to whoever you are and what you were taught. Truth might well depend on where you live and what ‘tribes’ surround you. And Truth just had to be really primitive some 700 years ago when I tutored Durante degli Alighieri — just Dante to make it simpler for you.

“Hello everyone; readers, members and contributors to the 11:11 Progress Group alike, this is Beatrice or ‘Ah-Bé-Ce-Tri,’ as this receiver calls me to remind me that he was the first human in 700 years to work out who I really was.

“Truth is variable. Your truth and my truth are not alike and Dante’s truth with Heaven, Hell and Purgatory was ‘something else’ again — the latter being a place where you would be only lightly roasted on both sides instead of being carbonized to a crisp, as in Hell. Fortunately, Truth changes, Truth progresses, but it always remains someone’s truth, to offer stability to individuals and populations to the highest level of what they can accept, work with, comprehend and plan their actions around.

“Even today the fortunate among you have managed to procure the Fifth Epochal Revelation — the Urantia Papers — and you have likely thereby acquired a somewhat higher truth. And as you will be gifted with greater mind endowments and tutorials, you will look back at your past beliefs and see how incomplete and primitive these truths have become to your now-suddenly-superior concepts. However, the old beliefs are still 100% truth. You are getting this . . . I sense.

“Dante Alighieri knew the truth of his day. He made himself available to champion that truth of his day, just as the Christian Church of that time held that truth to be right, complete and up to date. For Virgil, ‘up there’ and on his way to Higher Spheres it must indeed have been a Divine Comedy to so stray, but stay and play his allotted part in it. For me it was an important and a most laborious task I have come to appreciate more and more in the centuries since. It took discipline in adhering to the script, to not give away new revelation, to be inspired and patient most of all with Dante’s near-endless working hours and unexpected, contrasting, sudden, lengthy breaks.


“Your acknowledgement of that job well done became my all-time greatest reward. You are family, you’re my kin and you’re a brother. This is ABC-3 (Beatrice). I leave you my love.”

Receiver’s note

I hadn’t heard from this young lady for donkey’s ages. It must be her birthday!