1999-02-06-Human Light Varies

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Topic: Human Light Varies

Group: Unknown


Teacher: Ambrose

TR: JoiLin



Ambrose:Greetings friends, students, dear ones all, this is Ambrose, he who loves you. I haven't had the opportunity to speak with you for some time, and would take this opportunity to say a few words of encouragement, if I may.


Alphonso's point is well taken, for in all of our lives, and not just your own, we who teach you as well do sometimes experience seasons of self doubt, or seasons of a lesser commitment. And yet within the heart of us all, lives the Father whose very love for us and our commitment to Him will not allow us to stray too far from His path. Each of you are like a lamp that one minute burns bright with the wick turned high, and yet another burns low, yet always is there the light within illuminating the darkness. Both the darkness you find within your own mind and the darkness without that others see within their own minds and hearts. The light that you are leads you toward the Father and shines the way for others to follow.

Your lives as you live them now, have within them seeds that have been lying within your hearts, being fed and nurtured by your own thoughts and by the love of the Father, that are now ready to burst forth into this new season of life on your planet. You have weathered your winter, all of you in your own way, and each reach out in loving service to those that come across your path, again in your own unique way.

Recognize dear ones, that you are a light unto this world, wherever you go from this point on, you carry the light with you, by the words you speak, the deeds you do, the very life you live is a testimony to the love within your own hearts, and the lessons you have accepted as your own. There will be times in your life perhaps, when you will feel inclined to go your own way, and this is as it should be, for you are each teachers and as teachers within this mission, you are even encouraged to reach out, to move out if that be your choice, and serve those in the further corners.

Self doubt will also rain on your lives. And again, these patterns tend to be cyclic; there are times when the fire burns bright, the energy is high, the enthusiasm is high, and then that wanes, and you rest. So when the cycle of self doubt falls upon you remember it is but a season, a part of the pattern and you are stronger than you yet understand, and have within you the life-giving strength and power to weather all of the patterns.


Thank you for allowing me to speak with you this evening. I leave you with my love until next we meet.