1974-10-01-San Diego

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Topic: On Tower Bowl Stationery

Group: At Large


Teacher: 0802-AB Jack

Contact Personality: Alan



Just fine. And you, after your vacation? Proceed.

Where are your (illegible) "safe employment" with "personal ministry"? Do you have something up your sleeve?

(Illegible) yourselves to personal ministry is one thing. Employment of any kind is another. Granted one may (illegible)

Have you ever completely dedicated yourself to ministry?

The greatest discovery is discovering your Father within. Perhaps you should re-read Michael's admonitions to the messengers.



Then simply go about your business. First decide (illegible). You have decided to do it that-a-way. You are walking two lanes. You wish me to guide you regarding the material aspects. That I cannot do.

Your "dedication" is half not whole. You have not counted the costs. Hence I suggest you find what is most compatible and give to the cause that which you can. If -- and I think this is where your heads are -- you are using these efforts to "set yourselves up" so to speak, so be it. If you will each "count the costs" etc. It is a trap, at least a delusion.

ANYONE who is totally dedicated can and will "do it." Go out and devote oneself to personal ministry unselfishly and be a messenger for Michael. Where is your faith, woman? In what? Do you not think you would be provided for? First, were the "early" messengers the only mortals who could thus perform? Do you think society and (illegible) have changed so much?

I repeat my question. What are your basic desires? Where does the trial / trailer / chatter, etc., end? Okay. Buy five years. Believe me, we can wait. Can you? Your concern tonight indicates to me that perhaps you are already feeling the pinch of time … and not doing your Father's will? Conflict? You simply haven't had the opportunity of handling "multitudes" well? Have you depended on God yet? For your emotions - material - you are losing me.

Let's take a relative sample of service. I am not berating your work for us. What I am doing is answering your apparent feelings of not doing enough. Reaching enough. How, where, when, and the typical concerns of eating/shelter. One human. One seed, under any conditions. All the way to mass evangelical outreach. Of (illegible). Refer to the phone then put yourselves in that position.


I can't give you an answer as regards material work, jobs, etc. The reason is due to the mysteries of such.