2003-01-16-You Are Worthy

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Topic: You Are Worthy

Group: At Large


Teacher: Michael

TR: Tiahuan



My son, my friend, indeed, you are such for having brought yourself to me in the way you have, encouraging others likewise, sharing your experience, your upheavals, these tortured feelings in your heart, inviting me and others to join you in your adventure of truth discovery. I am not far, I am always at hand, I am your closest friend, indeed, you know well I have walked this path of the mortal life; you have studied that life; you are studying my life now as I continue to walk the mortal path in and through you and any others who would bring themselves to this experience.

My son, you have wept, you have cried, thinking yourself not worthy. How many upon this world and others like it feel likewise. Make it your task, make it your mission not only to discover how worthy you are, but how accessible I am, and speak of this good news to those who languor in the mire of self-pity, of self-denial, this shame that would cover your heart and keep you from the closeness that we can share, and do share together. This is the good news; not only are you close to me but your mother Nebadonia and our Father who dwells within you and rejoices at the prospects of becoming one with you; nearer than you think is this, your joy.

This is the religion of spirit, this is the good news of the liberty of sonship into which I invite you, into which I would urge you to gather as many as you can by whatever means you have at your disposal. It isn’t necessary to start organizations though these too can have their place. We already have an organism that is growing, that is living, breathing; with every breath you take, I take it with you, I share in your experience, and how happy I am you would bring this to me, that you would call to me, crying to me. I share in your suffering; I too have suffered the mortal life, the mortal sufferings of feeling my way to our Father, my way to who I am, for as you know I was once a child growing in the customs of my mortal parents, and yes, I was fortunate. Yes, I had the joy of experiencing their love even in the context of their traditions to which they were bound, and how well you have understood that these limitations are also opportunities to expand the experience of my love, the light of our Father, and bring to the Supreme this opportunity for expression.

You have stumbled, you have stood upon the abyss thinking that surely I ask you to throw yourself into oblivion. You know this is not my way. My child, you have stood alone, and now you would enter your family’s arms, you would celebrate your homecoming. Yes, we await you, and in this time, this interim, make it your labor, your task, to speak of this that I am within you, within all of your siblings, unfettered by the restraints of human authority, unbound by the limits of mortal language, liberated to express the love that is unspeakable, whose service I invite you to enter. Yes, we are with you; we long to reach out in and through you as we are through others in this moment.

My son, you are my friend, I extend my arms to you, I hold you, I guide you, I bless you. Go in peace, this peace that I give you, give now to your world. Prepare them to receive me more fully, and yes, my brother, and yes my friends, your friends, these who wait upon mortal choosing, to join them, to encourage them, to guide them; along with me they stand rejoicing at every opportunity you would bring.


Rest; be at ease. I love you. You are worthy of this for you are my brother, my little child, my young friend growing strong in the faith of our Father.

Good evening.