2002-01-20-Spiritual Energies in Time and Space

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Topic: Spiritual Energies of Time and Space

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I welcome you this evening.


Let us this evening take a moment to discuss spiritual energies in time and space. The vastness of the universe is unimaginable to your minds. It is so incredibly large and filled with mysterious worlds. Time is interwoven with space in such a way that traveling distance takes time. When you think of light traveling through space, its velocity is not infinite. And so, the light from distant stars is many millions of years old. All things material are structured this way. Everything that is matter contains a spacial component and a time component.

Spirit, however, contains neither time nor space. All distances are like none to spirit. Awareness and communication over vast gulfs of time and space are instantaneous. The Universal Father, the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit are all in constant awareness of all things past, present, and future in time and space. To these perfect beings, all time is now.

You, as created beings, created in time and space, are always aware of moving through time and through space. You are created in both space and in a point in time. From this point, you progress in your journey back to the eternal and infinite.

Only in the imagination are these time and space constraints somewhat lifted. The imagination allows you to be outside yourselves and part of the greater mosaic of life. You can imagine living in another time or place. You can imagine being a different sex or race or creed, of course. And so, you can extrapolate from your own experience the experiences of others. But, the road to eternity is real. It is not imagination that you grow in the spirit and in the soul. The mind may expand through imagination, but the concrete reality of moving from birth through death and on into afterlife is very real.

The mind is very elastic. Since there are no memories before birth, the imagination can create them. The imagination can create memories in childhood and it is very hard to know which is real and which is imagined. But the m