2003-01-06-Give Me Your Doubts

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Topic: Give Me Your Doubts

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael, Nebadonia

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Greetings to all of you. This is Michael, your Creator Father. I bid you welcome; welcome to a New Year, welcome to a new beginning. A new year means promise. It is filled with hope and anticipation of things to come. As I pledged my support to you at our last meeting, I stand firm in my commitment to help you achieve that which you in spirit desired to achieve for this year.


And I now stand before each one of you in this room, and I ask you to give me your doubts, to give me whatever you hold deep within you that is doubtful of your own ability to achieve that which is in your heart to become in spirit. I am here. I am present now, standing in your midst, to draw these out into the open, into the light of truth, if you will but trust and go into that place where you have these deeply rooted feelings of inner turmoil and give them to me. Is this something that interests you? (enthusiastic assent)


Student: I would like to accept my present condition fully and completely and joyously. I would like to have an implacable faith and trust. I would like to be positive about my situation. And I would like to gain renewed strength to do your will, with joy and with an implacable intention.

Michael: You are already on this path. And you are striving for this with each moment you think about your intention. You will in time grow into this deeply grounded experiential awareness. And so to become that, you must live that and in as many moments as you can. And when you feel anger or desperation, confusion, isolation get the better of you, you must recognize within your mind what it is you are experiencing and say No, this is an opportunity I now have to turn over to spirit, and to gain mastery over this." Do you understand what this is asking of you, R.?

Student: I think so. And also the bottom line is to purge the poisons and to purify myself.

Michael: This is what I am helping you to do tonight, in inviting you to find those places of doubt - or what you consider to be a spirit poison - and give them to me, and I will draw them out of you.

Student: Mostly it's obsessing about my physical condition, and allowing that the present doesn't drag me down. I have a sense that I have turned the corner. I am almost excited about the possibility, the actuality, of holding my situation in a positive, creative light. I am very grateful for the people praying for me. I am very blessed in that respect. It makes my challenges turn into lemonade.

Michael: And in your determination you will find that which you seek. But you also must be mindful of the patience that it will take on your part to walk on this path each day. (Yes, I know.) So let us now continue with what I am here to do tonight. Tonight is a night of experience. Tonight is a time of cleansing. Tonight is a night to release the old, the distortion, and make a place within you for the Father's love to shine more brightly. Let us begin.


I am standing in front of each one of you. You may, in your mind's eye, visualize me in the center of the room as a very large presence. Centered in me are what you would call circuit lines, and I am drawing a line, a tethering line into each of you. In your mind's eye, place this tethering line into your heart. Let this line go into your heart and send it through into your body, down deep, through the core of your being, and sending it down into the Earth. Your Mother, my creative consort, is ministering to you now, in opening channels within your mind, for the old to recede and for the new to take root. Invite Her presence into your being. She is your mother, and Her nurturing presence in your life is a great blessing and consoling comfort; and let this now pour into your heart and fill you with warmth. (pause)

Go now into those places in your feelings where you have doubts, where you have mistrust about who you are and who you are becoming. Find where you feel inauthentic, unworthy, undesirable, unwholesome. These are your burdens to carry no longer, my children. Give them to me. Give them to me. Give them to me. I know what you need. I know how to replenish you with what you need. Give them all to me now, and I will heal you and make you whole. (pause)

My children, there is no place within you that I cannot go into. Do not be afraid to expose your innermost hidden secrets to me. I know them, anyway; and in your opening yourself, what you are showing me is your trust. And this is what I value. Let this new year be a furthering of your trust, by opening yourself even more than you already have to all of those deeply hidden depths of darkness. I have the light to shine and to make that clean and beautiful within you. Do you not know, my children, that every sin and error in you is correctable? Do you understand that every experience that you have had that has violated the Father's will is forgivable? Do not be ashamed before Me my children. Go now deeper; as deep as you can and ask that everything that you find ugly or shameful within you to be made beautiful and clean in the Father's eyes. (long pause.) My children, the years of tarnishing of your souls are at an end. Let this year be a year of cleansing and rebirth within you. I invite you into the experience of having your deepest nature made alive in the spirit. When you made your commitments to Me this is in essence what you were asking to achieve. And so the old must make way for the new. The old must be purged - released, freed from the bondage of being in your mind and body. And so tonight I come into your being to actually merge within you to remove all that is impure and unholy.

In the coming days spend time with me in asking for further purification. It will be given to you. Have no doubt of this my children; your lives are so important to me - your wellness and your wholeness is fundamental to the healing of your world. And so there is nothing more important to me than your wellbeing! Do you trust this? Do you feel this? Are you beginning to experience what this means in what I say to you this evening?

To each man present tonight: Will you walk with me on this journey of your soul purification? Will you invite me into your presence to make you new and clean and more viable as sons of God? I pledged my commitment to you, and in honoring that commitment I am making a path within you for the furthering of these potentials that you have claimed to become manifest.

My sons, grow strong! Grow healthy! You and I have much work to do together, and you must be strengthened in body and mind and spirit to be up to this task at hand. For each of you will be called to be my ministers to your brethren. Each of you has made a commitment at a certain level to do this, and I need you now, and I prepare you now for this task. Let this time of purification resonate joyfully within you as a harbinger of greater freedom and vitality that you have yet to experience. My peace is upon you! My love is seeded within you! Ever and ever you are growing and becoming my very own - my children - my light on Urantia. Good evening! (Good evening. Thank you Michael!) (long pause)

Nebadonia: Beloved children of my heart, my body, this is your mother, Nebadonia, who now speaks. Seeded within you are the potentials of wonderful gifts that have yet to bear beautiful fruit in your life. Each of you is growing more beautiful each day. Whether or not you can see the growth or feel it through your experience, I see, I know, I appreciate what you must go through to bring these alive, to make them real, to let them sing a song of joy and celebration of being a child of our Father in Paradise. Come now into my womb, the very place of nurture and nourishment for those potentials to be fed within you. As you grow, you must always nurture the gifts that are planting within you. And I, as your Mother, gladly feed you, comfort you, uphold these within you. Come now in your mind into the quiet place in my womb. Call me into your being. Feel my arms envelop you. Let my presence overshadow you with the safety of being inside of me, the very place where your embryonic soul can find that nourishment that it needs. (long pause)

Like the child in his mother's womb, so [side one of tape ends] but unlike that of the newborn child, your cord to me cannot be broken, does not separate from you and wither away. No, my sons, this cord will not be broken for many, many years to come; not until you leave my domain will you be separated from me. So receive my love through this cord, receive my nurturing, receive my food, receive my mind. I am your Mother. Receive my motherliness within you. (long pause)

You are not such big men as to not need my mothering. And so it is yours, and you can be my little boys. You can come to me as a little boy, and ask for the mothering you need. My arms are open. My heart is overflowing with my love and protection and my care and my comfort to you. Let your mind rest easy in mine. You are cherished, children, so deeply, so carefully. Let your mind blend now in me, and receive me, and be comforted. (long pause)


My peace is yours. My love is seeded deep within you. My watchcare follows you wherever you go. And you are not far from me, my children, no matter where you are. Turn your mind to me, open your mind to me, and I will comfort and keep you safe. I will keep you in love, in strength, in family. You are mine, and I love you - tenderly, dearly, devotedly. Sweet dreams, my precious ones. Good evening.