2000-11-12-Pure Intentions

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Topic: Pure Intentions

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings friends. What a beautiful spirit there is here this evening. I count myself blessed to be among you and one of you. To have seen this Mission unfold as it has leads me to be filled with gratitude, because Father has seen to every detail. He has been a part of every happening.


When I first had received my orders to begin teaching and promoting the Correcting Time I was overwhelmed by the immensity of this teaching task. I could not foresee how all the plans would bring all the components together to build what is known as the Teaching Mission. I had longed somewhere deep down to see results. It was difficult to maintain a low level of expectations.

It is in my nature to locate a problem, work diligently and reap the fruits therefrom, but this Correcting Time I realized was not mine. I was not overseeing the Mission as a coordinator. I realized my part was to find a corner of the world and start there, one small step at a time. I set aside my desires or expectations because I had learned enough to know that Father's plans well exceeded my own.

At times I was given certain tasks to complete and I knew not why, which sometimes gave me cause to be frustrated, but still I made every effort to fulfill those duties that were bestowed upon me. I could have taught my students as I wished. I could have thwarted God's instructions in favor of my own techniques. This I know would be to delay our Father's plans.

Our creative Daughter, Eve, did so love the Father and her mission. She had great desire to be of help. Even with her good intentions she threw a wrench into Father's plans, which had a great evolutionary affect on the planet. Her intentions were good, but not pure.

A good intention is to do what you think is right. A pure intention is to allow Father to do what He thinks is best. A pure intention is wanting what God wants. It is so easy to be drawn in by the excitement of working for our Father. It is a cause for concern at times when our ego wishes to impose it's ideas.

Our Daughter, Eve, did have underlying desires to put forth her ideas in the hope that she may be accredited for her sharp mind and quick action. We believe she really did not take into consideration the severity of her wayward actions. Not one of us would even dream of pointing a chastising finger at her in disapproval, no. We each understand the underlying need to be needed, to fulfill certain duties, to be a part of a vast universe.

Father has the vision of time, the past, present and the future. He has the intelligence of eternal experience. He knows where we have been, where we are now and where we should go. He has every single being within each universe to consider, universe upon universe, being upon being, never ending, always growing, ever changing factors to consider.

The most we can do for Him is to live with pure intention, to want what Father wants, to firmly believe that there is so much more to consider than our limited view. It should be taught early on in mortal life that every good thing takes time, and God's time and mortal time are two different things. To sit and be anxiety ridden over God's time is not as quick as your time is a temptation to thwart His plans.

This week I ask you to contemplate pure intention. Study the textbook on our Material Daughter, Eve. Ponder this if you will how many beings do you consider when you make plans to complete a project? How can you know how everyone will be affected? Can you find the inner discipline to wait, be patient and allow Father to coordinate destiny? Can you be still and await your instructions?


I am sorry--no questions this evening. I am due elsewhere, but know that with each week that passes I am growing more in love for you each. Until next week, shalom.