2002-12-08-What Was It Like At Gethsemane

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Topic: What Was It Like At Gethsemane

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Michael

TR: Matthew



Prayer: (Matthew) Let us place ourselves in the presence of Christ Michael.

"Master Teacher, We lift our minds and our hearts to you and to the level of constancy that you are in the Spirit realm. Not that you are separate from us. We are, in fact, inseparable. But to us in our level, you seem to be leagues above in essence and constitution, and we fragments left like stellar dust. But we know that All-is-One and that we are not fragments but are whole in who we are. We seek for comfort of being, knowledge of who we are and appreciation for your place in our lives, that we, again, are inseparable and are one in you and in our Heavenly Father.

We ask for instruction today from the teacher, or teachers, that you so ordain for our edification - either in terms of the questions we've verbalized or that which you know to be in our hearts and our minds which need to be addressed and healed and brought into wholeness. We ask through your loving being that is with us now and always. And for those thoughts, needs and desires of our heart that are wholesome, real and eternal, we ask for their fulfillment. Amen."


JESUS: Be of good cheer, my children, for today a new birth is about to begin. A new birth in the sense of that which is of your heart and mind and your desire to be of service, is being fulfilled.

I say this not in general, euphemistic terms but in real spiritual terms. As you reap, so you shall sow. As you desire, so shall it be. As you wish, it is my command. It is not that you are the driver and I am the horse but, rather, by your statement of desire you share in the creative process. Your desires, as part of the God essence of that which is, create that which you know to be.

This is in part one of the greatest mysteries of life as you know it. It is better known and better realized in the spirit world than in your own but, in part, one of the greatest mysteries of what and why you find yourselves where you are -- not just at this point in time, but in the physical experience -- why you find yourselves in the quandaries of what you are all about.

It's as if you are constantly pervaded, or surrounded, or immersed in Light and that you perceive this Light, not even in a sense of light from the sun but Light from a source that surrounds you and you find yourself in the walking presence of a bluish white light that is your Guiding Presence. It is not as if it is a beam. It is simply what surrounds you. It is as if it is your atmospheric pressure or existence at times, as well.

This is your constant state of mind or being, mind you. This is what is your Life Force and your Life Presence, both within and without. That which is what gives you your Creative Being. At the same time, in your present state of consciousness you ALSO have about you a backdrop of Darkness that is on the side or behind that which is the pervading, ever-present Life Force that you know to be yourselves. This is the UNknown. The UNcertain part of being within your Life Force at this juncture in your life experience.

This is the yin and yang, if you will, the essence of being that has you as Life Force energies, existing, being and having your place in existence, KNOWING that you are of a higher source and higher force of light beam or being energy, but at the same time, compressed with, or pressurized with, this UNknown Darkness that seems to be on the edge of that which you otherwise know to be your Existence and your Being.

This I share with you only in terms of trying to bring some understanding to your quandary of where you find yourself in this form of existence, as you continue along your way of what is otherwise Certain Uncertitude. To reverse this version, or vision, as I have stated it in terms of Uncertitude, you are Certain of where you are and where you are going. This is without doubt. What you are UNcertain of is that Force that keeps you true to what you are about.

In this experimental world in which you find yourself, if you were presently in the state of Light and Life, you would be less challenged and more living the heaven-on-earth experience. It is not as if you are unworthy of that, and that the non-existence of Light and Life in this life form, currently, is above you. Certainly in the life form outside of this world, the opportunities for experiencing such bliss is certainly, and will be, available. It is just in THIS experience, it is as if you reenter, after graduation, reenter the lower grades in order to be there to assist those who are there at that grade level and have not moved on. So your purpose, or your function, is to provide Light and Reassurance and Encouragement to those who have not reached a level of matriculation, or graduation, to be able to help others.

There are many in your current life-version or life-variety form who find life to be tedious, difficult and nigh impossible. There are all levels of Being and Existence present within your current world as you know it. This is similar to the Life without physical existence and as it is, Life may not, for a while, become much more inclusive than the diversity and disunity that you know right now.

To help clarify what I'm speaking of, I am saying that your world, as you know it, gives you the opportunity to realize that there are multi-dimensional ways of expressing that Life which is within you. So that, truly, each and every individual creates their own heaven or hell on earth … or versions of the same in between. Lightness and Darkness co-exist to keep each in check until such time as all is reunited in Light. However, in the mean time, the Darkness, or UNcertainty, coexists with the Certainty (the Light).

This is where I bring you to new Conscious awareness. To be Conscious of that which you are Certain of, to be brought into new levels of appreciation for that which you are Conscious of, and for that which you are not yet conscious, or not yet experiencing, is not to be frustrated, for all in due time and the Father will bestow that which is the next step in your development and your opportunities within the creative process. I speak of many concepts and many dimensional determinations that may, or may not, be clear to you at this point in our discussion.

Is there question or uncertainty that you wish to have clarified at this point?


Elena: About your opening comment, about the "new birth" we are about to experience, I don't think I understood what you might have meant by that yet.

JESUS: The expression I was using was to begin to instruct you in the insight of that which I wish for you to become more mindally aware. And I say, 'mindally aware,' in terms of increasing your Conscious awareness of who you are in the vast cosmos as you know it and are yet unaware of. And what I speak of, is this picture that I presented, in terms of an understanding or appreciation, of where you find yourself as being conscious of being in a field - an energy field - of Light….and that this Light-Sense-of-Being, or -Awareness, is the All-Pervasive State-of-Mind, or -Being in which you find yourselves and in the context of that, yet there is Darkness on the Edges, or seemingly behind even the Lightness.

[I am] trying to place an awareness in you that I am aware of this perspective of which I have shared and wish to reinforce to you that this Life Force Energy is, in fact, Your Being in Connection with All That Is in the Creative Force Field of Life. And this, as a 'new beginning,' or a 'moment of birth,' if you will, is hoping to give you a new perspective, in terms of that which can aide you in an Eternal sense of Self, and not just a Mortal sense of self.

Gerdean: Let me ask, then, is this a way of saying, (if) in your experiences things are Dark, all you are doing is looking at what you don't know; you are only looking at the unknown, the unexperienced, the untried, the unformulated. But, rather, (you should) return (your) focus to the Light -- that which you DO know, that which is born of the Spirit, and therein you become Yourself, is that what you're saying?

JESUS: Exactly. (T/R: The picture…. This is Willie…I'm getting or presenting is as if it were a desert that you are walking in, as if you are envisioning this panorama from your own perspective, (your own) eyes to view with. But what you look out to see is not just the mortal experience of a sunlit surrounding, but rather the surrounding that is blue-white Light, generated Light, and that your experience, currently, in this life-form experience, is as if you are walking across the desert in this field of Light that enables you to still see objects and experience sensory stimuli, as you currently do, but it is with a different Light perspective on it. This is what I'm trying to say is what your life is all about, traversing this type of terrain, in a physical sense.

But yet I am speaking of something that I believe you all know (and it is difficult to explain), but I'm trying to bridge the experience and the knowing of what you sense that I am speaking and to give it, yet, practical terms in which you will be able to identify; that it is this blue-white Light presence of Light Energy, that is your Eternal Being, present; that the reality is here as well as elsewhere in the Cosmos, and Creation, in the multi-dimensional sense of reality; that there is a darkness that is yet, in reality and by perception, on the edges; that given your walk in this life, it is as if at times, even though you are in this field of Energy, you sense the Darkness on the edges which is the Uncertaintude. The threatening part of your Being. That it's the awareness of such, on the periphery, can overwhelm you to the extent that you lose perspective of the Light Force field in which you walk in presence.

So, yes, I am affirming with that which you said but trying to now, yet, reinforce that which I was presenting earlier in terms of Consciousness, and the Essence of who and what you are. That this spiritual energy that I speak of is the 'Christ Consciousness presence for Christ Consciousness is, after all, the Life Force Energy that all share in Union with that which your Creator has placed within you, and all life, as the Energy, or Force field, that enables and unites all that is. Does this help any?

Gerdean: It helps right now because I can feel it, I can sense it. What is not helpful is when I lose touch with it. I am going to be so presumptuous as to ask about your experience in Gethsemane. You don't have to answer me, obviously, but when you were in Gethsemane, and before you accepted your … "destiny," were you still aware that you were in the Blue Light?

JESUS: I can tell you that the field that I was in at that point, where I was in my being, was very much within the Light. It was within that Light that I was able to Feel, not only Sense, but to FEEL in a physical, and non-physical sense, the dire misery, confusion, distortion and generally speaking, mayhem, of the Light intermixed with the Darkness. And that at that moment as if the Light was at War with the Darkness, that the physical world so expressed that which was coming to a point of culmination.

In other words, spiritual realities and physical realities were, as you have experienced more than once in your life, mirrored because, as has been illustrated more than once, 'as above so it is below.' But that 'warfare,' if you will, that was trying to eliminate or bring ruin to that which God had ordained, was forcing its will upon the earth realities which were being played out … part -- or most -- of which you found exhibited within the crucifixion.

This is part of the mystery that will eventually be understood by each and every seeker of Truth who wishes to pursue these mysteries. However, for the time being I wish to suckle you with the knowledge that, as you know, that was a battle that apparently needed to be fought but could not be won. A battle that, by all earthly judgments was squelched, quelled, put to an end, for someone who proposed to be something that God had presented to the world.

You see, part of this, too, was (as I had spoken to you in brief earlier) your unwillingness, or the constant entering-in of (your) 'unacceptable presence' before God, … that (thought), how could humanity be qualified, worthy of receiving God's presence in flesh? The concept seemed ludicrous, if not impossible. And, when thinking (about it), (for those who would go so far as to consider the possibility) rejected it upon "unworthiness" for themselves and everyone else. That God could not do that, for only God was known to be a destructive God. God would never reach down to defile Himself to the extent of being one of us.

So, to a large extent, the "unacceptability" and "unworthiness" of humanity to God, was one of my missions. For best understanding, (your) acceptance of this at the Spiritual level is YET where this is to be understood. And IS understandable, even here and now in your own physical form. Does this help any?

Gerdean: It does. I don't know why it does, but it does.

JESUS: I will tell you that in that experience it was not just my greatest glory, but the glory our Father, who sent me, that His will was done, and that each of us that takes on this sheath of flesh to enact or enable Spirit to have its way, will know those moments of glory for our Father and will be able to accomplish that in context with that which is Higher Truth, is a true glory. I can only share this with you in a form or a version that you can identify with and leave at that for the moment, unless you would like to pursue it further, that this was the true union of God and man, that man's form could be brought to such an extent as to be God's will made manifest and risen to such conclusive glory that there is no question, any longer, as to what is beyond the Light.

I wish to bring you to new levels of understanding: that the defilement and the disgust that you see and feel around you in terms of the way the world functions and operates, can, and will, eventually be brought to fulfillment, in terms of the defining moments or the purification of that which will wring the Goodness out of the Evil, as a cloth is wrung to get every drop of that which exists that is yet good and worth utilizing in the over all.

So I wish for you not to be discouraged or beaten down or, in the extreme, crucified with that which is unequal quality of that which is truly good, loving and eternal, so for you to place this into a perspective that allows you to know that you are God present with us as well. Each and all are couriers of the God Force within and in the darkness that may pervade our understanding, Light will prevail as the method of expression, here, and always.

After what may seem to be clear, or clarity that is eluding me, I wish to just pause for a moment to ask if there is any other question or clarification necessary?

Thoroah: I gather that it was not known, until you completed it, that the mortal could be brought into that sense of Oneness. This was part of an experiment … that I think we assume that you KNEW this was going to happen and you were basically going through "the motions."

And yet, it was another part of the experiment, I gather, that you were the Living Experiment and you felt joy when you knew it was complete.

JESUS: I can tell you that plans had been made, long before, for there to be a significant act of mercy demonstrated in your world and beyond that would evidence that which was and is the Father's will, that all be united in consciousness. This is demonstrated by my act of sacrifice, if you will. But it was not as much an act of sacrifice as it was a demonstration of prevailing will of the Father to pronounce Evil's limited aspect -- that Evil would no longer have it's way with the world in the absence of God's statement of that which is. This from an earthly perspective, but more importantly from a cosmic and eternal perspective, was the statement, or "edict" if you will, of our heavenly Father in terms of clear, unqualified statement of that which is.

Does this help any?

Thoroah: Yes. Thank you.

Gerdean: They say the most important thing that we can learn is your experience and how you experienced it, since you are our Master Teacher. So it is a treasure to ask for insight about your experience and your perspective and have you respond.

JESUS: I can tell you that the multitudinal dimensional experience was, as you can imagine, was Cosmic. It is as if in this sheer, or mere, statement of one aspect is like cellular division. As you may get the sense or vision of this, it is as if a mere statement or breathing an expression of what it was and how it was experienced, has multitudinal dimensional expressions because it was ALL of what is. At the same time it was mere human, day-to-day, mundane 'dust on your feet' -- if not on your clothing and your face -- living at ground level experience with those who are and were and will always be, part of the physical worldly experience. So it was from high to low, everything that is. It was as if it were the nucleus - my experience was like the nucleus - of an atom. That which participated as a part of the whole.

Which is not unlike your own experience, as I have only begun to illustrate. That it is this experience that I wish for you to have some kind of perspective that is of eternal nature in its essence. For the lack of another example at the moment, I wish to give you an illustration that is very true, but like that which I said before, any simple presentation is like the utterance creates cellular division to the extent that it simply multiplies.

But another illustration of that which I wish for you to have some perspective of, or appreciation of, is that it is as if your lives at this point, as physical beings, is like that of the nature and purpose of a ballpoint pen. That your lives are like ballpoint pens to the extent that your physical structure enables you to accomplish that which the pen at its tip is able to exude on the page. But the wherewithal that makes you able to do what you do is a lot more complex and a lot more evident than that which you see presented on the page.

But you, as a faculty for that which is made manifest, is what your physical beings are, in essence: channels, or vehicles, for the Life Force Energy that IS you; that channels itself into a focal point such as that which you see as evidence on the written page. Another example of my desire to reinforce -- that, while much was accomplished and a great deal was expected and realized and demonstrated in my life experience, it is not unlike that which is reality for YOU as well.

While the 'reunification,' if you will, if it were ever truly necessary to redeem humanity through the process, what was being "redeemed" was the demonstration of God's will, for not just this world, but for ALL creation; to be at One; to be demonstrated that the Will of the Father prevails and pervades ALL, even the most Evil and Wretched of desires and intentions; that the Father's will is immutable in comparison to such attempts; that while this was as dramatic and as focal as it was, your lives are nonetheless important to the mission.

I put this into eternal perspective as well. It is not as if each of you are expected to be a messiah or to save the world from itself. You are merely expected to be the Truth of What Is with your Father's Will whenever the occasion calls for it. That is a mighty task, but it is not as if you are being asked to adopt some consciousness that is super-human and beyond your capability, for your nature is superhuman and of Divine origin. Simply being who you are as Beings of Light enable and qualify you to be such messengers of Truth and Love. This is not intended to place great weight upon your shoulders but to simply reinforce for you to be who you are. And that the Goodness that is either evident and demonstrated, or is there but for sake of ego conditioning and otherwise, only creeps out periodically, you are called upon to be that which you are as emissaries of Light here in this world that is surrounded by Darkness.

Elena: I have one concern. I'm worried about Herby [the Beta fish]. I don't know what to do about him. He seems to not be feeling well.

JESUS: There is much that could be done, but in short, I believe that a little more oxygen and conditions which will lend themselves to cleaner surroundings and more room of movement would help. Be on the lookout for some bowl that would give you more room and if you would like for plants to be part of that, go on the look for some sort of container that would give you that type of oxygen generating, and cleaner conditions.

Elena: Thank you. I'm just worried about his survival.

JESUS: There isn't a problem with that. He's not in any real trouble, it's just that his conditions could be improved upon and it's certainly not laxity on your part.

I will be happy to return, at any time that you so desire. The larger group is welcome to receive my thoughts as well. The intimacy of our discussion today, however, perhaps is better lent to smaller groups. So I leave it to your request for shared opportunity such as we have spoken and can meet those needs as they arise.

Is there anything else before give you leave?

(Group expresses heartfelt thanks for the Master Teacher's visit.)


I wish to leave you, not in the sense of departing, but in terms of active communication, at this moment, with the thought that you are shared brethren. That is, I speak to you not as a Creator to The Created, but as the voice of an older brother who can see, know and feel the intent of our Father, who, as a younger generation of our Fathers Will, you may not have as clear of insight as to Its intent. But let me assure you, as you may imagine an older sibling would share with you, that in the best intentions of such a communication it is with the greatest of Love that I can convey, as if you were unable to see the Father that I speak of, that I convey to you that Our Father Loves Us as if we were the ONLY Creation.

And in this sense of reality, THIS is what makes us ONE, is that, as I had demonstrated, it was cumulative, culminating, pinpoint precision that the act presented and demonstrated through my Being was the Will of the Father for each of us. That All is One in reality. Ponder this when all else fails and other versions of eternity will present themselves to you as well.

In the meantime seek the Light that you are and know my presence is within and with you at all times. My Love prevails because Our Father wills it so. Peace be with you now and always.