2000-07-23-Opening Message in OK Conf.

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Topic: Opening Message

Group: Oklahoma Conference


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Unknown



I am Abraham. Greetings. I thank you for your invitation as do many of our unseen divine helpers. What a beautiful worship service. You my friends, have given us cause to worship. You have carried our Mission this far. Your faith and steadfast dedication has built a solid foundation for future generations.


We, as Michael’s helpers, have carried on in the face of what seems to be insurmountable obstacles. You are still here. We are still here. Our Mission difficulties have served us well for they have taught us each to endure and expand our trust in our heavenly caretakers. We have seen you through your many struggles and we are inspired by your determination to carry on. We have partaken of your joy at absorbing spiritual truths. We link arms with you in our brotherhood.

Allow this occasion to be a time of letting go. Letting go of what we think we know and believe. Letting go of how we may appear in the eyes of others; a letting go of past harsh feelings. Let this be a conference of new growth. Let us pour new wine into new wine skins. Allow the spirit to move among you, through you. Allow the spirit to refresh and cleanse your hearts and minds for receiving new understanding.

Allow the spirit to move among you. Where the spirit of the lord is, there, is liberty. Make this gathering a gathering of freedom. Freedom from old thinking. Freedom from social expectations. Freedom from life’s daily tension. Where the Spirit of the lord is, there, is liberty.

At this point in Michael’s Correcting Time, we are aligning many individuals to begin receiving universal broadcasts. With Urantia back into the fold of Nebadon, Urantia needs to be involved in universal happenings. Through your faith commitment and love for one another, you are opening the doors to reaping the benefits the rest of the universe receives.

To go forward in this mission you will need to be open to divine universal information. There are techniques to learn which will move you forward in light and Life. You my friends, are moving this world now. How humbled we are to see such a world from small beginnings climb out of dark and grow in light.

Where the spirit of the lord is, there is liberty. Allow this spirit to move among you. Allow it to enlarge your capacity to receive divine assistance. What you know to be your spirituality is in great need to be constantly moving, growing, evolving. To pour the new wine into old skins is to cause delay.

We have much work, children. The world awaits healing and new growth. Your love for one another promotes the stability and the foundations that is our brother/Father’s Mission. Be the small child who is open to wonder and curiosity, that helps in growth of character. Be that small child who looks upon his peers with nonjudgmental acceptance and love. Be that humble child who always looks to the Parent for guidance and a source of love.

We are honored to be among you, and look forward to our fellowship with you now and always. We are as determined as you to see Michael’s mission through, and we are devoted to you, our children, as well as this small planet.


Know that we have much work to do in this conference. In your fellowship there is rest in mind, energy for the body, and food for the soul. Know that with each passing day we are with greater love for you. Let us be about the Father’s business. Shalom.