1999-07-06-Scribbles from Lytske

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Topic: Scribbles from Lytske

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Lytske



Prayer: Thank You God for the healing which is taking place in my body right now. Thank you for the feeling of increased peace in my heart, and for the functioning of my brain with greater clarity and balance. I am so grateful, also, for the new insights coming my way. Encourage me to listen more closely to others, to learn to read between the lines about what is not being said. Thank you for the progress I am making in my inner self.

Dear child of Mine, it is good that you finally write down your prayers. It helps you to see why words come to you in answer to the questions you hold in your mind. To be able to read between the lines, either in writing or hearing the words, one needs to pay close attention to the feelings which are hidden, and yet so visible.

It has nothing much to do with the ‘outer capability’ of seeing and hearing, only the importance of listening with the heart, the soul and the mind, including the purity and unconditional love of present-centered awareness.

To listen with the heart is a great art to be mastered, and it will indeed be pleasing to Me when you start to pay closer attention to this matter. With everyone you meet, practice this art. It is a wondrous journey in which much can and will be revealed to you by your using your intuition in loving awareness.

The great challenge is, to put the self out of the way, and the ‘need’ to advise others. I see the intent and willingness in your heart, to be of service.

Become an observer of others and observe silence for yourself. This does not mean that you have to silence your spontaneous nature, no, not at all. It simply means for you to learn to know when to speak. Be ready to speak only when I give you the words in your mind when dealing with My other children, who are in need of courage, hope and love.

Be loving, be hopeful and be courageous yourself. And know, that I Am your supply in all things.