1974-06-08-Honolulu: Preparing to Leave

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Topic: Honolulu: Preparing to Leave

Group: At Large


Teacher: 0802-AB-Jack

Contact Personality: Alan



I've been busy going through my wardrobe and making plans and reservations for my move to Southern California. At first I was a little surprised, but school is out now and I have made arrangements to transfer there in the fall.

Q: (Unrecorded comment or question.)

A: Oh, no! School. I've been going to school here.

Q: Have we been going to school, too, Jack?

A: Yes.

Q: Have we graduated?

A: Not yet.

Q: (A question about the Hawaiian Missionary Society, an organization we helped to establish.)

A: Honestly, it stacks up this way, from my point of view:

  1. I am concerned that you rejected the UB organization
  2. And then created your own. The implications to this are worrisome, but
  3. If you need those props and those additional tests, okay.
  4. I was gratified you asked Christie[1] for credentials.
  5. I see you eventually making another choice.

But the merits of the HMS are fine.

Q: (Re: local Urantia Book representatives)

A: I understand that. So far so good.

I look at this HMS as a compromise for you and a well-taken one, since your fellow mortals will swallow all that more readily than UB.

Allow me to say here that I am pleased with your decisions to "missionary it" as it were. And many others feel the same as I, and will help all we can. It isn't going to be easy for you but decisions such as were made yesterday go a long way.

Q: It could be worse.

A: Not if I have to push those dogs around to find a place to sit.

There is merit to Alan's bonds [family ties] as a means for self-support, allowing you time and freedom to teach and preach. I would hate to see you so involved in them that they distort their original objective. And WD's [Alan's Dad, a/k/a "Gramps"] involvement will be the first test of that.

Q: [Alan's mother has terminal cancer]

A: Yes. You'll see her.

Q: We'll have to find jobs there.

A: Sources for income are all there. Don't worry about that. But don't allow yourselves to be swallowed up in the getting of it. If your motivations remain "pure" you'll do just fine.

Q: [Unknown question]

A: I'm not sure I understand your question.

Q: [Something related to Alan's sister and her husband]

A: Not too much so after a short period of time. They will allow you to live your lives.

Q: [Something about a lecture bureau]

A: Providing everyone knows in front that you are going to speak "religiously."

Q. [Re giving notice at work now.]

A. You want me to comment? Well, unless you are going to teach him something, what do you accomplish by telling him anything, other than that you are moving to Southern California?

Q. [Notation here that "the church is embodied in the home."]

A. The decision is still his.

Q. [Another unrecorded question]

A. I always like the themes of "Today's Morality Against the Backdrop of Tomorrow." "Presenting Oneself Publicly for Personal Ministry." You have to make a few more stands with yourselves regarding "things." I.e., the thought that you would consider marrying two of the same sex "ain't gonna make it," etc. We should discuss some of these "issues" -- not all now, but as time goes by.

You will be confronted with myriad such on "the Dark Continent."

A good yardstick is "What bearing will these things have on the home life: (1) sexual freedoms; (2) drugs; (3) divorce; (4) social honesty - values. The western civilization as embodied in the United States (English-speaking world) is crumbling, and you are going into the middle of the chaos. It won't be easy. You can't hide from it in your trailer in the middle of nowhere. We won't allow that. It will follow you.

I don't object to your using your creativity to use many, many methods to accomplish your goals, but when using these methods, always think of the results, effects -- long-range views (tomorrow). Your issue with LRT regarding wine is an example. The problem was with her, not the others, but to a certain point it was as if she became the 'sacrificial lamb' -- dig?

But others more advanced than you have been faced with the same problems. When you expose ignorance, you are always going to be "asking for it."

Generally, I like your overall plans. Your time in Southern California will be advantageous and you will learn a lot. Your plan to move about from that point is wise and good. You will spread a lot of good words. We have always encouraged your writing and still do. You will reach a lot of people. The timing is good and your day has come -- Believe it!

There are still a lot of fish in the sea for food. I would like to see you be able to be self-sufficient, in fact you can be. I don't think it would work for you two to have to solicit donations. If you ever have to, please talk to me about it first. Okay!!!

Your seraphim will be most noticeable to you once you are free of MATERIAL FETTERS. Watch for them.

We are, basically, quite excited about your decisions and ventures. We want to help. But you have to be aware of us for us to function fully. The ultimate results of all this, of course, will bring you closer to your TA's.


I want to speak to you again before you board the plane. Bye for now.

In love,