1999-03-11-Scribbles from Lytske

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Topic: Scribbles from Lytske

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Lytske



Receiver’s request: Please give me a message for my heart. I need to know why it keeps aching the way it does. Allow me to discover what my thought-processes are, and with which I keep beating up on myself to the point where my heart is developing a steady ache.

Unknown Teacher: Dear child, your belief system is such that you believe that you ‘beat up’ on yourself. Truth of the matter is that through your decisions you have placed yourself in an ongoing situation in which you do not get any heartfelt understanding or recognition. This is wearing away at your emotions, leaving a rawness of being misunderstood in the deepest center of your being, finding its repercussions in your physical system.

You are beginning to realize this with your studies in electromagnetic energies, and the energy body which shapes your physical form. Also, your thoughts and the thoughts of others interact. These thoughts have cause in the unseen, and an ultimate effect in the seen. Allow the energy to flow freely, and remove blocks and congestion as you come upon them -- feelings of discomfort and pain, unhappiness and disappointment, which are disorganizations leading to chaos.

It is sad that humans need chaos first before they realize that change is needed. The change in the thought processes, where blockages tend to be created, need perforce to happen, usually in the blink of an eye, through fresh/new insights. You are becoming more knowledgeable and are learning that the greatest blockages are created at the moment of conception, or even before with the attitudes of two human beings come together to create, being totally ignorant of the chain reaction they set in motion by thoughtlessly having intercourse, with no idea about how blocked they are in their own energy systems, with their own hurts and disappointments.

You are beginning to realize how blocked you have been by the freedom you have gained, and are steadily gaining, as more pieces of your puzzle fall into place. Your aching heart is a reminder about the need for more work to be done in the clearing of your mind. One point to remember is that sometimes the ones closest to you cannot render that support, as they, too, are blocked and cannot realize this.

The realization that everything is created within the thoughts held in mind, which produce after their kind, is the source of their misery. Become mindful of how you think, and of the thoughts you put out upon the ethers. Banish negative thoughts at once. Banish critical thoughts at once. Banish ‘poor me’ thoughts at once.

Just remember the name of Jesus/Michael and or Mother Nebadonia, and know that everything is in hand and well taken care of. The proof lies in yourself, in the mastery and understanding, and in the wisdom you are gaining.

Continue on your path. We are cheering you on.