2002-02-28-Your Contribution

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Topic: Your Contribution

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Magisterial Son

TR: George Barnard



Magisterial Son: "Thank you for coming. It is always a pleasure to work with you. Machiventa and I look forward to serving you, and you to be serving Urantia to a greater capacity, for the next 50 or 60 thousand years.


"I am the Magisterial Son in charge of the upliftment of Urantia into the Light and Life process. As you will soon develop an understanding, my dear friend, Machiventa, is the Planetary Prince upon Urantia. His staff will attend to all the necessary requirements for the continual upliftment of the Urantia Being.

"The purpose of the Magisterial Mission is to assist Machiventa, but also under the direction of Michael and the Father over a long period of time, to uplift the spiritual awareness of the individual Material Being, to create an atmosphere where a greater understanding of the Father, Supreme Being and Michael's missions, as your ascending careers continue.

"Each of you will have a purpose within this mission through Machiventa, Michael, and through myself. It is the desire of the heart which is led by the Thought Adjuster, that will direct you into the purposes that have been laid out for each you.

"Each of you has a gift that needs to be shared upon Urantia. The life that you emanate as your morontia soul is merging with the morontial body within the material being creates an energy that draws the spiritual individuals towards you for observation, for an understanding of what is being created upon Urantia, and also to be of service to you and your fellow brothers and sisters.

"As we have stated in the past, we seek students who wish to advance to a higher spiritual plane upon Urantia. Each of you has been called to those drawings, those inner communications to serve the Father, to add to the Supreme Being.

"Your Thought Adjuster has the plan laid out before us. It is for you to learn to follow into that plan. The purpose is to draw you closer to your Thought Controller (TC). For that which draws you is the TC. It is up to you to make the connection to the TC, to find the purpose that the Father has. Each of you is going in a direction that will help each other; expand the understanding of the spiritual realm to your fellow Urantians.


"Odd that it may sound it has been pre-approved by the Father through the Thought Adjuster and directed towards us, Machiventa’s staff, Michael’s staff, and my Magisterial staff. You have called, and you have answered."