1991-09-02-Material Purpose & Morontial Existence

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Topic: Material Purpose & Morontial Existence

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



There is, in each person, a place where the tender shoots of new spiritual growth occur. This innermost space is wisely protected by your own being, and yet needs a certain amount of light and air. It is good to open your hearts, as it were, to the light, to the gaze of others, to the spiritual water which others may give, to the world. This inner tender place can, yes, be a little too tender for too much. This place in circumstances of trust should be opened, should be developed, should be allowed a little freedom for the wider growing of the soul. It is good to establish and to cultivate close friendships which enable the flowering of the inner self, the opening of the inner self to the gaze of others which gives confidence in that inner self in the person.

There is much hiding in life. There is perpetuation in mediocrity in allowing this inner self to be hidden and perpetuated in a mediocre realm of existence. It is only by allowing the flowering of this inner self that true individuality is seen. This inner self must be shown to a wider world. When it is, much can be done, much creativity and openness and flowering occurs, for there is connection between that inner self of the person flowering, and the inner self of all those perceiving it. It is true of all true leaders, that they flower as individuals, that their individual flowering connects with those who are too timid to do it themselves.

I do not espouse a complete openness of every single aspect of a person's personal life, but the discussion of the inner self is extremely important.