2003-02-03-Aspects of Belief Allowing Communion

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Topic: Aspects of Belief Allowing Communion

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: George B.



Larry: Dear Father, thank you for this gathering, we are so very grateful to be here together with our brothers and sisters. We love you Father, please open our minds and our hearts to the truth. We pray for our loved ones and we pray for world peace. We know that all things work towards your glory Father and we know that your will shall prevail. We pray for the time of Light and Life when all men are doing your will Father, we pray in Michael’s name, amen.



JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your teacher, JarEl. It is good to see all of you once again. Welcome to those who have not been here for awhile. Tonight I would like to discuss with you certain aspects in your belief system which allow you to commune with God. I would like to reinforce this belief system, so that you become more aware of what you are doing right. First thing we will look at is your belief in the idea that we are all brothers and sisters. This idea encompasses many aspects of social interrelations and it implies pretty much that we are all equal; that we are all on a level playing field. What this idea reinforces is that you must treat one another as you would like them to treat you and vice-versa. The benefits from this are tremendous and everlasting. When you begin to treat others as your brothers and sisters, they become inspired and do likewise to others and so-forth and so-on until at some point mostly everyone on this earth will be living in harmony with each other; free of segregation, free of bigotry and sexism. Now all this comes back to the one simple idea, that you are all brothers and sisters.

For the second idea, we will analyze your belief in the evolution of man and your own personal evolution as well. The fact that you are capable to grasp this idea of evolution and, at the same time, believe in God gives you a certain advantage. For you are able to grasp that at some point in the future you will be knowledgeable enough to make some sort of judgment. For now you realize that you are still very young in the grand scheme of things. Therefore, your point of view is very limited. Whatever ideas or beliefs you have, you dare not crystallize, for you know that things change and ideas grow and change. Something you believed ten years ago, you know not to be true now. For your ideas and beliefs have grown and your knowledge encompasses much more than it did before. Therefore, you are able to assess more, but you do come to the realization that your assessing capabilities are somewhat limited because you are limited at this point of your life. Although the tools at your disposal are well used, you know full well that there are more tools which are on the way. These will enable you to understand at greater depth, which brings us back to the simple idea that we, as humans, are evolving. This rules out the idea that at some point in the past your forefathers lived in Paradise, lived in harmony and were more intelligent, for that was not true as you have come to understand. The third concept, or belief system, that encompasses your minds is the idea that you are not alone in this universe and that there are other species throughout the universe and superuniverse. They are your brothers and sisters, you all part of the same family. This, for many on this planet, is hard to believe. For many feel that your planet is alone. They believe that this is the only planet that is inhabited by creatures such as yourself. You, on the other hand, believe there are many inhabited planets in the universe and you do not fear them. Even though there is intelligent life out there, you are not to fear them. You are not to be afraid of the unknown that is out there. You know in your own heart (if and when you meet them), it will be under completely peaceful circumstances and they will treat you as brothers. The question is are others willing to accept them as brothers and sisters? I shall go back to the first concept. It is crucial in both the first and the third concept that you are willing to accept everyone on this planet as your brothers and sisters. This allows your idea of brotherhood to encompasses the entire universe. The fact that you are able to accept the first concept enables you to accept the third. That is why I say that many on this planet will be unable to accept new species as brothers and sisters by the mere fact that they have not accepted each other, even people from their own community.

The forth concept that is in your belief system, one of the most important ones, is the idea of forgiveness; everlasting mercy. For, if you forgive, you are doing God’s Will and you are being God-like. Forgiveness leads you to a road of happiness. It allows you to let go of harmful things which have happened to you in your life. This is a concept that lies deeply within God, for he is forever forgiving and forever merciful. His mercy is bountiful and most accommodating and so shall your mercy be such as his. Many of you understand this concept. It would be wise to begin to realize it and make it your own and begin living it. For it shall bring you happiness, it shall relieve you of much of the pain that you now feel. Many on this world go their whole life in bitterness and do not forgive. It is not until they get to the Morontia Realm that they realize that forgiveness is the key to their happiness. If only they had forgiven while they were here on earth, it would not have left such pain and bitterness behind. We all leave something behind; an emotion, a trait, or a dysfunction. If you were to leave forgiveness behind that would make all the difference in the world. For those that are left have learned something vital from you and that is how to forgive others. Most importantly they learn how to forgive themselves. Those who have learned this lesson go on to live productive and happy lives. They are not burdened holding something in and being bitter and angry and sad. They learn early on to let go of all of these, they learn to live life. Forgiveness may be very difficult for you, even though you believe in it. You do understand it and yet it is hard to realize it in your hearts. For at times you feel that it is hard to forgive someone after the harm they have created in your life and in the lives of the ones you love. If you were to look inside yourself to find a part of God that exists there, you will find the mercy available for such forgiveness. You understand that God forgives everyone and he loves all of you.

Finally the fifth concept that you believe in, is your belief in everlasting life. Although many on this earth share the same concept, you have a more concise and organized concept of what your everlasting life will be like. By your belief in everlasting life, you know that one day you will be with God; that you are climbing the spiritual ladder to the place where God is. It also allows you to understand the very notion I am speaking to you about. I once was mortal but now I am your spiritual brother. You are able to understand this concept. In your stored knowledge you can clearly see that I am on a journey in my spiritual career. Although at this moment, you do not know for sure, you have faith and trust that what I tell you is true. You have faith and trust that you too will climb this spiritual ladder inward towards Paradise.

All of these five concepts that I have just related to you makes you unique and knowledgeable. It sets you in the forefront of spirituality. It does not create an exclusive club of religion. Your belief system encompasses all of those on this planet. It also encompasses all of those in the entire superuniverse. You are vague as to what the super-universe is like and what creatures you are destined to meet. Nevertheless you trust, when the day comes, you will have been prepared enough to meet such a challenge and to accept those you see coming as your brothers and sisters. You will not be afraid. Above all you will be willing to accept new ideas, you will be willing to change your belief system. To know that your will has a soul. I have depicted the best of your belief system as of this time so that you may nurture it and allow it to grow. Later on you will learn new and better methods. For now know that most of you are on a correct path and you are leading this world into the next age. Continue your good work, continue to be positive and continue to be light. Are there any questions?



Stella: Will this coming war impede this coming age of Light and Life?

JarEl: TR, George. All wars have negative repercussions indeed, but they do not stop those of you who are involved spiritually. War will never impede you from growing spiritually. Yes, it will bring destruction and chaos to the world, but it cannot set you back in all you have learned thus far. In fact, you will learn more by going through such experiences and you will come out stronger and more powerful and perhaps more ready to usher in this new age of Light and Life. When darkness falls onto this earth, remain true to your light, remain true to your stewardship, do not falter. Do not let the darkness overtake you. You must be stronger than ever and brighter than ever so others may see your light and want only that, not the darkness. So in the grand scheme of things, Stella, war does not set back the plans of God. Do not worry sister.

Stella: I do not worry for myself, I just worry for the others who will suffer.

JarEl: TR, George. Are there anymore questions?

Mansion Worlds, Morontia Bodies

Stella: I have another. I notice that most people are very suspicious of others who do not resemble themselves whether they are disabled or disfigured……so when they get to the over side….I imagine that people are different.….are they so different from us that it will be a shock to us? Are they different in their morontia form their physical form?

JarEl: TR, George. The differences are only in the mind. There are physical differences at first. In order not to shock you as much, your body and your environment are similar to the earth on the first Morontia World. So if you were to see other creatures from other planets and other universes on their first Morontia World, you would be quiet shocked because they would be similar to their planets. Once you have reached a certain stage in your evolutional and spiritual growth you will start looking similar, you will notice less difference. Your first experiences in meeting other creatures from other universes will make you want to embrace even those of your own world who were not of your own race. You will look at the different races from your own world and you will have a nostalgic feeling towards that person because that person comes from your own planet. Later on you will begin to accept other beings from other planets. When you reach the grand universe you will have a nostalgic feeling for those that come from your own local universe even though they don’t come from your own personal planet. The shock is not as bad as you might think. I have a feeling that you will be more accepting than others.

Donna Jean: JarEl, in the Star War movies the scene in the bar, would that be how it would be like?

JarEl: TR, George. Obviously, a lot of the creatures created were from the imagination of the artists who worked on the movie. Yes, it is analogous to the different types of species that you will encounter. For each planet in the universe is derived from a certain evolutionary species. It is hard to describe to you, for what you are going to see will astonish you. It also will trigger a deep-rooted idea in your mind. It will be like you always knew. Are there any more questions?

Stella: Nel passed over last month, graduated, have you had any contact with her?

JarEl: TR, George. Fortunately I have, although I was not planning to say much, but yes I have spoken to her. She is doing well and she is learning. I think at this moment she is on her way to the second Morontia World. She has had some wonderful moments of reunion with her family, especially her mother. She does send her love and she is aware that Ernie is here.

Donna: JarEl, that brings up a question when you were talking, for example, Nel had a nice reunion with her mother. What if when we are on Mansion World Number One, some of our relatives might have gone to Mansion World two, three, four or whatever, so if some of our relatives are on other Mansion Worlds, can they come back to Mansion World One to greet us?

JarEl: TR, George. Yes they do come back. Once you have gone through that world you can always go back for visits. Especially when a family member has just arrived, it is something that you will look forward to. All of your family members and friends will greet you on your graduation to the Morontia Realm. For they know that your life has truly begun. I in no way demean your life here on earth, for it is very important, but there are certain things you will realize after the resurrection. When you arrive you will feel better. You will not be in pain or suffering as you were on this planet. For the first time you will have the potential of being truly, truly happy; of knowing happiness in it’s fullest, of knowing love, of knowing God. That potential is realized at that moment when you arrive. Yes, you know about this potential but now it is purely intellectual. When you arrive on the Morontia World you know full well the potential, you realize it, you feel it, that is when you begin to live and grow.

Donna: Thank you JarEl.


JarEl: TR, George. You are welcome. Are there any other questions? Well then, I bid you all good night, until next time.

All: Thank you JarEl, good night.