2002-04-07-Overcoming Fear

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Topic: Overcoming Fear

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and again I greet you with warm welcome and great affection.



The journey toward Paradise is long and eventful. There are many wonderful experiences in this life and the next for you to be part of. I see each one of you opening your hearts more and more and experiencing life more fully. As fear recedes more and more, it will occasionally lap at your feet and threaten to engulf you completely. But, the more of the spirit you partake of, the more these fears will be beaten back and kept at a distance.

Fear itself is an enemy, a great obstacle for mankind. Fear begets violence and fear itself does great violence to the soul. The more you can rely upon the Father, the less fear can dictate your feelings and actions. The great task for each human being and indeed for mankind as a whole is to rise above your fears. It takes spiritual strength to live on a plane above fear. It takes spiritual humility to trust so completely in your perfect heavenly Father that fear cannot enter in to your thinking.

Once you partake of the spirit and dedicate yourselves wholeheartedly to its dictates, fears can no longer harm you. But, should you turn away from the spirit, then fear will immediately take hold and your lives sink as low as they once were high. Relying upon the spirit is no easy task. It takes continual turning toward the spirit. It takes bringing the spirit into every thought every decision. The requirements of the spirit are that you rely more and more upon him and less and less upon the unspiritual dictates of the mind.

The mind is where all this takes place. The mind is where love takes hold and also where fear takes hold. As love grows, it will gradually crowd out the fear to where fear can no longer take root and begin again. But like all good gardeners, you must be vigilant to pull out the weeds of fear consciously. Love must be given room to grow and love will gradually encompass your minds completely. All your thinking will be dictated by the imperatives of love and this is true spiritual living. Turn away from fear and toward love with every decision.

The way is long, the road is steep, but it will be easy if you rely upon love to guide you and to give you what you need. Do not fear want. Do not fear idleness. Do not worry about tomorrow for no one knows the future but the Father. Rely upon him today and trust in him to take care of tomorrow. Many, many people, in their fear, lay up great stores for the future. But always, at every turn, these stores are threatened and can be depleted or robbed any day. You do not know what lies in store tomorrow, but you must not fear. Each day will bring what it brings. You can plan, you can guide your course to some extent, but most things are far beyond your control. Once you relinquish the control of fear and replace it with absolute trust in the benevolence of the heavenly Father, then your lives will unfold according to his will.

You must be at peace my children and let your hearts settle into trusting in love for then you can rejoice in the now time and the worries and stress of the future will not plague you.

What are your questions?



Q: Ham, I have a question from our friend Ruth whose family is in Israel and she asked if you can help us know what we can do to not be helpless in that situation?

Ham: Yes, of course. Our hearts go out to the children on both sides of this terrible conflict. The Master views all his children with compassion and love, but especially does he look upon his people, the family of his earthly incarnation, with love and tenderness. He has watched as the children of his brothers and sisters, the children of his apostles, the children of his native land have been scattered and persecuted from all sides. Especially grieving to him has been their persecution at the hands of those who profess to follow him. He looks upon his Muslim children with great compassion for their child like simplicity. He sees their suffering and their poverty and above all their misguided religious zealousness with great understanding and compassion. He understands the longing of all people to live in peace and security and the violence and blood shed is abhorrent to him. Those misguided teachers who continue to preach a God of vengeance and a God of war will be held accountable for the affects of such teaching. In your modern world, there are societies who are open, free, and relatively transparent where ideas are debated and each person's worth is held in high esteem by all others. On the other side, you have societies that are perpetuated through lies, and are closed and opaque. The people are manipulated by their leaders and human life is expendable for those leader's political goals. It is very clear that one side of the other will prevail. You know that truth is more powerful than lies, that love is more powerful than hatred. There can only be peace in your world when all societies agree on common goals. You will not have peace when the goal of some societies is war. Peace must be a goal for all the world. But this will not come easily or quickly. When the goal of one society or one religion is the overthrow of another society or religion, then war is inevitable. Our hearts bleed for those who are suffering, but we also foresee that there will be much more suffering before the goals of some societies are changed from war to peace.

Q: I remember Churchill said that Mussolini wanted war and when he was hanging upside down in Naples that is was apparent he had gotten all the war he wanted. It seems that only after they have gotten all the war they want that they will be ready for peace. I am talking about the Arab nations.

Ham: Yes, unfortunately, as always, the common people are merely pawns in the game.

Q: I seem to want to correct the past. Victories now that will change the old failures. Change history.

Ham: Well, that of course, exists only in your mind. You are every day making progress, learning, listening and changing. This is what you must embrace, this change and leave the dead past to itself.