2003-03-02-Our Beloved Adjusters

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Topic: Our Beloved Adjusters

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I would like to begin by thanking you for your belief in me and our Brother/Father Michael’s Mission. I would also express my belief in you individually and collectively. Your personal empowerment is becoming more obvious each time we meet.


Always with the act of ministering to others do we learn so much about ourselves. We learn that we receive what we project. This is not to validate negative occurrences in your life happening because you seemingly deserve it, no. This is to say at this point in time the sum total of your being, meaning your personal experience, lives in a certain manner and you receive therefrom.

Most mortals have experienced a fair amount of turmoil and most are educated and even strengthened from it. There comes a point in the mortal career where you know that you know, meaning you seek not to blame others for your personal difficulties, but take responsibility for your own life. Most reach this understanding when they are beginning to have some connection with the Indwelling Father-fragment.

This evening I would speak a few words on our beloved Adjusters. These loyal and faithful Adjusters are your closest career companions. They do not seek to judge you for your life choices, but to guide you toward more correct ones. They indeed know everything there is to know about you and they love you with an enduring love. They are overjoyed when their mortal counterparts have an ear for their voice, as well as feeling pain at blatant divine disobedience, meaning once you have touched upon enlightenment to stray therefrom does indeed cause our personal Monitors real pain. This is not to gain your obedience through sympathy or guilt, but to reveal to you a divine reality. They love you with a parental love and with that they take a certain amount of responsibility or concern for your well-being. The Mystery Monitor that is bestowed to an individual who eventually becomes unreachable is especially devastating for that Indwelling Fragment of the Father.

As you go about in your ministry to others you will always see personal aspects of yourself that need to be addressed. Working with various individuals can be challenging, for personalities are not always in alignment and this can cause some conflict. Remember that in your ministry you are also the student, and much of the time those you attempt to help are in actuality helping you. Father can and will give messages to people that can reach those in whom the message was intended for, especially for those who seem hopeless or despairing and are not in a position to hear for themselves the divine message.

In the act of ministering to others you are also ministered to. Issues will arise and have need for your attention. Be not fearful, but know that your beloved Indwelling Father stands at your side with open arms and is ever drawing you closer to Him. You can read about God the Father, you can intellectualize Him and have discussion, you can ponder His omnipotence, but untill you fully believe a fragment of Him was bestowed especially for you, He will not be real, not seem active in your life. An actual fragment of the Father of all fathers indwells our very beings and that, my friends, is all we will ever need, more than we could ever hope for and the key to being one with Him someday.


This week study in your text on the Mystery Monitors. How personal is your God and what is His message? How does the Father-fragment assist you in your ministry to others? How might your thoughts or actions cause space between you and Father? He is our source. He is all we will ever need.

No questions this evening, perhaps next time. Know that I am ever growing in love for you each. Until next week, shalom.