2002-07-21-Retreat Teachers

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Topic: Retreat Teachers

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Sharmon

TR: Jonathan



Sharmon (Jonathan TR): Greetings, this is Sharmon. I will comment on a topic you were discussing, that is, retreat.


Midwayers, Retreat

Midwayers also find it hectic, all the necessary events to realize dreams. We are encouraged to retreat from engagements to refresh ourselves. It is of great importance to allow for recuperation. Naturally, you in your human orientation, and we also as midwayers, to busy ourselves. This world is wonderful with much to engage and challenge our abilities. Though we inhabit a world on a low rung of cosmic perfection, it is remarkable what discoveries are able to be made here with applied curiosity and investigation. But it is important to periodically withdraw to return to your starting point, to hold your attention at your ground zero, thereby increasing what I term your spiritual balance. Endowed with physical bodies you know the tendency to stumble which is regained by a pause before continuing motion. So it is with spiritual activity. Midwayers are somewhat envious of your endowment of the indwelling of the Father. Your starting point is divine. I started today thanking you for your invitation. The Father in-vites you. Vitality is from His radiant presence nourishing you, propelling you as you discover higher values transforming from philosophical perception to personal experience.

Our clan knows divine inspiration through association with high beings who conduct worship, who visit and socialize with us. It's rare to spend time alone seeking rejuvenation. You have this ability, for the conductors of worship that we have visit, you possess within you.

Jesus encouraged his apostles at the end of his career on earth to go forth and proclaim the gospel. His words are historic and have inspired many generations. These few who spent a unique time on earth with the Creator Son while embodied here underwent an intense retreat. They gave up much of the daily routine that we all engage in to aid Michael in accomplishing his goals. This retreat was not simply a withdrawal from activity; it was an intensive and transforming engagement directly with people in many cities and towns.

In order to go forth you begin from your core. Extended stays beyond yourself in multitudinous activities weakens your effectiveness like one stumbling has difficulty finding balance. The apostles were told to go forth because of the close of a retreat. As you go forth remember to return. Establish a cycle just as natural and important as sleep and waking. In his words he said, "Proclaim the gospel". They spent time in retreat; they now could go forth taking the gospel; they could because they encountered and witnessed it as truth and reality, and could sincerely and forthrightly proclaim it.


What you undertake to give this world in the form of spirit upliftment is much more potent when you dwell in the presence of the Father and when you cluster with kindred spirits. Another witnesses not only the truth of your proclamations but their vitality, their living quality in you, because you naturally know; you are what you speak of. This impacts the mind and soul of another more profoundly than reasoning or strong emotional direction. I am humored when I hear your various expressions of struggle with stillness. Indeed, your human race isn't the only inhabitant who struggles with times of contemplation. Your teacher Elyon often encourages you to seek stillness, because we are naturally capable of activity. He is seeking to bring balance. It is a cycle of stillness and service that strengthens personality, balances you, and makes you more effective.

There is a reason why you have been counseled to undergo practice in appropriate time intervals for yourself, the cycle determined by you based on your character traits. Because the Father's presence is timeless, He can effect great transformation in a moment. As you sit willing, an infusion begins; seeds of transformation are planted. You become infused with energies and potentials for ministry and for realization not had in quiet times but gained while confronting situations that are arranged so you can perceive hitherto intangible truths.

I have spoken much. At this time I wish to hear from you.


Jada: We feel like kin to you, to hear that you have similar struggles with mind activity. So, it's not just body chemistry?

Sharmon: Indeed not. We midwayers share the mind circuitry, and we behave much like humans. You would easily see our similarities when noting the presence of the adjutants of worship and wisdom. Though our mind endowments, as I am taught, incorporate capabilities that are not in construct of yours, we do overlap. As regards commonality of consciousness, there is a degree of, "as above, so below." The overlap makes us brothers.

Jada: Is the stillness-seeking a growing process? You are over 10,000 years old; is it getting any easier?

Sharmon: It's easier. It is quicker. As you practice you will find yourself able to instantly attain solitude. Time intervals shorten. However, I discovered that as it is faster to find peace, it's much more enticing to remain there. The mind is engaged and focused by things that entice attention. The senses draw this attention. But the Father's indwelling presence also draws this attention. Naturally with open eyes to see be attentive. While you practice quiet time you are strengthening avenues of a sense of the divine. Through this strengthening your mind will naturally enjoy attentiveness, much like when being awake you have no interest in closing our eyes. Through stillness you have gained the ability easily to turn to spirit within you. Yes, I have practiced for many centuries, but I have no Indwelling Spirit as you do. You can accomplish in decades what midwayers do in centuries. I await the day when I will receive the same indwelling spirit. Run with it, my friends!

Jada: Thank you.


Sharmon: Thank you for your interest. Let's enjoy the day. Continue to make it an interval of refreshment. Let not cares and concerns return to you for awhile. An interval of refreshment has as much potency in addressing one's cares and concerns, if not more, than being overly engaged in them. I love you. My associates also give you their love. I will see you again.