1999-02-11-Scribbles from Lytske

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Topic: Scribbles from Lytske

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Lytske



We would speak to you about nurturing. The ‘unlovely’ ones on this planet need nurturing more than the lovely ones. People who grow up in harmony and balance are the very ones who received a lot of love. Nurturing security in their little lives before the age of five, during which five years the foundation is being laid for the future personality, is essential.

Child rearing on this planet is almost totally overlooked, especially for the first five years, when those precious little ones are going off to daycare and different 'sitters'. This problem has reached crisis proportions on this planet where so many are left in the care of others, who do not really know the child. There is not the same, important bonding.

This lack of parenting will become more evident if intervention does not take place. So many adolescents are growing up ‘rudderless,’ due to this lack of nurturance. For a great part this is due to disruption in the family unit, often due to the immaturity of both parents.

We are cognizant of the road you have personally walked through life, resulting from personal choices and decisions. It all goes back to the bonding you did not receive as an infant. However, over the years, you have gained maturity. Of you will be asked to extend a helping hand, being ever mindful of the Nurturing Aspect of our Divine Mother Spirit, which is being fostered in you, and through you to anyone.

Think about the warmth and the nurturing you have received, especially at that moment when you came to the Master Himself in a totally distraught state, and you were graced with the wonderful vision of connectedness with Him. The glorious Light Beam you perceived still anchors you between Heaven and earth, between the visible and invisible.

Know that all creatures are thus connected to the Creator. This is a wonderful eternal knowing. Live it, become ever more mindful of it, nourish and strengthen this connection, and so will you be nurtured and strengthened to help others.

Continue on this Path of Light.