2002-05-07-Christ Is The Active Energy of Divine Love

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Topic: Christ Is the Active Energy of Divine Love

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Mother Mary

TR: Unknown



I am here with you, and I am Mary, the mother of Jesus, and your sister and friend. I am a true follower of my son, Jesus, and partake of God's Divine Love. I inhabit the celestial spheres where only love exists.


I wish to write upon the subject of why we need to love ourselves as a first step to unlocking the Christ potential within our souls. The Christ is the active energies of the Divine Love that possesses a human soul. Jesus was the Christ because he possessed the Divine Love to the extent that it superseded his natural love that was purified from the day he was born. Now, I see your question: What chance do I have of manifesting the Christ if my natural love is not purified? Would it surprise you if I told you that the Divine Love your soul possesses has, indeed, overshadowed your natural love? Let me explain why.

If you seek the gift of Love that God has for you, and you put the seeking for this love above all else, you begin to transform your material life into a life that is governed by the highest laws of the universe. It is as if you have the Midas touch - everything you come into contact with becomes imbued with the energies of your soul, mind, and body to bring about the highest potential of each thing, each event, and each possibility in the moment.

Knowing yourself as God's beloved child is the single most important realization you must have to enable God to work through you. You would not be able to consider the possibility of receiving love if you did not accept your worthiness of receiving it. Somehow you believe in your heart and mind that God loves you, and your belief is enough to become possessed by the idea that He wants to love you completely and constantly. Consequently, you want to be loved in this way.

I see you struggle sometimes because you feel that wanting to be loved is selfish. But, my dear daughter, don't you realize that it is because you are a soul, born to love and be loved? Be selfish; want God's Love every moment. Don't deny yourself the pleasure of feeling His merciful comfort wash over you like a warm tide, immersed in the truth that Love is bigger than you are, alone.

You see your brothers and sisters struggling to come up for air from the depths of their despair and unhappiness. You may reach out your hand to help them because you have broken the hold this material world has on you by not placing importance on, nor turning your desires toward, those insubstantial pleasures of the moment. Well, yes, you do enjoy a chocolate bar sometimes, even if you don't need it, and the moment passes as a pleasure that will not stay with you except for the calories that are added to your already ample store. I'm having fun with you because I know that you can appreciate that I love you - every ounce of you :-). I would not call it a weakness when you give in to your desires for pleasure for the reason I have explained here. But more important than being loved is having love, and giving love, letting it possess you through and through. I ask you now to ask yourself, what is this love that possesses your thoughts and desires? What sustains you when you hurt, or when you hunger? You know it is Divine Love. It never fails you. It is always present; you know God loves what you are and what you will become.

Your natural love, as imperfect as it may be, is overcome by this greater love that exists in your life like the air you breathe. By now, you have become love, and its reality has transformed your sight of this world as a place for love. Yes, the Christ is active in your soul even as you are now, mortal and imperfect. You see that God loves you still, and you keep asking for His Love. Be selfish, my child, and realize that the act of receiving love is the most unselfish thing you do for this world. I love you, and I pray alongside you because I know the importance of love's presence in our world, both mortal and spirit. I am Mary, the mother of Jesus, and a true follower of my son and Master.