1997-05-19-Realness of the Brotherhood

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Topic: Realness of Brotherhood

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings to you, my friends, my fellows, within the Kingdom. I am happy to meet with you weekly to assist in your spiritual education. This position as teacher has meant a great deal to me. I find that in working with my students, I not only learn, but experience deep levels of joy. Within the realness of the brotherhood I find much to be joyful about. I at times experience great humor. It is said that laughter is a healing medicine to almost any ailment.



Over the ages to be pious was indeed the mark of a true Christian or spiritual person. To exemplify reverence was the most valued virtue one could present to his fellows. In this long held belief much of Christ's message was distorted. Jesus stood upon a firm foundation of faithfulness and devotion. He expected this much from most of His fellows. This faithfulness and devotion was a small part of what Jesus had taught. Jesus had also taught us we can live life more abundantly, and this includes light-heartedness and humor.

Much of civilization in competition for the best and the most have become calloused with a sort of mechanistic thinking. To these people it is critical that they be held in high esteem from their fellows. This is such a false sense of power and security. Those who live their lives for the opinions of others fall short of the true meaning of joy, the true meaning of value. The world today is overburdened with those who live their lives knowing that they fall terribly short of perfection. Perfection meaning: What is normal? What is expected? What is more than a fair share?

It is not surprising to us here to be witness to the horrible human suffering and sorrow on this world today, so many unknowing of the One who loves them without expectation of anything in return. Man is wholly ignorant to the One who knows them through and through, and without a doubt, totally loves them unconditionally. Its no surprise to us that the scrambling in the world to gain more over your fellows is a popular practice. Few are realizing the true source of all love and happiness lie within their very being.

Do you see how our Mission will assist many of these scrambling individuals. It is you, my students, who will assist in revealing this beautiful light that God is among us and happy to be with us. Father delights in His children's company. He seeks only to love. He seeks only to guide. You among other missioners will continue to reveal this understanding through your personal contacts. This type of work is not usually performed before the masses, no. This is highly personal. You are fully trusted to assist in this sharing of the good news. This is what makes our education about the brotherhood so important. It is a pledge to move forward while assisting others to also move with you, just as I assist you in moving forward with me.


I can say that a show of piety and reverence is outdated to reveal the good news. It has shown to be successful using humor and light-heartedness when sharing with your immediate contacts. The scramblers of this world will begin to take notice of those who appear to move joyously through life under any circumstances. You as apostles will indeed have opportunity to demonstrate Father's strength. I would emphasize your discussions among you here weekly are important to your understanding of the brotherhood. I would ask that you continue your discussions here weekly and attempt to incorporate more humor and feelings of comfort within the group. Are there questions?


CALVIN: This lesson is in good timing for me. I've had a lot of people this week tell me, "what is wrong?" Is my deep serious thinking getting in the way of my light-heartedness and humor?

ABRAHAM: There can be imbalance, yes, and while deep thinking is important to spiritual growth, there is the danger that the ego can magnify the importance of the self within this deep thinking and throw you off balance. Deep thinking comes when it will. Father sees to it that you have what you have when you need it. Constant deep thinking is to put a unreachable expectation upon your spiritual growth. To understand that your life is a lesson in eternity, it reveals a spiritual humor that can help create balance. To be light-hearted and grateful is to maintain receptivity from Father. You are each relying upon a good foundation of faith and have learned that the Fatherhood of God does teach us devotion, but also does the brotherhood teach us fellowship. Does this help? (Yes.)

RACHEL: Well, Father Abraham, maybe I have been negligent lately about bring humor to the group. I was doing it for a while. So I will tell Calvin a joke. He is used to dealing in cars all the time so he should appreciate this because years ago we had a saying: Well, for Chrysler sake, you make my Essex ache. Dodge around the corner and Whippet. (You expect me to type this?) Laughter. (What is a Essex?) You don't know what an Essex and Whippet is?(That must have been in Abraham's day.) (Much laughter and too many more comments.) I'm sorry Father Abraham. They don't understand nothing, do they? I'll have to make it more simple next time, won't I?

ABRAHAM: I am in great gratitude for your humor and I find you are quite balanced in that area. You are a wonderful example of one whose firm foundation of faith springs forth sprouts of joy. It creates such an opening for others to receive the real meaning of life's purpose. I appreciate your humor Rachel. Continue on because I am indeed understanding your jokes. (Father Abraham, you're old enough to remember those cars aren't you?) Laughter. Another question?


CALVIN: About Joshua and his expectation of 40 years? Would you like to comment on that? It maybe one of those rolling the rock thing that you can't answer, but I look at many things we learned were wishful transmissions maybe. I am not saying he can't live 40 more years if Father will let him, but he sure is convinced that the transmission from Ham's lessons through Jason or Rebecca told him he would live 40 years. He is not going to give up with that. I don't know what to do, encourage him to--yeah, you'll live on, or to try to help him understand that perhaps he put too much faith in those transmissions. How should I handle this one cause it does concern me?

ABRAHAM: I am forbidden to interfere with his belief system. It is not my place to correct him or encourage him. I would also relieve you of this burden to help your friend to change his beliefs. Do you see this is the actual path he must travel? All of this is his decision, his learning to allow Father's will to reign supreme in his life. Your ministry to him could include humor and truth. Your truth to him being, "I understand what you believe Ham said in those beginning days, but I ask you what now does your Father say to you." Do you see, a teacher does not take the place of Father who knows you through and through? A teachers position is not so personal. We are instructed to focus upon our mission to assist Urantia into further stages of Light and Life. You are one who has a comforting presence, and your humor acts as a beam from a lighthouse.


You each, my friends/students, are these beams that will guide those who struggle within their own imperfections. I would thank you personally for sharing your happiness and humor with me. My love is with you always. Until next week, shalom.