1998-01-04-The Present

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Topic: The Present

Group: Tallahassee TeaM


Teacher: Will

TR: Unknown



Will: The light of the Father shines upon this world to light the way to Him. His love is forever, and surrounds us always. His power supports us in our every endeavor. Wherever we gather, He is with us.

Good evening dear friends and beloved students, this is your teacher, Will, who loves you very much. I am pleased that we are together again. I feel such love and warmth whenever we gather.


Focus, Moment

As we are poised between the past and the future years, it is a good time to discuss the present, for this is where you are. This is where you receive God's love, and where you give it out. All this happens in the present moment. It is good to go through certain rituals of letting go of the past year, and I encourage each of you to drop any fears of supposed shortcomings that you have given power over you. And for the future, it is quite natural to make plans and to have goals, and to create for yourselves high standards that you desire to live up to. But never lose sight of what is involved in the present moment. All the good that you do happens in the now; the love you create is generated in each moment. (T/R loses connection)

T/R #2 continues...

Your ability to remain focused on the present is, in large part, predicated on your faith that all things in the future will work for the best. So rather than project into the possible calamities that may await you in the future, you are more capable of reposing your attention into the current surroundings. This does not indicate that you should fail to plan or arrange your affairs to assist in the most beneficial unfoldment of circumstances, but you all must acknowledge that much of what will happen in the future is outside of your personal control, and as such you must have faith that the experiences that are provided to you will be beneficial to your spiritual growth. By inhabiting the present you can more easily give of yourself to those who you encounter. If you are not focused on the present, you will tend to miss opportunities that may be presented because you are wearing blinders that do not permit or encourage your peripheral vision in the present. For those who are constantly worried about the future, there is no end to your anxiety, for when you eventually reach the point you have been concerned about, you will undoubtedly fail to live in the present at that time, looking only to the future for what additional calamities may befall you. So there is no benefit to unduly fretting about things to come.

Enjoy this moment, it shall never be here again. Enjoy your family while they are still with you. Enjoy the beauty of a balmy January day, enjoy your friends, and laughter. Enjoy the stories you tell each other, the hugs you give each other, your health, a new year. There is so much in the present to be thankful for, for you all know that you are beloved children of God, and with this knowledge you are each called to become lights and to shine this love on all you meet. This, my friends, is the foundation upon which this mission is built, and as simple as it may sound, these truths shall change this world, one person at a time.

So go forth this week with the zeal a new year can bring. Shake off any feelings of insecurity about who you are, or the personal inadequacies that you may feel. You are perfect, who you are, at this time, to take on the mission that lies ahead. Put a smile on your face and love in your heart, and live every minute in the present, as we head to the future in building the ages of light and life on this planet. It starts now. And everyday we step closer. I give you all my love, embrace you one and all. Until we meet again, shalom.


Melchizedeks, Discernment

Cella: Will, could I ask you about this person named Drunvalo Melchizedek? Is he a mortal who has chosen that name, or is he involved in the Teaching Mission?

Will: I will answer this question in two ways. First, the name "Melchizedek" is very attractive to many humans. As you know, it is found in many sacred texts, although it is not adequately explained in many of them as to who or what a Melchizedek might be. This gives the term an air of mystery which causes some humans to appropriate the name when referring to themselves. The Melchizedek corps on this planet, led by Machiventa Melchizedek, are the primary authors of the lessons delivered by the teachers. Indeed, Machiventa Melchizedek has been installed as the Vicegerent Planetary Prince of this planet, in the stead of Michael.

Having said this, I will also say that when you read text written by any person, celestial, or God Himself, you should ignore the supposed celebrity of the author and test the substance of the message with your Spirit of Truth. For truth may be found in many places, it is not the exclusive property of any one religion, guru, teacher, or method. I am not personally familiar with the name you have asked about, however this does not mean that the person may not be inspired, or perhaps a visiting Melchizedek, as we have many visitors on this planet at this time. In any event, do not discard the messages of any entity, person, or personality because of their name.


It grows late, and I wish each of you a joyous, exciting, opportunity-laden upcoming week.