1996-06-23-Individual Paths & Accomplishments

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Topic: Individual Paths & Accomplishments

Group: Tallahassee TeaM


Teacher: Ambrose, Will

TR: Unknown



Ambrose: Greetings friends, this is Ambrose, he who loves you.



This evening I would like to speak, if I may, on the understanding that each of you, as individuals, are being led albeit by choice, on your own individualized paths toward enlightenment. You are here, and we bless you, by your own choice; most of you due to having followed inner nudges or synchronisms that came to you at just the right time, when you were open to receive the words or the direction you were given. The key to your unfolding path and your eventual enlightenment lies in your connection with the Father Fragment you each hold within your heart. The mechanism is in your willingness to take the faith step that brings you beyond your easy chairs and into the active arena of loving interaction with those that are brought to you through their own nudgings. You are each in fact, Apostles, all of you participating in the way that you have each been prepared for.

No two are alike, nor are your teachings the same. You are each being taught by your teachers and myriad others in the ways and in the direction that you are open to. Have no fear that you are not being led in the direction Michael would have you walk. Seek the assurance you need within your own heart, for always does His loving message and reassurance come to you in a never-ending flow. There was mention this evening of the many parts that make up the whole of Michael’s mission to this world, and indeed, are all of these parts being worked with actively, in an effort to draw them into a cohesive unit of living love, through which the Father's light and energy will be manifested. I would encourage you to continue your active acknowledgment, recognition of the contacts you receive throughout the coming week. Understand that these will not only be Adjuster nudges, but there are myriad others busy within the fabric of your lives, all attempting to help you see the light and become more active. This will be an on-going exercise, for in this one exercise, is your faith increased, your ability to receive increased, and your openness to receive the gifts the Father would give also increased. I thank you for your attention this evening, and give my own thanks for being allowed to participate in each of your lives. All on my friends; I am available. Shalom.

All: Shalom.

Will: The love of the Father surrounds us, filling our hearts with desire, to live our lives as lights. that inspire others to follow. Wherever we gather, He is.


Greetings beloveds, it is I Will, your teacher who loves you. I did so much enjoy listening to your conversation this evening. Your lights are increasing. Who you have become, the fruits of the lives that you live are more and more evident. We wish to acknowledge the work that you accomplish.

It is true that there is much activity being accomplished both on levels you are aware of and yet on many you are not. The Father has indeed, stirred, and His children’s cries have been heard.

Continue beloveds, increasing your level of activity, pushing yourselves beyond the comfort zones. And yet recognize that when it happens that you are not willing or able to follow the lead, these too are lessons for you alone, if you will. For in them you recognize the path you might have taken and will take when the opportunity is again given. You are lights for the Father, each one, and do much in this mission to increase the Father’s reach. And yet you are each still students, and I would have you recognize this. Do not chastise yourselves unduly, when you take a false step. Every step you take along the way leads you yet further.

Michael’s plan is a grand plan and is not yet comprehensible to most on this world and only just beginning to be comprehensible by those of you committed to doing His will. You will be visited, each of you in days to come (soon by your standards) by a teacher, different from your personal teacher. Open your hearts that you may receive his words, for they will be different for each of you.


That is all I will say this evening. Go into your week beloveds knowing how loved and supported you are, and as always take my love with you, and know that I am here with you, as is the Father always at your side. Shalom.

All: Shalom.