1999-03-28-Personal Correction Done By You

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Topic: Personal Correction Done By You

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am Abraham. Greetings my friends. I am once again pleased to meet with you. Happy are we to witness to your discussion on your morontia discovery, Yes. Each of you are aware that before a healing can begin a wound must be cleansed. The entire planet at this moment experiences cleansing within the hearts and minds of its peoples.


Michael and the entire Teaching Mission staff cannot assist in this cleansing or correction without permission. There are many individuals who have turned away from human ideas or aid to ask for assistance from a higher source.

On a smaller scale, individuals are becoming more willing to release the old - for time has proven old ideas to be unfruitful. Personal correction comes with allowing the boundaries of time and space to be erased, yes.

Jesus had allowed a small town to be witness to a number of divine events... not to make them believe in his cause, but because they already believed. Your foundations of faith improves each time we meet. Of course, there are still unanswered questions, but what you have built for yourselves and Michael's cause remains unshakable.

Erasing the lines of time and space, or growing closer to the spirit, strengthens your faith and enlarges your capacity to receiving divine assistance. Personal correction is a releasing of prejudice or a judgmental attitude. Personal correction is the admission that you do not hold the answers.

To allow Father to adjust your thinking is quite a relief in that you are not burdened with the responsibility of solving the worlds problems. To allow this morontial correction is to remove the mortal blindfold -- to be exposed to the higher mindedness, yes.

You each know well the fruits and poisons of the Spirit,. I need not go into detail. Know that your correction will be along the lines of allowing what's closed in the mind to be open -- allowing those judgement calls to be Father's burden -- to readily admit you are at the beginning of eternity and are not qualified to go it alone, yes.

On the Mansion worlds 1 and 2, new individuals still can wear the mortal veil, closing off that morontial vision. You each understand that some beings are just beyond your mortal vision. When permission has not been given to allow for correction there is prejudice, judgement and fear. This is indeed a detriment to morontia vision. Morontia vision is not so much having to do with the material eyes, but perhaps what is seen with the heart and felt by the soul.

The Master was one such individual who had combined his two identities to be able to use this morontia vision for the betterment of the kingdom or tasks his Father assigned him. Morontial vision is a soul-knowingness that you are interconnected with the Spirit. Connection with the Spirit in each moment allows immediate guidance from on High, and how can this guidance not uplift an individual - let alone a planet, yes.

What appears to be just beyond your material eyes is accessible through your inner morontial knowing. As we speak about these morontial understandings, still be available for that correction that will remove personal prejudices or fear.

These lessons may not accommodate everyone's beliefs or understandings, this I understand. I am permitted however to go forth with these lessons knowing you each are ready and equipped to receive, yes.


I would take my leave but not without speaking a word to Allauna expressing our thanks and I would ask each one to worry not for upcoming changes. All is well looked after. We appreciate your service and look with excitement and anticipation to the future with you each.

As always, our love is with you each this week, shalom.