1994-03-27-Comprehension of Totality

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Topic: Comprehension of Totality

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



What is totality? The end and the beginning, all action and reaction, all personality as one and as many. Only through your delving philosophically into totality does your partiality become apparent. Children understand a highly limited universe centered upon their own being; however, as each human grows in understanding, there comes about a wider awareness of his true existence. When your life interests your self sufficiently, do you understand that it has limitless aspects which are only resolved through your various philosophies to greater or lesser degrees. However, when mortal mentation arrives at the point of its earliest beginnings, or understandings, does the face of eternity greet you.

Think about when you first realized that your soul and mind are eternal creations of our Father. Did it not require a certain courageous leap of faith to understand this without mortal proof? Nothing which is truly desirable to be understood, can be understood without some philosophic risk. You have come to a shallow stream and to reach across to the opposite bank, one has to jump across. So is it also with faith- Some levels of faith and trust are easy to arrive at; however, when your path is broken by obstacles in your way, it is faith leaps that overcome them and once again you exist on sturdy ground.

Faith is beyond philosophy, indeed, it is a part of another circuit which is separate from the mind circuit. This faith circuit, or spiritual guidance, is derived from the Eternal Son and is centered in His personification, Christ Michael. You are always personally guided and instructed through your inner most faith awareness. As you come to awareness of His complete control of your faith-test level, does your comfort and enjoyment of your life increase. Now are you attuning your own mind into greater awareness of God's overprotection and are you increasingly trustful that your path, leading up through the Master, shall be in all ways sufficient for you. Trust and faith are joined together in the triumphant chorus of light which beckons ahead. Nowhere is there any true failure because your faith always triumphs and carries your breath and heartbeat along into new life. When you have achieved your required goals in life, are you unburdened increasingly and allowed to serve and to hold your spiritual/morontial being erect before God and men. Fear not the scorn of unruly and fear burdened minds. Triumph through forgiveness and by knowing your own weakness, even weakness which those others see not within themselves.