2001-11-08-The Most Vulnerable

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Topic: The Most Vulnerable

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Andrea, Isaac

TR: Sandy Montee


  • Isaac Visit to Pakistan "The Most Vulnerable"


Andrea: "This is Andrea. I am a Primary Midwayer.

"I wish to talk about your Primary and Secondary Midwayer friends.

"Incidentally, the updated circuit lines are enabling me to communicate more easily with those of you on the 11.11 List. Let me say that each of the people who have subscribed to this list are able to understand, and have empathy for, all the people around our world.

"I am under the direction of Machiventa Melchizedek. He has sent the most recent Midwayer Returnees into the fields of war in Afghanistan. I would like for the people, who wish to extend a helping hand, to take the crowds of refugees into their hearts and pray for healings to occur -- a gift of energy from you all to these many, and most vulnerable, people.

"Visualize that you are in the middle of these crowds of refugees, and you are comforting them.

"I will now step back, and allow Isaac to speak with you."


Andrea talks about the most recent Midwayer Returnees. She does include both Primary and Secondary Midwayers, but, seemingly, more of them are still to be returned to Urantia.

This is "The Most Vulnerable -- Part One." and should be read with the accompanying out-of-body experience.

Part Two looks at both, the present, and the future. Significantly, some of this heart-rending scenery was already shown to the TR some 5 weeks before September 11, 2001, and with the clear warning that it dealt with the future. It made little sense, and we did not record it.

Already in early April of 2001 came Machiventa's warning, "A huge wave of negative energy is on its way."


Isaac: "Hello, this is Isaac. I am always very happy to be in your company. I will not be able to spend very much time with you today, as I have ongoing duties elsewhere.

"I would like to take you on an OBE, and, Sandy, I would like for you to continue to explain everything of this journey you see, and hear, and sense, from all others who are presently with us in this room.

"I will give you a few minutes to leave your home."

Sandy: "I am ready to go now."

Isaac: "Let us all leave now.

"I will again take your hand to make you more "securely" confident. I would like to go into Pakistan, near the war-torn country of Afghanistan.

Sandy (reporting): "I see that we have left 'this land of America' and we are over the ocean. We are traveling very fast and my friend, Isaac, who is ordinarily happy and playful, is very serious at this time.

"We have stopped above Pakistan, right on the border with Afghanistan. We are seeing thousands and thousands of people standing at the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan."

Andrea: "These people do not have any means of obtaining food, or keeping warm. This huge crowd contains many older people, who are endowed with great wisdom, but they have little remaining physical stamina.

"They still have that determined look, and they have asked for Pakistan's border guards to let them come into the country.

"There are many young persons here, who are ready to fight for the right to survive. These people also have children who are starving and very weak. These children do not have enough life left in them to play, or even smile.

"There are airplanes overhead, and the people are very frightened, because they do not know if the airplanes will drop food and clothing, tents and blankets, or, if instead, the airplanes are there to drop bombs.

"The vulnerability of the old people, these young children, and the sick!

"These people have almost given up their fight for survival. They have no home, no stoves to keep themselves warm, or any food. It is therefore that the young men are fighting for these people that are in such a weakened state."

Sandy: "This why Andrea asked for each of us to send our prayers and much positive energy."

Isaac: "Let us all go back now."

Sandy (reporting): "I can hardly leave, but I also cannot look back at the horrible condition in which these people must exist.

"I am back in Idaho now, and Isaac has left. I feel so very privileged. And I can only drop to my knees and ask God to allow me to help whenever I can do His will.

"I ask that God bless these poor people."


Isaac is a fun loving Celestial Technician, mostly involved with the 'spiritual encircuiting' of the planets. On this occasion, his mood was understandably depressed.

It seems that this OBE predicts an uprising soon to come. Food, and other needed supplies, are slow to arrive -- a forgotten aspect of the overall creature needs in this drive to rid the world of the terrorists and the many who support them, though these are but few compared to the many who suffer, fall ill, and die.

Too little is being done, and by the time it will finally be done, it will be too late for many of this suffering multitude of souls.

In time, we may well hear the comment: "Shame to the Worldwide Coalition."