1999-01-03-Scribbles from Lytske

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Topic: Scribbles from Lytske

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Lytske



Prayer: Create in me a pure heart, oh God.

The creation of a pure heart starts in the heart and mind with thought. Focus and intent create purity of thought. Where your attention is; the subject or object of the intent and focus, create the purity. The Light surrounds and penetrates everything.

Scrutinize your thinking, and see if there are shadows from the past -- shades of anger, bitterness, disappointments, and more. My spirit cleanses all before it. See in your mind’s eye the wonder of the cleansing, as the force of water breaking open a dam, and flooding everything in its way with a mighty power. Trust, feel, and see it happen.

Be the child that trusts its parents in happy appreciation about the day ahead. Never worry about how it will unfold. Your life is planned by Me, so just listen closely to My voice, be open to sudden prompts, and allow things to happen, for Spirit is in charge of the cleansing. Allow the debris to be swept away, and so become a purer channel of God’s love to the children of this planet. Become conscious of your thoughts. It is a wonderful way of learning. Do not become discouraged when you realize how infrequently you are in present centered awareness.

This is training; wonderful training of the mind. Listen to your heart, which is in charge. In time you will learn to listen to other hearts and discern what is really being said. Understanding will grow. It is a wonderful journey; the unfolding of the self according to the divine blueprint the Creator has given to each and everyone. Each is responsible for the self.

However, sounding-boards are needed to reflect back, to be a mirror for others. Be one of my mirrors, and your understanding will grow according to your eagerness to learn. This is always ‘repercussional.’ The capacity therefore always enlarges, until it encompasses perfection, and one stands in the awesome presence of the First Source and Center of everything.

It is a wonderful plan, this return journey to become a full-fledged spirit-soul. Humans are a peculiar breed of spirit. The Creator’s focus, intent and thoughts are endless. He is the gift-Giver to each and everything that has ever been created, is being created, and will be created. The journey is one of great wonder and joy, of learning, of satisfaction, and of love learning to express itself in service towards others.

These, and all experiences, are gifts from the Creator to be uncovered by the human child. Discovery of these automatically leads to thankfulness and ultimately worship to the One, who makes all things possible. According to your faith, it shall be done unto you. As above, so below.

This then is your assignment, to begin to mirror, to reflect back to others. This will be a wonderful tool in helping others.