2000-12-24-Evaluations & Messages

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Topic: Evaluations & Messages

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Abraham, Michael, Machiventa

TR: Rebecca



Abraham: Greetings, I am Abraham. You children are blessed to be among those of the first taught, the groups which are taught of the ways of the spirit by experienced and revered teachers who are commissioned by Michael himself. These teachers have great understanding of your humanity. Through their own long existence they have gone through experientially anything that you may or could perhaps experience in your lives.

Ham is an old friend of mine from the Edentia worlds where we experienced training together a long time ago. He is certainly our most senior, able, and respected teacher. I felt certain in giving him this assignment that he would coordinate the teachers and their curricula according to the will of Melchizedek.

This is a time of evaluation. You are all receiving personal evaluations by myself, Ham, and Melchizedek himself. He will Speak now.


Machiventa: Greetings my children, I am Melchizedek. The emissary of the one God, still, to your world. You have each passed through the early training which has been similar to that which I taught my disciples during my first earthly sojourn in the flesh. These students came to me from far and wide over the earth, small as it was in those days. In this era, teachers come to you. I send my teachers forth to gather to them the forward looking, open minded, humans of this day and time. As in those early days, the students gradually become teachers and those early teachers went all over the world bringing the lessons they had learned from my lips.

So too must you each become teachers in your own ways. Not necessarily in the way of instructing conventionally, but in a way that brings the greater truths of Michael’s real message to the world. You are each being prepared to bring this message forward in ways in which you little imagine as you sit here now. The world is very different now and human need has never been greater. Privileged are you here tonight who hear the greater truths week after week, who grow in the spirit with the aid and wisdom of a great teacher. Now, to your evaluations.

Personal Evaluations

Rebecca, daughter you are a rock to which is anchored the mission banner. You shall continue to conduct yourself with the dignity and purity of purpose that this role requires of you. You are growing quickly and with sure feet and are an example of grace and kindness to many. Truly give thanks for your blessings my daughter. A wonderful report.

Brodan, son, you are continuing to show great courage and steadfastness. As your wisdom has grown, so has your influence. Look not to the errors or shortcomings of others, rather look to their strengths and build upon these. The road you have chosen will lead you far. Be of good cheer. An excellent report.

Jarad, my son you have wrestled with your own humanness and yet it is that very humanity which informs and makes real all that you give to others. Truly you are blessed among men to be chosen as a representative of Michael’s word upon this world. Go forth in true humility and sincere gratitude. Take nothing for granted, realize that all is given as it is needed. You have grown well over these past years. An excellent report.

Ricallo, yes, you are one who wrestles with guilt and feelings of instability. You have come very far and have worked very diligently taking to heart each lesson. Among all the students present, you have been the hardest worker. Truly you are being prepared for a greater work which lies ahead. Do not question your standing my son, for you are being made useful to the Master and truly he will use you. An excellent report.

Amalain, also an excellent report. You have struggled with yourself for a long time and yet you have known that the struggle was fruitless. You are now entering a period which is beyond that, a period of true growth and enhanced self-awareness. Cease to struggle my daughter, do not force these things. Allow growth, it is the only way. You do excellently.

My son Joe. Also a wonderful report. You my son are coming to terms with much that has plagued you in the past. You are maturing and with maturity comes the softness of wisdom. Find this softness within and allow it to come out. You are truly a blessed son of Michael who loves you dearly. Never have you been lost, even those times when you have felt it. An excellent report.

Mark, my son, I give you your reports together, You have truly an excellent report. You are a man who is growing in strength and in courage. You are one who has long courted wisdom and who has a good measure for your age. You are also one who is learning the first rules of spiritual happiness and contentment. Be therefore more so in the now and allow your growth to take place without worrying about molding it for this is the job of greater spiritual forces. You have come the farthest in the shortest time. An excellent report.

Katie, yes my dear, you have always taken the lessons seriously. You are a very deep thinking and wise young woman. Truly you both together are being prepared for a greater work than you see before you even now. You have advanced very far through much difficulty and a certain amount of inner turmoil which has made you conscious of your balance. An excellent report.

Joan, have also been made aware of your internal balance. You have been brought through a time of great change in a short period. Truly you have grown in self-understanding, who you are, as well as how you are. You have an excellent report.

My daughter Marge. It is good you have come. Understand that all you have been through shall help you in your future. There is no experience which has no value. You are learning and growing even now. Embrace your greater awareness, allow it to come to you. You are a woman of courage and fortitude and I tell you with authority you are a woman greatly loved by the Master himself.

There is a message from Michael himself coming through now.

Michael: Children, on this day when you commemorate my early bestowal, when I was made flesh upon your world even as a helpless babe, on this day understand the great love I have for you. Understand that my life was lived for you, that you may know of a greater and nobler world which surround and impinges upon the world in which you live. My life was lived that you would have life more abundantly, that you could be brought to know joy in the abundance of the Father’s love and in the mercy of his spirit.

I come to you this day to tell you of my abiding love and of my abiding faith in each of you. Even as I lived my life in faith, so too must you follow me and live your lives in ever greater widening pools of living faith. Follow me and trust in me, even as I trusted in my Father in heaven. Trust that I shall never desert you, trust that I shall never forsake you, trust that when you run this earthly sojourn that you will live with me in eternity and allow this great trust to shape your lives.

Never fail to seek after our Father’s guidance. If you love me, you will seek him as I sought him in the flesh, with every breath, with every waking moment. If you love me, you will follow me and take my bread into the world, even as I have given it to you. The food of the spirit is unending in abundance. From this day forward resolve that you shall never doubt in this abundance. If you love me, follow me and love the truth as I did. Let not a shadow of doubt nor a hair’s breadth of unreality to cloud your vision of the living truth. Seek reality with all your hearts. If you love me, follow me and work for me. Dedicate yourselves in your earthly work to the greater good of my and the Father’s kingdom. When you receive rewards for this work, receive it with humility and with the knowledge that it is work that I have given you to do. And lastly, if you love me follow me and love my children. Love all of my children. Not those who love you or those who serve you, seek to serve all of them, seek to love all of them. And where there are impediments to your love, move heaven and earth to remove them.

I have received your reports in detail and even though I know you each in great personal depth, I will add my own words to these things as I approve them to move up, even to the records of the Ancients of Days.

Yes Rebecca, you should take this to mean your eternal life is assured. There is no doubt of your advancement. My daughter, I delight in your question.

Blessings upon you, think of me, do not forget me. I am with you even as you are of me. For I am the vine and you are my branches. Never are you apart from me. Always am I knowing of everything, even as the vine feels its outermost leaf, so do I feel each of you every moment. Go in peace my children, and do not forget the words I have spoken to you this night. Farewell.


Machiventa: I again am Melchizedek. Welcome my children to even more advanced placement. As you grow, learn and experience know that your lives are infused with purpose. Do not forget the words of our Master. This concludes our discussion and meeting. Ham will return next week. Farewell.