2001-04-23-Abundance in Experience

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Topic: Abundance in Experience

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am once again grateful to be here with you, my friends, my fellow co-workers, my family. I am grateful because you have each added to my abundance. You have allowed me to be my true self--be that good or bad. You have allowed me to be a part of you, which has given me valuable experience--that is abundance. As you mature spiritually you find experience to not be so traumatizing, but adding to who you are now and who you are becoming.


There once was a boy who had a particularly strict teacher. She seemed to never let up on the lessons, and he found himself in constant striving. The boy grew weary of these lessons, but the teacher kept encouraging him patiently, going through each lesson step-by-step. Even though the teacher was quite patient with her young student, the boy found her tireless and almost to the point of her punishing him.

The good teacher taught because she cared about her place in the world. She genuinely loved and enjoyed the children. She cared deeply for the world's future and wanted to add to the world's success by the students lives she touched. She taught not for respect, prestige or for a show of power. She pushed the children enough to make them believe in themselves. She gave them faith that they were important, intelligent and had abilities.

The boy, who is now a man, thinks of his teacher fondly and is overfilled with gratitude and awe at her dedication. He recognizes she added to his experience, therefore participating in his abundance. He remembers the teacher never ridiculed and allowed him to make mistakes without fear. She allowed the children to grow at their own pace.

The teacher took such joy in the children's advancement and this increased her abundance. The children received the benefits of her knowledge and this increased their abundance. The man, who was that small boy, takes his valuable experience from that time with the teacher and passes it onto other children and adds to their experience, their abundance.

I cannot emphasize enough how valuable everyday experience is. You either add to others abundance or you deplete their energy source. You correlate experience with others that creates lessons and new [[sou] growth]]. Even negative experience with others can create an abundance in knowledge--spiritual and otherwise. Many are afraid to be open to sharing experience, for their lessons may be painful and they see not the value. Some come to share experience for self-gain without thought of others needing to receive also.

In the mortal life you will most likely experience the full spectrum of the required experience. Even the Master experienced many bestowal's to gain full sovereignty of the universe. At some point in this life you will know every aspect there is to know, from extreme sorrow to supreme joy, from an empty cup to a cup that overflows, from divine love to mortal loneliness.

There is no escape from experience if you should desire to advance in things spiritual. This requires experience. Experience is your abundance. If you should bravely face all experience you are open to receiving those required lessons to advance spiritually. Remember that in sharing experience to allow others to stumble. Make it not your duty to always correct, encourage--yes, correct-no, focus on the positive--yes, point out the negative--no.

This group here has had a great deal of valuable experience and this has added to each one's abundance. Even the negative experience was filled with needed information to keep striving, keep reaching for improvement. Your relationships are wonderful teachers.

This week focus on abundance in experience. How much experience do you purposefully avoid because it will either lead to your disappointment and sorrow, or cause you to have to do too much work? Strengthen your connection with those you know and be a provider of abundance for them. I speak not so much of material abundance, but spiritual companionship and being a light of encouragement. When you feel you are putting forth effort in service, do you hesitate to contemplate the cost, or do you serve for the strengthening between you and Father? Again, where are your treasures?


That is all. No questions this evening. I would have you know you have each brought me a great deal of abundance and I am grateful. Every week I am with more love for you and more desire to also serve you. Until next week, shalom.