2002-10-26-Giving Love In Climate of Fear

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Topic: Giving Love In Climate of Fear

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Machiventa

TR: Simeon



Greetings to you. I am Machiventa Melchizedek, a friend and enlightener of a lost planet that is rising slowly from the shadows of fear and isolation. From the children of God we see that many ideas arise concerning the nature of our mission and purpose here on Urantia. This is not unusual when employing techniques of enlightenment that require discernment as a primary means of constructing our vision, mission, and goals. This planet is undergoing fundamental changes in perspective which will take aeons to fully manifest in a state of clarity such that the mission and goals you perceive are in complete harmony with the actual mission and goals of the progressing universe.


Urantia's potential place in universe function is clear to us and will become clearer to your world as generations pass. The chaos, the fear and struggle, the questioning of thought systems, the conflict between the old and the new, these are preliminary signals of the massive change in thought that will slowly emerge. Fear not that the world will slide into darkness. Although struggle and strife still exist today, change is underway.

A call to you who believe in these words would be to find ways to be forthcoming with a vision of love and cooperation in climates of suspicion and fear. A primary goal of our mission is to bring hope to humankind through a vision of a better life where cooperation takes the place of isolation, where support and affirmation of the positive nature of human identity replaces the longstanding emphasis on the depravity of man and subsequent attempts to stifle and limit the expression of human nature.

We have found that many humans are not comfortable with praise. There is a strong element of self-deprecation within the body of humanity, such that this trait is generally seen as being noble. While proper humility, a recognition of one's limitation in relation to God, is desired, so many teaching personalities have found difficulty bringing clarity in relationship with their students because of low self-esteem. Let me tell you that the body of souls on your world with excessive self-esteem is dwarfed by the number of souls who show deficient levels of self-esteem.

We want you to recognize the value of the human being in an evolving universe. We want to infuse spiritual thought in the lives of mortals who grapple with daily living. We want you to see there is a place for all at the table in a benevolent universe that functions to nurture spiritual living.

Will you join us in this adventure? It requires an acceptance that you are loved and worthy of love and support and belonging in the family of God. Let go of age old patterns that would deny the value of humanity and attempt to thwart human creativity and expression. Choose to let go of the legacy of default, guilt, and shame that has been foisted upon you seekers of light. The kingdom of heaven is within and this fact alone validates the worthiness of the individual to seek for the treasures of the kingdom with a whole heart, not laden with fear.


A time of blessing is upon you. Recognize all that you have learned. Let go of your frustrations. Look beyond any faults to the hope of a better life. Join us in a common relationship to the Father of all, where none is higher, where all are welcomed and loved in equality for their potential as children of God. The spiritual life begins, proceeds and ends there. Thank you for your attempts to receive and for perceiving my intent.