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Melchizedek receivers refers to the group of Melchizedeks acting in their capacity as emergency sons, to maintain the lines of universe authority should there occur a default by the personaliites otherwise assigned to a particular trust representing the Universe government. A group of 12 such Melchizedek receivers acted in the wake of the Lucifer Rebellion on behalf of Urantia who approved the incarnation of one of their number, Machiventa Melchizedek, to preside over a community of truth seekers in Salem to maintain the light of life in advance of the incarnation of Michael of Nebadon.

The twelve Melchizedek receivers of Urantia did heroic work. They preserved the remnants of civilization, and their planetary policies were faithfully executed by Van. Within one thousand years after the rebellion he had more than three hundred and fifty advanced groups scattered abroad in the world. These outposts of civilization consisted largely of the descendants of the loyal Andonites slightly admixed with the Sangik races, particularly the blue men, and with the Nodites.

Notwithstanding the terrible setback of rebellion there were many good strains of biologic promise on earth. Under the supervision of the melchizedek receivers, Van and Amadon continued the work of fostering the natural evolution of the human race, carrying forward the physical evolution of man until it reached that culminating attainment which warranted the dispatch of a Material Son and Daughter to Urantia.[1]

They remained on Urantia as stewards of the planet until seven years after the arrival of Adam and Eve when they departed only to return again after the default of this Adamic pair to once again uphold the trust of universe government until the final incarnation of the Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon on Urantia. It was after the success of his bestowal that Michael received the title Planetary Prince of Urantia in addition to his role as the Master Son of Nebadon.

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