1999-03-09-Scribbles from Lytske

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Topic: Scribbles from Lytske

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Lytske



For a moment let us ponder the quality of life. Life unfolds through choices and decisions, trials and errors, misunderstandings, disappointments, hopes, fears, and little victories gained in the process, as well as joy that come from satisfaction about a job well done. There is a continual growth curve, although there is backsliding, which humanly happens, yet this must be seen against a larger background, necessary in the warp and weave in the fabric of the soul.

Let us now add the quality of the inner life, which is a reflection on the outer life. This is a deeper level of being; a level that brings a greater awareness of the true life awaiting each and everyone, for you will continue where you left off on the earth-plane, albeit with a greater understanding, once having passed through the portals of death, having left behind the mortal temple of human flesh. The journey carries on, and does so according to your accumulated strength and faith in the Source of all that is. Growth and flowering of your soul continues.

Do not allow remarks from others in your life to deter you from your choices and decision making, for this is your life you were called to live. Each and everyone will ultimately judge themselves, and see themselves as God sees them. The struggles on the earth-plane help develop strong moral characters with courage to keep the faith in the face of sometimes seemingly insurmountable difficulties.

Keep the courage, keep plugging along, learn, sharpen the tools of kindness, of understanding, of a willingness to stand aside to witness someone else’s struggle, allowing them their process in growth. Remember the story of the man who saw a butterfly struggle to emerge from its pupa. He got the scissors and very carefully cut the covering open. In his kindness, but ignorance, he helped the butterfly emerge with immature wings and without the struggle which grows the wings. It never learned to fly, and therefore spent its short span of life on its belly, crawling around with difficulty.

Everyone likes a cheering crowd just once in a while, like the marathon runner getting weary and tired, but when nearing the end, a crowd is waiting to cheer him on. So it is with life, a greater courage grows in the person, who runs his or her race with very little cheering. It is this human who realizes a true cheering on of unseen presences running alongside him or her to give courage and renewed hope to faltering steps.

Rest assured these persons will enter ‘the gates of heaven’ less weary, because of the recognition of the unseen helpers, who cheered them on.

The message here is clear, child, that you are not alone in your struggles. Continue the good race of faith and trust, for truly, a cheering crowd is waiting for you, albeit not in human form. Which would you prefer? Continue to run the race for the growth of your soul, and so enrich the quality of the inner life.