1999-02-03-Scribbles from Lytske

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Topic: Scribbles from Lytske

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Lytske



Let us begin with a few words about concentration. Here again it is the focus that needs to be in place, and the intent to create attention. In the word ‘creator’ and to ‘create’, lies every potential possibility.

The intent comes first by ‘pulling it into a small dot,’ which is your point of focus, and by placing your attention there, it becomes the open door to everything.

Think on these words and ponder them. You are learning to trust that all is well, and that everything is possible to those who trust in the First Source and Center of everything. You also have read in the Urantia Papers that the Father gives all His children gifts to develop and use, so they can create for themselves. For that is the gift of life itself. The more you open up to possibilities, the more your capacity to enlarge on these possibilities will happen in ever widening circles.

Becoming a mindful creator in your life is done through a growing focus and intent, as well as a willingness to open up to inner guidance. It is a growing constant, next an instant, and then mindful awareness of your inner Guidance. It becomes the beginning awareness of cooperation with your Mystery Monitor, which will slowly increase to a wholehearted cooperation, a loving cooperation, a joyful cooperation, and a thankful cooperation.

It represents the inner joyful bliss; the peace that passes all understanding -- that recognition of the Spark of God within, your eternal Cooperator -- your Partner in eternity, who is working in you towards that joyful union, that fusion, which you help to create with this wonderful Gift from God you become one with, and Who leads you ever God-ward.

What is from God cannot be separated from God. Every child receives its personal Gift from God, when making its first moral decision in choosing good over bad. With your personal choices and decisions you create your own life, your own happiness.

It was good to have your focused attention. Keep practicing. You are on your way of creating. Stay centered, and walk in the Light.


Lytske’s more recent work, contemplation of which allows one to come into closer contact with the Spiritual World, can be found here: