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Long View Project is devoted to the transmission of higher intelligence regarded as an abundant available resource to every human being, the birthright of being human accessed through mind – the doorway and voice of intelligence; heart – the wellspring of feeling; soul – the intuitive ability; and spirit – the lightning rod of connection.

Dialogues present an ongoing series of conversations with higher intelligence, communication through inner voice and conscious thought, mystic experience become heartfelt friendship.

Inner Earth are meditative journeys assisting the Earth with healing human abuse and a “birthing” process alive in every corner of the globe, traveling within as employed by the shamans of old when healing and restoration require access to other dimensions.

To enter their site you may suspend belief in order to think in ways that are new or original for you, but always with your inner voice and individual perception of truth at the fore.

For lessons of the Long View Project in Nordan Symposia, follow this link.