1999-07-25-Stepping Out In Faith

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Topic: Stepping Out in Faith

Group: Half Moon Bay TeaM


Teacher: Michael, Olfana

TR: Susan Kimsey

Session 1

  • SpiritFest 99 10:00 AM
  • "Stepping Out in Faith"


Hi everyone,

These are two transmissions I have not ever posted before, but I think they are germane to this discussion of how we can best serve Christ Michael.

Love to all of you! S!


Christ Michael: My children, I have come to you to share a few words, sense our love together and offer you my counsel and guidance as your Creator Son.


Action, Faith

I have asked you to step out now in faith, trusting in my guidance, receiving my strength, absorbing my protection and care. It is not an easy path I ask of you. There are indeed sacrifices to be made at times--moments when you must fight disillusionment, your own sense of fear or rejection, or merely the exhaustion of making this effort in my name. I offer you my peace now. Feel it, my children. Breathe it in as it flows from me.

I am the Savior of this world! I am the great guide back to The Source and Center of All Being. I am your Master now, and I cherish you as my dear beloved beings. I have created you with loving intention and I wish you now to relish this gift of life! Relish, and at the same time, do indeed offer those sacrifices to my cause. Let me see you in your glory and in your sense of commitment to my true desire now to bring Urantia back into the flock, the fold--one of those planets which is a beacon of love and light for the Father. You can do this! Do not doubt the potentials, the gifts I have placed within you. You are stronger than you realize at times. You are to trust yourselves.

Remember me, my children, in those moments when you waver or falter. Remember the sacrifices that I chose to make. Remember the ways in which I extend myself for all those I love that I create. Do this in my name. I appeal to you now toward your understanding of me in your hearts and minds. I appeal to you to help me now in this great cause that I have initiated for this planet. You are my "soldiers." You are my "sheep." You are my "servants." You are my "dear ones." Please take these appellations into your sense of yourself, and act from this. Act out of your love. Act out of your sense of faith and commitment. Act out of your belief in yourself, in me as your Beloved Sovereign, and in the glory that you understand of God! Act out of your sense of righteousness. What is fair? What is good? What is kind? What is gentle?

Take these actions for me, my dear beloved children, and you will be comforting my heart. I need you just as much as you need me. We are together in this! We are bonded. You are of me and I am of you. As you pray, think of this, at times. Place you hands together as I am now holding them. (TR holds her hands up, clasped firmly together.) Become your hand and let me become the other hand, and clasp them together in love, in trust, in strength! And ask of God to understand what part of my mission, my calling is there for you.


I bless you now. You have my love. You are my source of joy! You will do the right thing. I trust in you. I depart now, my dear ones.

Session 2


  • Olfana on "Courage"


This is Olfana who speaks now. I wish to discuss the topic of "courage."


Courage combines with your willingness to act. A courageous thought, in and of itself, is indeed commendable. But, courage seeks an outlet of expression. Courage's best evidence is shown in courageous actions. A courageous heart seeks a cause in which to express itself. A courageous mind seeks pure, good and true ideas to connect with, and then project to the world. Courage is a strong part of your willingness "to be," to express yourself, to show the best of the strengths of your soul. In this way, I would indeed encourage you to take your thoughts of courage and ask God's Counsel for ways in which they can be expressed.

When you encourage another you are offering them words of counsel to fortify their actions, their choices, a desire to see a betterment in their life. And this is what encouragement to another is--that you are taking your courageous sense of them, a courageous understanding of how they can be, and you are attempting to impart this understanding to them, to another who needs this encouragement, who needs this strengthening, who needs this catalyst to then express their own courage and strength. And therefore, I would encourage all of you to become a person who identifies your own courageous thoughts, and seeks outlets for them and indeed seeks to identify this in others.