1996-10-20-New Paradigm

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Topic: New Paradigm

Group: Tallahassee TeaM


Teacher: Will, HaReel

TR: JoiLin



Will: The Father in all His majesty is in the end, a loving Father who has smiled upon this world.

And all of His creature children thereon are blessed with the love that showers down upon their heads. All who open their heart to receive this love will experience the Father’s grace in their lives, and yet is He no respecter of persons, does He offer His love to all unconditionally. Wherever His children gather, in all the universe of universes, He is.

Greetings beloveds, it is I Will, your teacher who loves you.


I missed your companionship last week, and yet shared that time with you. Your conversation this evening was music to our ears. For indeed are these visions being given and have been given, to many across this land. And these schools, these centers and these gardens will indeed come to pass, and prosper in days to come, leading others to drink of the Water of Life. From all the different paths will they come sharing with one another the beauty, the uniqueness that can be found within each of their paths. For there is truly, no one path. All paths are seen by the Father as the perfect path for he or she who walks it. And the day is coming soon on this world when brotherhood and love truly will be the new paradigm focus. Where fear and materialism will no longer be the coin most used. And when you, His children, accept His lead, when you take up the torch in whatever way, then you can expect that you will be led more clearly, that you will come to understand the ways in which your Father speaks to you. That has always been the focus and purpose of we who teach you. The design has always been to lead you to the Father, He who resides within your own heart. And when you go about your day, and step out in faith, and become living examples of the truths you carry within your own heart, the lives you touch, the hearts you open, will be added to the children who do begin to drink the Water of Life on this world,.and know, that indeed they are His beloved children, as are you. Too long you have lived on a world that knew not their Father’s love, for they could not hear Him. Many of you do now hear Him, and many more in days to come will begin to hear. It is the purpose and design of this mission of Michael’s to bring this world beyond the very threshold of Light and Life.

The beginnings were humble; not easily understood by you who were being taught. You asked yourselves in the beginning how could I help to change this world? How could my small gifts as I pass by help to change the very complexion of this world? But you could not know that each person that you touched, each heart that you opened, each mind that you elevated, and helped to prepare for the possibility of God touching them, God speaking to them, everything that you did on your paths has led others to open up and begin to accept the love that the Father began to pour upon this world. You thought your work was of no significance, and yet we did tell you that your work was seen by the Father as indeed being significant. And we are fast approaching the time when all the work that has been on-going for such a long time will culminate in the turning point of Michael’s mission to this world, and then beloveds, will you understand the part that you played. And will you accept the songs that are being sung even now in your name.

Remember our lessons beloveds, remember to continue to build on your connection to your Father, for always will it be you and He who touch the hearts, and open them for this new day. Continue as you have, and little by little the New Dawn will be seen clearly by the eyes of the multitudes. Know beloveds, how blessed you are and how cherished each of you are in your Father’s heart. Go now into your week and continue bestowing your love for the Father, to others. Be clearly the Light for this world that you have become. Show your Light, do not hide behind the veil, but step out beyond it. Shalom.

Group: Shalom.


HaReel: Editor: T/R says: My friends, HaReel is giving me just one word, but he’s written it in capitals.

It’s LOVE. Love is the message. Love is the key. Love is the energy which will power your dreams. Never be afraid to give it or receive it. Shalom.

All: Shalom.